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Nepali Pup Art: Puppy Portraits

Most of the artwork in the Danger Dog project are mature dogs.   With good reason - they are puppies for a short time and then they become your dog forever.


NtArt puppy lap
Gigi the Puppy by NT available

This young and handsome puppy is hand painted on metal by NT, who works in the town of Beni, in the Myagdi District of Nepal.


NT really brought out the sweet nature in this young pup.


Surya. knee.puppy
Gigi the Puppy by Sagar Bitsa

Same puppy, different artist.   Sagar Bitsa featured the dark side of this puppy, as well as choosing to put in the restraining knees and cleavage of his young owner.   The pup's fawn-like quality has been replaced by a sly look.



White Lab Puppy by Megh Raj
Gus the Puppy by Megh Raj Thapa


Megh Raj hand painted this charming portrait of the young Gus, a white Labrador who loves his soccer ball.   I have left the chalk plumb lines used to place the lettering evenly.   It has since been erased.


Pit Bull Puppy by Hari P
Pit Bull Puppy by Hari Prasad


Lasko the Pit Bull Puppy is hand painted colorfully by Hari Prasad.   Hari often uses pinks and turquoise color combos.


Pit Bull Puppy by Hari T
Pit Bull Puppy by Hari T

Lasko gets the pink and grey treatment here by Hari Timesina.   I am particularly fond of his paws in this portrait.



Vishla puppy by Ram Krishna
Viszla Puppy by Ram Krishna

Enzo the Viszla was a puppy when this was taken.   He liked to sit in the grass and artist Ram Krishna put him there, even though it was an indoor photo of Enzo.



Rottweiler puppy by Ram Krishna
Rottweiler Puppy by Ram Krishna

Moose the Rottweiler puppy was also painted by Ram Krishna.   Moose's portrait is typical of a traditional Danger Dog sign with his large tongue dominating the frame.



Puja Puppy by ShaShi
Puja Puppy on Nepal's Day of the Dog


ShaShi hand painted this portrait of a young Nepali puppy from a photo taken on Nepal's Day of the Dog.   The 5-day festival of Tihar is celebrated every year and the 2nd day is dedicated to the dog, who is feted with garlands and given treats and blessings.   

All puppies featured today are available at this time.   Go to NepalDog.com to find your breed.   Please do not hesitate to write with questions, or you can comment below.


If you would like to immortalize your pup, please send me a photo.   I will give the photo to 3 sign painters in Nepal who will hand paint your pet on metal.   These artists' work is disappearing due to technology.   I pay fair trade wages, you get a choice of 3 portraits and 3 artists get work.   

I accept no money up front, if you are not pleased with one of the paintings, you owe nothing.   I will keep you in the loop while I am in Nepal through this Danger Dog Blog, showing works in progress and bits about the artists, their families and Nepal's fascinating culture in general.

Just let me know what you would like your Nepal Art Dog (or Cat) to say and if you have a preference of style (folk art, colorful, realistic, etc.).  Send your photo to me at ampage1@gmail.com.

I leave in late October, 2013, and will return in early December, 2013, in plenty of time for holiday orders.

Dog Bless!


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