BunnyMania arrives in Los Angeles: Hop to it!

Thankfully LIVE from Kathmandu.

I hope no one reading this ever has to experience a 7.9 quake. Many people have lost their lives in this devastating quake. Many World Heritage Sites have been toppled. Kathmandu has buses, cars, wherever they can find a dry place.

Parks, monasteries, hotels and neighbors have all allowed people to camp. Nepal needs your help desperately. Please stay tuned for how you can help.

Sorry for no photos, but I am sure there are plenty on every form of media.

For those who were worried about me, I apologize for not being able to connect. Phones, internet, electricity were all cut off, though I tried. Even the Hyatt Kathmandu was not able to connect. Thank you for your kind thoughts and worries. Now it is time to worry about Nepal.

Every aftershock (over 200 so far and counting) makes people wonder what is next.


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Gary Zembow

GREAT NEWS you are OK.

As of this posting, the Los Angeles Times still has you reported as missing.

At least one other person posting on that story's comments that you have been heard from. I posted this blog from you and I emailed the reporter asking for the story to be updated.

Stay safe and many of us are sending aid to Nepal.

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