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Live from Kathmandu: Day Hikes above Jharkot in Mustang

We spent a little time up at 3800 meters in April.  Or that is where we started...

Dhaligiri range from near Jharkot
High above Jharkot

This shot was taken high above the Mustang village of Jharkot.   After about a two hour walk, up up up,  you arrive here.   Like most passes in the area, there are shrubs decorated with Buddhist prayer flags, chortens, or piles of rocks to mark the pass.


Wind blows in the Himalayas
The wind whips my dress as I walk.

It is very windy up here, but worth every minute.

Cave in Mustang, Nepal
Prayer flags festoon the cave's opening

We stopped at a cave along the way.   These small caves can be hard to see, even though this one is very near to the path to Lupra from either Muktinath or Jharkot.

Interior cave in Mustang, Nepal
Interior cave in Mustang

There is rarely much in these caves - a small fire pit and perhaps a flat rock to sit on.   And fast food wrappers!

View of the Himalayas from a cave in Mustang
But what a view!

On a clear day in the Himalayas, one can see forever.

Jharkot and Muktinath valley
Jharkot and Muktinath valley

From the heights, you can see the villages of Jharkot, Jhong, Purang and Muktinath.   And you can hear the wind whistling in your ears.

Field of Himalayan Primroses in Mustang, Nepal
Himalayan Primroses dot the path

In April, there are few wildflowers in bloom (May is a much better month for Himalayan wildflowers in this area), but these pretty pink primroses stand out against the white mountain tops and green grasses.

Chorten at Jharkot, Mustang, Nepal
The chorten at town center in Jharkot

And after a long day of magnificent views, we pass the town's mani wall, just past this chorten, and return to our hotel, the New Plaza.

More later.


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