The Dogs of Mustang
Final Danger Dogs from Kathmandu

More finals and works in progress by the Danger Dog artists

Sufraj Khadka painted this lovely tribute to Duke the Danger Dog.   Duke the white labrador does not look dangerous to me!

Charley the Elkhound by Sanjib Rana is still waiting for the lettering - which will read Zen Dog.

Typhoon, a lovely show collie from the 1970's, is portrayed here by Megh Raj Thapa, Baba and Sanjib Rana (clockwise from top left).   Sanjib's painting is still awaiting lettering.   The artists had a particularly difficult time with this one due to the vintage photo being in black and white.

Here we have a work in progress of George the Briard and Joie, a lovely Black Labrador Retriever, by Megh Raj Thapa.

Scamper, a Cairn Terrier, by Megh Raj as a work in progress.   Scamper is 4 months old in this photo.

Again by MeghRaj, we have Joie the Black Lab and Abbey the Newfoundland as works in progress.

When I came to pick up Sanjib Rana's art, he was in the midst of painting these canvases for a private client to whom I introduced Sanjib.   Sanjib is painting copies of classic art works.  

I photographed a couple of favorites, but do not recognize any of the works.  If anyone recognizes any of these paintings, I'd love to know.

Sanjib will do 50 paintings in this series and he really enjoys learning about the different styles of art.   He gets to work outside at the Carter Center, set in an old Rana Palace in central Kathmandu.   The grounds are lovely and it is a pleasant place to paint.

Choosing from three portraits will be hard for many of these Danger Dog (and Cat!) afficionados, but the whole project is designed to give more work to these struggling artists.   Like everywhere in the world, modernity reigns, and in Nepal this means that the old charming hand-painted signs are being replaced by computer-generated images. 

I hope you would agree that this would be a shame.

Time is running out to order your very own pet memorialized on metal.   I am only accepting orders until June 3, as the bandhas (general strikes) are making it more difficult to travel through town.

Contact me at to order.   Your satisfaction is guaranteed as I accept no money up front.   You will receive a choice of 3 portraits by Nepali signboard artists.   You can see more examples and learn how to order at





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