Live from Kathmandu: Tihar and the Festival of Lights
Live from Kathmandu: Happy Halloween

Live from Kathmandu - The festival of Tihar continues

Tonight is the last night of Tihar.   Also known as the Festival of Lights, Deepawali or Diwali, During the 3 days before and after the new moon (known as the black moon in Nepal) in October, the streets are lit with clay oil lamps and candles, strings of light and the sky is filled with the sight of fireworks across the Kathmandu Valley.  

Banners and flags are strung above the streets, lending a festive air.

The dogs are still having their day two days after the Day of the Dog.   This happy dog is named Lucky and he obviously is.   I tried to get a straight on shot, but he has too much energy and wanted to play.   He did not understand the command 'Sit' (bosnus in Nepali language).

Jackie and Batuli are another lucky pair, as they wait for Anshu to drop some delicious food.   Jackie and Batuli are two fine examples of Nepali Shikari Kukurs.   Shikari means hunter in the Nepali language.  Kukur is dog.

These dogs are so exhausted they sleep right in the middle of the throngs of people circumnavigating the Stupa at Boudhanath right at rush hour.  

This guy looks scruffy, but he is a butcher shop dog.   He and his fellow dogs are happily ensconced waiting for a clumsy customer to drop a bone or for the owner to pass him a less-than-prime cut.







The butcher's are busy slaughtering fresh meat for Tihar feasts - right on the street.   Alert!   The following photo is graphic !

This butcher had the best sense of humor, offering to pose for photos with the freshly slaughtered goat.   The goat is male, by the way.   Goats are displayed with their genitals facing up.   Apparently it is bad luck to eat a Nanny Goat.

If you wonder why I will be happy to see the end of this holiday season...   Last night, all night, I could hear cheerful music with a strong bass back beat.  Traditional Nepali music.   You could hear the clapping and delighted laughs of the young people, interrupted by the occasional firecracker.    The music was also punctuated by barks from the pair of Lhasa Apsos on the rooftop next door.

When I headed to the Dragon Guest House roof to sneak a peek at the revelry, I realized that what sounds like it is just next door is actually coming from two directions  - each blocks away.

As the night progresses, the music turns to romantic ballads with a beat.   Perfect for slow-dancing.   The applause and catcalls take on a softer but no less enthusiastic tone.   Soon Justin Beiber's 'Oh Baby Oh' gets some airplay - over and over again.   Every third song.  And this at 3am.  

Soon dog barks duel with the Emcee and each other.   All over Boudha dogs chime in with their 2 rupees worth.   At 78.7 rupees to the dollar, that's about right (.025 cents).   The dogs sound like they are enjoying the conversation.

Music from Korea is sweeping Nepal and all of South and Southeast Asia and I can hear that, too.

The fireworks ebb and flow along with the dogs, and fervent claps, yells and whistles.

It was still going at 4:30 am !!!!

Still it is a wonderful holiday and today is Bhai Puja.   The final day of Tihar.


More tomorrow.   Please stay tuned for more Live from Kathmandu.


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American Dogs = Nepali Jobs.

Hello from Dogmandu!


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