Live from Kathmandu: Finals from Nara Arts
Live from Kathmandu: Sagar's new works in progress

Live from Kathmandu: More finals from Nara

Maharjan has some extra money to build his house, and the Danger Dogs has some lovely new work.  His house was badly damaged by the 7.9 earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25, 2015.   Now, thanks to a generous Danger Dog patron, he has some money to start to rebuild his home.

sign painter in Nepal signs his work
Maharjan signs Rascal's portrait while a friend looks on

Maharjan is very grateful for the support.  I also got him some more work up in Thankot where he lives.   Every bit helps.

Folk art German Short-Haired Pointer hand painted on metal in Nepal
Indie's final portrait by Nara

Indie's final portrait by Nara elongates that distinctive Pointer nose.

Folk art portrait of a Rascal Dog hand painted on metal in Nepal
Rascal by Nara

Rascal's first final by Nara.   This is a classical 'Beware of Dog' sign in that Rascal looks more menacing than in person.

Folk art portrait of a Shikari Kukur hand painted on metal in Nepal
Phred hand painted by Nara

Introducing Phred, a dog that looks like a Nepali Shikuri Kukur (hunting dog).   This handsome boy looks like he is saying Namaste in that portrait.


Things are still rocking here with fewer aftershocks daily, but nerves are definitely on edge still.   Yesterday afternoon there was a hailstorm with small golf balls pelting the many tents that are still everywhere you look here in Kathmandu. 

The 7.9 earthquake has much of Nepal down but not out.   It will take a long time to recover from the devastating loss of life and homes.   Many of their most treasured, beautiful and religious buildings have also been destroyed.

Stay tuned to see how you can help.   Please be careful who you donate to, as you want the money to go to aid, not into someone's pocket.   I am researching carefully to see how best to help.

Thank you again to all who have reached out to find a way to help.  

I am leaving Kathmandu early to raise funds for Nepal's people.   In 2 short weeks -- though it felt like a lifetime -- the 6 artists that were able will have painted 48 portraits.  I believe that it helped them return to normality.

 If you would like to order a portrait of your own pet, I plan to return to Nepal in September to continue hiring these artists.   I know they need the money now more than ever.   Please go to to see how to order.   I will update that site when I return to the US.

I pay fair trade wages and every artist got a raise this trip - without them asking.  

Let's keep these artists working.




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