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Danger Dog Blog: 10 Breeds that are going out of style? recently had an article listing the 10 breeds that are going out of style, according to the American Kennel Association.  I'd like to show that these findings do not ring true in the world of Danger Dog Art...

Folk art Beware of Scottie Dog hand painted on metal
Dr Watson the Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terriers have been a popular subject for the Danger Dogs from Nepal over the years.   Dr. Watson, the handsome Scottie above, has even had his portrait done twice!   But there are a number of wonderful Scotties on the Scottie page.   

From 2002-2013, Scottish Terriers lost 11 spots, going from 44th in popularity to 55th.  Wonder how many spots that Dalmations lost?

Folk art beware of Chihuahua sign hand painted on metal
Russell and Morris the Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are among the most popular of all dogs having their portrait commissioned though   It is a rare trip where I do not have one or two of these little dogs.   

Folk art Black Cocker Spaniel hand painted on metal in Nepal
Lucky the Cocker Spaniel

The Nepal Art Dogs have had three commissions of Cocker Spaniels - one a Black Cocker and another 2 the traditional Golden Cocker Spaniel color.   

Among Spaniels, the King Charles Cavalier is King in the number of commisioned Danger Dog signs on   

According to the AKC, their popularity has dropped from 15th most popular to the 29th - still a lot of Cocker Spaniel lovers out there, I'd say.

The only two in this AKC list where I have not had any orders are the Japanese Shar Pei and the Great Pyrenees.   Sharpei and Great Pyrenees owners, please take note.   I have seen a SharPei on the streets of Kathmandu, by the way.   He was a very handsome specimen.

Folk art beware of Basset Hound hand painted on metal in Nepal
Ruby the Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are next on the list of dogs losing popularity, moving from 24th to 41st.   Again, these long-eared beauties are well represented in Nepal Art Dogs.   

Folk art Beware of Pug sign hand painted on metal
Taco the Pug and his 3 portraits

I was shocked to see Pugs on this list.   Still at #31 (down from 14th in popularity) the Pug has gotten a lot of Danger Dog love over the years.   Pugs are also very popular in Kathmandu.

They are known as 'a lot of dog in a small space'.   See what is available on the Pug Page.

Folk art Beware of Cairn Terrier Maltese
Mookie the Cairn Terrier Maltese mixed dog

Mookie is a Cairn Terrier (mixed with Maltese) but she is adorable all the same.   The Norwich, Jack Russell, Wheaten and everything mixed with a terrier have made many beautiful Danger Dog signs over the years.

I do have a Cairn Terrier available here, if you are interested.

Folk art Beware of Lhasa Apso hand painted on metal in Nepal
Nacho the Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso has lost 27 spots going from 36th to 63th place.   I'm not sure if Nacho's lettering "Be Aware:  Fighter and Biter" has anything to do with that.  The Lhasa Apso continues to be very popular on the streets of Nepal, especially prized in the districts where Tibetans live.

There are many Tibetan Terriers, as well as Lhasa Apsos available on's Tibetan breeds page.

Folk art Pekingese Shitzu dog hand painted on metal in Nepal
Chop Suey the Pekingese Shitzu mix

When Malachy the Pekingese won Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club a few years back, I expected to see more Pekingese Danger Dogs ordered.   Like Chop Suey shown above, I seem to get more Pekingese mixed with other breeds like a Pekechow.  Available Peke mixes are here!

folk art beware of Pekingese by Vinosh
A folk art portrait of a Pekingese dog

The Pekingese lost a whopping 44 spots going from 33rd place to 77th.   However, these figures throughout this post are from 2002 to 2013, so perhaps Malachy's win will make those numbers improve once again for these elegant dogs.

 You can order your very own pet hand painted on metal in Nepal, resulting in 3 portraits by 3 different sign painter artists from the Himalayas.  

I promise to make it fun for you and your family.   Your pet's portrait will be featured on the Danger Dog Blog!

Please go to for how to order and information on my upcoming trips to Nepal in 2015.