More finals and works in progress by the Danger Dog artists
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Final Danger Dogs from Kathmandu

This is the first final of the lovely and composed Joie, who I will assume is a Black Labrador.   She does look a lot like a Nepali dog in ths portrait by Indra Lama.   She reminds me of the love child of Jackie and Batuli, two spectacular Nepali Shikari Kukor friends of mine with her luxuriant coat and calm expression.

Here is Joie as a work in progress by Megh Raj Thapa.  

Indra has added the Nepali writing to his art and the final three Pumpkins are ready!   Above is Pumpkin the Dachshund Terrier mix by Indra Lama, Megh Raj Thapa and Jit Gurung(clockwise from top left).   I have left the chalk marks used to evenly letter the artwork deliberately, in case someone wants to see the process.  Pumpkin's owner has a very difficult choice ahead!

Lola, a very cute Coton de Tulear, is painted by Megh Raj, Indra and Sufraj Khadka (clockwise from top left).   Which would you choose?

Thought everyone might enjoy ths cute puppy that I saw around the Boudha stupa this morning.

Here is the aforementioned Nepali Shikari Kukur who might have sired the lovely Joie at the top of this post.   Jackie lounges with Danger Dogs Topper (by Dilip Niroj) and Lola (by Megh Raj Thapa).

Jackie's paramour Batuli is a beauty with her sleek black coat and curling black furry tail.   Shikari Kukor means 'hunting dog' in Nepali.   There are no squirrels or cats in these dogs' garden!

Choosing from three portraits will be hard for many of these Danger Dog (and Cat!) afficionados, but the whole project is designed to give more work to these struggling artists.   Like everywhere in the world, modernity reigns, and in Nepal this means that the old charming hand-painted signs are being replaced by computer-generated images. 

I hope you would agree that this would be a shame.

Time is running out to order your very own pet memorialized on metal.   I am only accepting orders until June 3, as the bandhas (general strikes) are making it more difficult to travel through town.

Contact me at to order.   Your satisfaction is guaranteed as I accept no money up front.   You will receive a choice of 3 portraits by Nepali signboard artists.   You can see more examples and learn how to order at





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