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The Dogs of Mustang

This little Lhasa Apso is named Tashi and lives in the town of Eklaibhatti in Mustang.   With his hair pulled back to counter the raging Kali Gandaki winds, he can see across the plains.

This dog can often be seen playing in the Kali Gandaki River.  

This little shaggy dog rests outside his home.

Tiger relaxes under his master's shaligram display in Old Jomsom.   Tiger is an almost all black dog with a little white on his belly, hence his moniker Tiger.   I had met Tiger on an earlier trip and he immediately came up and wanted his ears scratched!

This handsome red dog from Jomsom reminds me of Jackie, a friend's dog.   I believe that this dog is a Nepali Shikari Khukur.   They are known for their pointed wolf-like noses, thin elegant waists and powerful thighs.    He was guardedly friendly.   Like most dogs, this one does not like cameras, fearing that dreaded flash.

Also in Jomsom, this young dog rests in the shade.


You can have a portrait of your pet painted in Nepal by 3 signboard artists.  Megh Raj Thapa puts the finishing touches on Charley, an Elkhound.   Three artists get work and you get a choice of three paintings of your pet.  

Choosing from three portraits will be hard for many of these Danger Dog (and Cat!) afficionados, but the whole project is designed to give more work to these struggling artists.   Like everywhere in the world, modernity reigns, and in Nepal this means that the old charming hand-painted signs are being replaced by computer-generated images. 

I hope you would agree that this would be a shame.

Time is running out to order your very own pet memorialized on metal.   I am only accepting orders until June 3, 2011, as the bandhas (general strikes) are making it more difficult to travel through town.

Contact me at [email protected] to order.   Your satisfaction is guaranteed as I accept no money up front.   You will receive a choice of 3 portraits by Nepali signboard artists.   You can see more examples and learn how to order at


But hurry!

I will be returning to Nepal in October, 2011, to continue the project.  You are welcome to become a part of the Danger Dog Project.   Micro-finanace through art patronage!


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