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Anatomy of a Danger Dog: Guinness the English Setter

New at the Craft and Folk Art Museum

There are some new beauties available at the Craft and Folk Art Museum on Wilshire, right across from LACMA.

Folk art Shiba Inu and Doberman Pinscher
Danger Dogs at the Craft and Folk Art Museum

Yuki the Shiba Inu by Santosh Shrestha is featured alongside Gabby the Doberman Pinscher by Dilip Niroj.   

Folk art Beware of Dog signs from Nepal
Nepal Art Dogs at the Craft and Folk Art Museum

Buzz the Golden Retriever by Lal Karki is guarding the store flanked by a Zen Yorkie and Rio, an Enlightened Shepherd.  Sold.

Aesop the Jack Russell by Baba

Aesop is a charming Jack Russell hand painted by Baba.   Baba is no longer available for commissions, so come on by and snap this one up.   Such wise eyes. Sold.

Arrow the Black Lab by Raaz Rai

Raaz Rai hand-painted this portrait of Arrow with his handsome rhinestone collar.   Raaz was an art student at Tribuvan University in Kathmandu when I first met him, painting signs with Karma at his studio.   Raaz later became an art professor's assistant, but left that job to emigrate to South Korea where he can make more money as a field hand than he can as an artist or working at the University.    Sold.

Grover & Julio - West Highland Terrier Art by Jit Gurung

This adorable pair of Westies were hand painted by Jit Gurung.   Sold.

Setter by Arjun
B&W Irish Setter portrait by Arjun Karki

This is a portrait of an Irish Setter taken from a B&W photo.   Hand painted by Arjun Karki, this is a classic example of a sign you might see on the gates of Nepal.


Zen Yorkshire Terrier by Baba

This little Yorkie was hand painted by Baba.   Baba has gone to India and will probably not be painting any more signs in the future - at least not for me.   I will miss his beautiful work.  Sold.

Rio the Shepherd by Sagar Bitsa

Rio is a pretty Shepherd that Sagar enhanced with his colorful background and lettering.  Sold.

Nacho the Lhasa Apso by Sagar

Nacho, the Lhasa Apso, by Sagar.   12"x12" enamel on metal.  Available at

This is a cute dog, well captured with his sly gaze by Sagar Bista.   Apparently a feisty one as well, if his 'Fighter & Biter' warning is to be believed.

Folk art Dachshund by Sagar

Snoop Dog is a beauty with his enhanced background, hand painted by Sagar. Sold.

Folk Art Shaggy Dog by Megh Raj

Fiona is a lucky rescue Shaggy Dog hand painted by Megh Raj Thapa.   I love her little mohawk.   Sold.

Tigger the Tabby Cat Folk Art by Baba

There is always room for a cat or two at the Museum.   Tigger by Baba is a fine example of a Zen Tabby Cat.  Sold.

Indra Fisher Cat
Folk art Calico Cat by Indra Lama

Fisher the Calico Cat is hand painted by Indra Lama.

Folk art Museum store
The Craft and Folk Art Museum Store

 That is what is in store!   Go to for directions, current exhibits and hours.

Also, you can go to the Nepal Dog Channel at YouTube to see other available paintings of dogs on metal.   The Nepali signboard industry with its charming hand-painted signboards is fast disappearing in favor of mass-produced computer-generated signage.   

How to commission YOUR pet's portrait on metal:

Now is the time to order:   Be ahead of the Pack!   Orders now being accepted for the November 2014 trip.   

1. Please send me a photo of your pet.  I will give it to three different artists, giving you a choice of 3 paintings and three people will get work.   Each painting is about one square foot and is on metal with synthetic enamel paint.   These can be hung indoors or out.

2. Let me know what you would like it to say.

3. Let me know what style of portrait you would prefer:   naive, realistic, colorful, etc.

4. Tell me your pet's name and breed.   

5. Send your photo to me at:  
That's it !

Satisfaction is guaranteed as I accept no money up front.   If you do not like one of the three, you pay nothing, and the 3 artists are paid in full in any case.   Let me know what you want it to say and that's it!


The cost is $250 plus shipping.   Shipping is around $18 per sign (to and from the US).   And 9.75% California sales tax for California residents.  
Pay after choosing your portrait.  
Multiple pets on one sign cost more ($325 for Double, $400 for Triple).


Let's keep these artists painting.


This hand-painted art form is fast disappearing in Kathmandu, as it already has in most parts of the world.   I pay fair trade wages, the artists get to paint again, pet lovers get a choice of three paintings for each commission, and I get to help Nepali artists make a living.   Everybody is happy.   Rescue dogs from America get to rescue artists from Nepal!



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