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Funeral rites of Mustang

While walking towards the Upper Mustang town of Tiri, just opposite Keg Beni on the Kali Gandaki River,

Funeral rites
we came across this pile of clothing, shoes, and mementoes.

Funeral rites_3
Notice the kite shaped string sculpture which reminds me of the dream catchers of the Native Americans.   The wooden sticks are in Tibetan script.  

Funeral rites_2
The figures above are probably made of sticks and clay and are hand colored.

Funeral rites_1

This would also have been a young person judging by the clothes' style.  

This is a tradition followed by some, though not all, Hindu families in Nepal.   When a person dies all of their personal effects are placed by the side of the road.

I hope that he rests in peace.  

Mustang is a fascinating place -- both Upper and Lower Mustang.   The village of Tiri is just north of Keg Beni, on the other side of the Kali Gandaki River and is technically part of Upper Mustang.   Since the last few years, though, you can go there without the expensive entrance fee to Upper Mustang.

Tiri, Mustang, Nepal

The majestic backdrop for Tiri -- far on the other side of the river.   I highly recommend you visit this wonderful part of the world.

If you'd like to learn more, a few years back I wrote an article about the area for ECS Magazine.

 You can also ask me for travel advice to the area.


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