Danger Dogs in Costume!
Dogs in a Porsche and in a BMW! Nice rides...

Happy New Year from the Danger Dogs

Double Dogs are a fun part of the Danger Dog project.   These Doggy friends make a wonderful subject for the Nepali signboard artists.

Max & Ernie by Shree Lamachhain 2010 12"x12" enamel on metal Available

Max and Ernie are a pair of friends that make up one of my favorite Danger Dogs portraits of all time.   These two just look so happy in their field of grass, hand painted on metal by Shree.

Lucky & Odie by Sufraj Khadka 2009 12"x12" Enamel on metal Available

Lucky and Odie are another pair of friends that seem happy together in their dual portrait by Sufraj Khadka.

Double Dogs by Sagar 2010 12"x12" enamel on metal available

Posey & Scooter, a Beagle and a Havanese make up this double portrait hand painted by Sagar on metal.

Jojo & Maggie by Dilip Niroj 2009 12"x12"  enamel on metal Available

Jojo & Maggie stuck it out through thick and thin.   Maggie is the only Danger Dog to date that has worn the 'Cone of Shame' but what is wonderful about dogs is that they smile through any infirmity.   Maggie is no longer with us and I am sure that Jojo misses her to this day.

It is the season of giving, and I hope that someone out there is looking for a great pair of dogs that are meant to be together.

Lady is a beautiful Shepherd mix who has completely bonded with Bear - a perfect combo of Mastiff and Golden Retriever who, by all accounts, has the best traits of both breeds.   They love to ride in the car together.  

These dogs are also best friends and are looking for a forever home. 

Make this the best New Year ever for Lady & Bear.

Here is the press release about this pair:

Meet Bear and Lady.  They came in to the shelter together as 'owner surrender' because the owners were moving. 
Lady is a sweet, outgoing girl who's still a young pup.  She's the most happy and silly when she's with her brother Bear, the big huggable teddy bear.  They are deeply bonded and they love being around each other.  In fact, they seem to be the happiest when the other is around!  Sadly, Lady does appear to have a disclocated hip (on the left).  But it will require further examination from a vet.  Lady doesn't seem fazed by it, however.  And since Lady and Grizzly have been at the shelter, Lady has been adopted out a few times but returned because one of the adopter's landlord didn't allow pets, the second one returned her because of her hip, and the most recently one was because they were allergic...  Poor Lady :( 
Grizzly is one of the biggest goofs you will ever meet.  He's a big chunk of love who's content just sitting in front of you and smiling (silly boy!).  He has these sweet, little round eyes that just melt your heart!  He has the marking of a Mastiff but his body is shaped just like a Laborador Retriever; a bit thick all around though ;)   
When we take them out for walks, they'd walk side by side, and sometimes one would lean on the other as they walk just because they love each other so much (and they like to be silly too!).  They'd eat the same patch of grass at the same time, they'd drink out of the water bowl at the same time; they're like twins who are connected at such a deep level that words cannot describe.  While they cannot look more different from one another, they are so in sync that it's amazing to witness just how deep is their bond and trust.
It's a tall order to ask that they get rescued/adopted together, but we can only ask that every effort is made to make that possible.  Either way however, we'd love to see them both go to great homes.  If you can help, please contact West Valley Animal Shelter, 818-756-9325.

If you can find a home for these lovely dogs, please contact Helen Storey at helen.storey@verizon.net.

I wish you the best New Year in 2013 and hope that all your wishes come true.


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