Bernese Mountain Dogs from Nepal
Groundhog's Day in Nepal has just re-launched.

After 5 years with a Mac-based iWeb website, NepalDog has morphed into a full scale website with a shopping cart and many new features.


Picture 2


With this new site, you can find dogs by breed, find art by artist and can directly buy any that catch your eye.   I know many of my wonderful clients have asked me to simplify my site, and I have tried my best.

If anyone has suggestions or ideas to improve the site or if you come across a bug or two, please let me know.

Of course, cats, horses, birds and even pigs and ferrets can still be found.   The new site is a work in progress, but I hope to improve it daily, by adding a breed a day.  A daunting task, but it gives me a chance to reconnect with all the unsold (but still wonderful) Danger Dogs available.

Learning html has been a trip.   I think I need to go to Santa Monica College for a quarter or two.

I do want to give thanks to my ever patient webdesigner, Greg Dahl.   He is fast and cheerful, helpful and smart.   A great combo.   Contact him at



This staircase no longer exists.   It is a clothing shop along the lines of a Forever 21 boutique.   The dogs always looked so nice drying on the stairs.





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