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Why I love Nepal: Delicious Tibetan and Tandoori Food

Everyone is always asking 'What to eat in Nepal?"   The traditional food eaten often two or three times daily by the Nepalis is dahl baht.   I need a change -- so these Tibetan and Indian dishes are part of my solution.

One of the things I like about picking up at Hari Timesina's studio is that it is not far from the Siddhartha Family Party House where they have delicious Paneer Tika made fresh in their tandoor oven.   Paneer is fresh cheese, here served with red onions and green bell peppers and grilled in the tandoor.   The paneer is marinated in a spicy tikka sauce before grilling.   Served with a mildly spicy green sauce and a fresh salad of carrots, radish and cucumber and a side of slaw, this dish was as tasty as it looked.   The skinny potato fries were complimentary with my beer.  

I do eat the raw vegetables here in Kathmandu and have not had problems to date.

As you can see Siddhartha is a bit over the top in its decor.   They were prepping a Nepali wedding the day I was there.   If you'd like to see a previous wedding from an earlier trip to this restaurant, please click here.  

Another local place where I can always count on delicious food is at the Bir Restaurant in Boudha.   This tasty Then Thuk soup hit the spot.  Then Thuk is a Tibetan delicacy made with homemade noodles and mixed with a spicy broth and fresh al dente vegetables.   This time of year I was treated to cauliflower, greens, onions, carrots, cabbage and garlic.   Yum.   The cost was 70NR.  At press time, that is less than a US dollar.   Bir serves the noodles with hot sauce, locally made catsup, soy sauce and little hot chilies in a bath of vinegar.  

Bir is a lively restaurant filled with Tibetan monks and locals. 

This Tibetan mother and her two daughters were traveling to Boudha.   They spoke neither Nepali nor English but we had a few words in Tibetan.   The walls of the Bir Restaurant are beautifully painted with Tibetan traditional symbols and have a lovely patina.


Another favorite treat is the Shapale - a Tibetan patty filled with spiced buffalo meat.   Not greasy but crisp and delicious and made to order !!!   Also a great deal at a little over a dollar for two.  

Another day, another Than Thuk.   This time at the Dragon Guest House in Boudha.  Again nutritious and delicious but without the homemade sauce from Bir.   (By the way, I've seen the dish alternatively spelled 'Than Thuk' and 'Then Thuk'.)

Willow the Golden Lab Retreiver by Shiva Thapa  12"x12" synthetic enamel on metal Available

Willow is a Danger Dog in both English and Tibetan in this signboard by Shiva Thapa, an artist that works in Pokhara, Nepal.

Happy Howlidays and Best Wishes for the season.   I hope every one of you gets what you want.

More soon.

Dog Bless and DogSpeed to those of you who are traveling during the holidays.

 If you'd like to order your very own Danger Dog (or Cat) contact me at ampage1@gmail.com.



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