Live from Kathmandu! Finals are in!
Save the Date: Sunday, July 19, 3-6 pm

Live from Kathmandu: Which would you choose?

Things happened fast and furious on this trip, but even after the earthquake that decimated the country, the signboard artists stepped up to the plate and gave me some great art.


Folk art Beware of dog sign hand painted on metal in Nepal
Rascal's final 3

Rascal is immortalized by Sagar Bitsa, Megh Raj Thapa and Nara(clockwise from top left).   Rascal was dearly beloved and is gone but not forgotten...



Folk art Beware of Dog sign hand painted on metal in Kathmandu
Phred and his final portraits

Phred takes care of his 89-year old companion and is well deserving of the star treatment.   His three portraits are by Sanjib Rana, Nara and Megh Raj Thapa (clockwise from top left).


Folk art Standard Poodle hand painted on metal in Nepal
Kearney the Happy Poodle

Happy is the word for Kearney the Standard Poodle.  Such a pretty face, captured here by Sagar Bitsa, Nara and Dilip Niroj.

As a matter of fact, Dilip was painting Kearney when the 7.9 earthquake hit Nepal.  He had been working in his studio with the metal door closed, as it was Saturday and he did not want to be disturbed.   He pulled up the metal door and ran out into the street and held onto the light pole.  

He mentioned that he was still nervous after the quake (there have been over 150 aftershocks since - one a 6.7).  Dilip has left the Kathmandu Valley to return to his home village in Morang District to look after his family for 15 days.


Folk art Chihuahua hand painted on metal
Ayla the Chihuahua and her 3 finals

Ayla is about to emerge on the world stage in her portraits by Sagar Bitsa, Megh Raj Thapa and Nara (clockwise from top left).



Folk art Chihuahua Rat Terrier hand painted on metal in Nepal
Big's final 3

Big is a Chihuahua and Rat Terrier mix and here are his final three portraits by Paras, Dilip Niroj and Megh Raj Thapa (clockwise from top left).

Folk art Cocker Spaniel English Setter Dog hand painted on metal
Angel by Sagar, Nara and Megh Raj (clockwise from top left)

Angel, part Cocker Spaniel and English Setter, and her final three portraits.   Angel was loved and will be missed.

Folk art portrait of a White Shepherd Dog hand painted in Nepal
Juno, looking like a Polar Bear

Juno in small medium and large format.   Like Goldilocks and the 3 bears, Juno got 3 size treatments by Nara, Megh Raj Thapa and Dilip Niroj (clockwise from top left).   Megh Raj had a little trouble with Juno's spelling...

Folk art Beware of Shepherd sign hand painted on metal in Nepal
German Shepherd by Sagar Bitsa.


The 7.9 earthquake has much of Nepal down but not out.   It will take a long time to recover from the devastating loss of life and homes.   Many of their most treasured, beautiful and religious buildings have also been destroyed.

Stay tuned to see how you can help.   Please be careful who you donate to, as you want the money to go to aid, not into someone's pocket.   I am researching carefully to see how best to help.

Thank you again to all who have reached out to find a way to help.  

I am leaving Kathmandu early to raise funds for Nepal's people.   In 2 short weeks -- though it felt like a lifetime -- the 6 artists that were able will have painted 48 portraits.  I believe that it helped them return to normality.

 If you would like to order a portrait of your own pet, I plan to return to Nepal in September to continue hiring these artists.   I know they need the money now more than ever.   Please go to see how to order.   I will update that site when I return to the US.

I pay fair trade wages and every artist got a raise this trip - without them asking.  

Let's keep these artists working.




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