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Why I Love Nepal -- Himalayan Wildflowers in Mustang

One of the very best things about Nepal is its variety of flora to enjoy.   Everything from Abelia to Zingiberaceae are represented in this vast and beautiful country.

June is the monsoon time in much of Nepal, but the Mustang district is behind the rain shadow formed by the mighty Annapurna range, leaving one free to explore the rich flora of the region which often appears desolate until one looks closely.

This fragrant field of lilac salvias thrives under blue skies and the whitecaps of nearby Dhaligiri (27,000' or 8200m).  This shot is taken near the Mustang village of Dhakerjong (12,000') in June, 2010.   The terraced fields are planted in barley.


Silene moorcroftiana has made its home in the crevases by the side of the road.  This photo was taken along the high road to Lupra from Keg Beni. 

This arisaema flavum suddenly appeared once we had climbed to 13,000'.   A tiny flower no more than 6 inches in height.

Stellera chamaejasme is common off the beaten tracks along the Tibetan borderlands.   A fragrant perennial, it is always a welcome sight.  

These pretty pink androsace globifera are common off road near Keg Beni.   Some members of this family have leaves very like primulas.

Deep blue delphiniums mix with white Heracleum Lallii and purple campanula latifolia in cultivated meadows near Chhokor village.  

Onopordum acanthium (aka Scotch Thistle) is tasty to this orange and black beetle.    This photo was taken in the meadows not far from the holy temple of Muktinath.


An unidentified furry yellow plant above the caves near Jharkot is also covered with the same orange and black beetles.

Impatiens sulcata found around the edges of the cultivated meadows of Jharkot in Mustang.

These photos were all taken in late June and early July.   Altitude ranged from 12,000 to 15,000 feet (3600 to 4500m). 


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Michelle Page

I have returned to Nepal in April 2011 and will be posting photos of all the new spring Himalayan wildflowers of Mustang that I photographed. They should be up by mid-June, 2011, so please check again soon!


Thanks for your wonderful blog about Nepal. I have been living away from Nepal for 10 years and miss it very much. I have a quick question. You have very good idea about flowers of Nepal. I am trying to translate something but I came of up the name of Cange phul in Nepali. Do you have any idea what this flower is called in English. I have not idea how it looks. Thank you very much.

Sudip Lingthep

this is making my trek plan to mustang more interesting on this sept. :)
i think it would be fun with learning with this article.


Your furry yellow plant is Verbascum thapsus

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