Mardi Gras Dogs
Happy Losar from the Danger Dogs

It is Leap Year and the Bunnies are jumping.

Today, the Santa Monica Museum of Art has included a Bunny collection from the Nepal Art Dog Project.

Museum Bunny
Come by and get your Easter Bunnys before the Leap Year.

Coco Bunny by Megh Raj Thapa 12"x12" Synthetic enamel on metal  2011  Available

Any of the bunnies on today's post are available through the Santa Monica Museum of Art  (

This lovely bunny is named Coco.

Coco Bunny by Sufraj Khadka, 9"x12" Synthetic enamel on metal, 2011  Available

This is a personal favorite of mine.   Coco looks like he is nesting on a Necco wafer.


Munga the Rabbit by Hari Timesina, 12"x12" synthetic enamel on metal 2010  Available

Munga is another handsome rabbit, this time painted by the always different Hari T.  

Stop by the Santa Monica Museum of Art at Bergamot Station to buy these paintings.

Their present exhibit in the museum is a good one - Beatrice Wood and her fanciful pottery.   These are the closing weeks, so hurry.



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