Super Bull Dogs from Nepal
Folk Art Obamas for President's Day

Stranger Danger Dogs from Nepal

Some of the Nepali signboard artists are VERY naive in their portraits.   Here are some of the 'stranger Danger Dogs' I have encountered.  

Ramesh of Om Art offers his strange version of Bruce Weber's lovely Black Lab drenched in bling.   But in Ramesh' hand, the bling looks like slobber.   Nevertheless, I like it!  

Another strange one by Ramesh is this wall-eyed portrait of Daddy, a handsome Catahula Leopard dog.  

NK Art in the town of Beni contributes this Stranger Danger Dog.   This perfectly normal French Bulldog becomes a Pig Dog.   Strangely enough, the other 6 portraits painted by NK were perfectly normal.

From Nabin, we have what I would call a 'Cat/Dog'.   This one was one that Nabin painted for me on spec, and I could not help but buy it.   Nabin tends to stylize his exclamation points and here it looks more like a question mark.   For obvious reasons.

Saachin brings us his version of an Italian mastiff with the eyes an 'x' like in the old cartoons for a clobbered or dead dog.   Stranger Danger Dog indeed.

All paintings featured today are available at this time.

Stay tuned for more about Folk Art from the Himalayas.   In the meantime, you can always catch the NepalDog Channel on YouTube.    You might like the Nepali Folk Music too.

Danger Dogs from Nepal is a Fair Trade art project which promotes the dying art of signboards in Nepal.

Danger Dogs are handpainted signs painted on (often recycled) metal in Nepal.   Each piece is approximately one foot square (though some artists insist on different sizes) using synthetic enamel.   They can be hung indoors or out.

This hand-painted art form is fast disappearing in Kathmandu, as it already has in most parts of the world.   I pay fair trade wages, the artists get to paint again, pet lovers get a choice of three paintings for each commission, three people get work, and I get to help Nepali artists make a living.   Everybody is happy.   Rescue dogs from America get to rescue artists from Nepal!

I am now accepting custom orders for the next Danger Dog trip to Nepal sometime in spring 2011.     You tell me what you would like it to say!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed as I accept no money up front.   All artists get paid in any case.   You pay only if you like one  (or more) of the portraits of your pet.

Please contact me if you need a special present, as after making over 1700 of these art pieces I have just about every breed imaginable.   Please write me at with any requests or questions. 

Micro-finance through art patronage.  

Give someone you love a portrait of someone they love - and support art from the Himalayas -- Dogmandu.

 Visit the website.




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