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Live from Kathmandu!

We arrrived late Friday night after a 30-hour flight, slept for 7 hours, woke up at 6am and hit the ground running!

The first stop was the Kathmandu Saturday Farmer's Market.   This weekly market is at the Restaurant 1905, a former 'Rana Palace' turned into a restaurant.

The Farmer's Market has grown since I last reported it last year.   The vendors include not only fresh and organic vegetables, but ayervedic medicines and potions, teas, local cheeses, preserves and even Italian style gelatto.

This man sell his organic vegetables with his beloved dachshund Nema on his lap.   Nema is as sweet in temper as she looks, one of those soft and loving Dachsies.

The garden in the restaurant is in full bloom.  The weather is quite pleasant here in late March!   Short sleeves are the order of the day.

More scenes from the garden of 1905 Restaurant.

Kathmandu would not be complete without at least one new Beware of Dog sign found on the streets of the city.   Love those teeth!

I did not see any electricity on Saturday in Kathmandu.   Apparently my area had some from 11am to 4pm, but I was across the city in another black out zone.  

More tomorrow!   Stay tuned for Live from Kathmandu.


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