Now in Pacific Grove: How Much is that Dog in the Window?
Dog Days of August at the Craft and Folk Art Museum

Bark Magazine features the Danger Dogs!

You might want to pick the Autumn issue (#75) of The Bark.

This article is by Genevieve Rajewski and is concise and clearly written.   The Nepal Art Dogs are such a complicated story.   My hat is off to Genevieve.

Congratulations to Stella the Jindo (by Megh Raj Thapa), Cecil the Boston Terrier (by Jit Gurung) and Maple the Pit Bull (also by Megh Raj Thapa) for making the cut!

The response to this article has been fabulous.

Obviously this issue is a good one for Boston Terriers!

On the newsstands right now!   Go to for more information on this magazine that celebrates Dog Culture.   Their motto is 'Dog is my Co-Pilot'.

I will be returning to Nepal for the 14th Danger Dog trip in November, so if you would like to immortalize your pet, please go to for details.

Each commission generates three portraits by 3 different Nepali sign painters for you to choose, giving work to 3 artists.   Each artist is paid no matter which you choose.   If you do not like any of the 3 hand painted portraits, you owe nothing.   I accept no money up front.

Of course, cats and other pets are welcome!

You choose what you would like it to say, give me an idea of which style of Nepal Art Dog you like and that is it!  Hope to hear from you soon.

Micro-finance through art patronage.


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