More final Danger Dogs!
The Dogs of Mustang

My Kathmandu Kitchen!

My hotel room (and balcony) at the Dragon Guest House here in Boudha is getting full of cats and birds as well as the traditional Danger Dogs.   Here we have Puck the Golden Conyer being carefully watched by Fisher the Cat.   Portraits of Puck are by Sufraj Khadka, Shree Lamichhaine, and Baba.   Fisher's portraits are by Indra Lama, Jit Gurung and Baba (from left to right).

The floors and shelves are filled to the brim with my new artworks.

Zach the Collie guards my luggage and the case is covered by a wedding portrait along with the guard dog Dwight.

Every night I shift the artworks and enjoy a new wall of Danger Dogs.  

This photo of Krishna Ojna's wall in his studio is my inspiration.   These portraits of Collette, the black standard poodle, Cash the French Bulldog, Elliot the Gordon Setter and Bijoux the Retreiver are from a previous trip.

This big puppy greets us with a wag of his tail daily.   He is a big lug and walks with loose joints as he waggles down the road.

Choosing from three portraits will be hard for many of these Danger Dog (and Cat!) afficionados, but the whole project is designed to give more work to these struggling artists.   Like everywhere in the world, modernity reigns, and in Nepal this means that the old charming hand-painted signs are being replaced by computer-generated images. 

I hope you would agree that this would be a shame.

Time is running out to order your very own pet memorialized on metal.   I am only accepting orders until June 1, as the bandhas (general strikes) are making it more difficult to travel through town.

Contact me at to order.   Your satisfaction is guaranteed as I accept no money up front.   You will receive a choice of 3 portraits by Nepali signboard artists.   You can see more examples and learn how to order at


But hurry!



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