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Drew Barrymore in Nepal

Drew Barrymore got married this weekend and it reminded me of a sign I came across in Nepal.

Here is Drew Barrymore with her photo co-opted for a 'Teen Age Club with Shower' in the Thamel district of Kathmandu.  While Drew looks great up there, she surely would not patronize the shower club.   Nepali girls, spectacular looking as they are, look nothing like Drew Barrymore.

Nepali clubs and beauty shops often 'borrow' images of celebrities - as a matter of fact, I know where Drew buys her electronics in Kathmandu as well.  

And just above the Creation Hemp Shop, no less.  Looks like the Creation Electrician to me - or is it the Creative Electrician?

For more funny photos of movie stars on signboards in Nepal, please go to my previous Oscar themed post.   Everyone from Nicole Kidman to Princess Di is included.

We wish Drew and her new husband the best happiness in their marriage.  

Sanjib Rana Lab Barney
'Barney at the Wedding' by Sanjib Rana, Acrylic on metal  15"x12" available

Drew is a huge fan of dogs.   In 2001, she was saved from the flames in her San Francisco home by her dog, Flossie, who barked and wakened the household.   More on that here.   Flossie has since died but Drew has adopted more rescue dogs since, including a pup early this year with her then fiance and now husband, Will Kopelman.  

Barney, above, looks a bit like Flossie to me.  Barney's photo was taken at his walker's wedding, hence his beautiful corsage.  


The Nepal Art Dog project aims to stem the trend in Nepal to replace these hand-painted signboards (like Barney's) with plastic pre-printed signage.   

You can help support the signboard artists of Nepal:

Nepal Art Dogs are hand-painted enamel portraits of pets on recycled metal, approximately 1 foot square.   Made in Nepal by 58 different artists’ studios.

This is a Fair Trade Art project that promotes the endangered signboard artists of Nepal.

For pet lovers who collect art and would like to make a difference.

Commissions available starting at $250 

 Send your Pet’s photo – get 3 choices from 3 different artists – pick your favorite.

More information and how to order at


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