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RIP Jake - A Great Danger Dog!

I met Jake in 2007, as he was passing in front of my house.   I was just about to emBARK on the first Danger Dog trip.   I had no orders, but I needed some good looking dogs so I took Jake's photo.

Jake and his soulful gaze even made it into the New York Post!   Sold.

Here is Jake as a work in progress by Nabin in July, 2007, my first Danger Dog trip!

Jake and his intense gaze -- along with his little foot -- as painted by Nara of Asha Arts.   Sold.

Here Jake is with his little foot again, and his polka dotted nose.   Portrait by Dilip, available.

Jake's little foot has disappeared into the vortex!   By Vinosh.  Available.

Jake is in fine company.   Painted here by the master painter Sabala, along with some assorted Danger Dog friends.   This portrait of Jake, along with the Weimaraner beside him, is still available.

This portrait of Jake is by Vinosh from Birju's Studio.   Alas, Vinosh is no longer available, as he has left Nepal for remittance work in Saudi Arabia.   But this painting of Jake is available.

Jake died before his time, due to kidney failure caused by the melamine-laced dog food from China.

He will be sorely missed by his loving owner, by us, and the many, many people whose lives he touched.   He was a big handsome dog and I was glad to know him.  

I hope he has gained a well-deserved mortality through his participation in the Danger Dog project.  

Every Danger Dog has a story.

Rest in Peace, Jake.



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