Charley the Elkhound by Sanjib Rana
Live from Kathmandu: Tihar and the Festival of Lights

Live from Kathmandu - Nepal's Day of the Dog 2011

Today is Nepal's Day of the Dog, my favorite festival.   Dog's are feted and given treats and sometimes decked out in amazing colors.

It's hard to say who's cuter in this photo.   I am especially impressed with the gold eyeliner around this dog's right eye.   Looks like someone had fun with the finger paints.

Part of the festival of Tihar, the Day of the Dog was even celebrated by this Buddhist lady with her excited Lhasa Apso this morning on the famous Boudha Stupa.

This lovely red-headed Nepali pup seems to be enjoying her day.

Meanwhile, downtown near Durbar Square, a Hindu area, this handsome dog has received many blessings.

This dog is happy in his nest of marigolds.

They look like they have enjoyed a long morning of treats.   They are too tired to even bark at the strange lady in the cowboy hat.


This dog is master of all he surveys from his perch high above the streets of Kathmandu.

More later.   I am recovering from a 30 hour plane trip, and while I don't have jet lag, something has to give.   I jumped out of bed this morning to find many charming dogs to photograph, went to a friend's for lunch and am about to head out for the last night of Kathmandu's celebrated Jazzmandu - more on that tomorrow.

Kathmandu is a 12 hour and 15 minute time change from California, but I am not one to miss a party.



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Doug Potter

Thanks again for the great pictures from Nepal, Michelle.

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