Save the Date: Sunday, July 19, 3-6 pm
The Craft and Folk Art Museum: See the Dogs (+ 2 Cats) Live!

See the Dogs Live: Dogs of August Exhibit

The Coffee Connection at Venice and Centinela in Mar Vista is hosting an exhibition of the Danger Dogs starting August 3rd through the 15th (2015).


Folk art Beware of Dog art in Mar Vista
Danger Dogs at the Coffee Connection

There are 83 Danger Dogs (and a few Cats) throughout the coffeehouse.   Please stop by and enjoy art with your coffee or tea.


Folk art Beware of pet art hand painted on metal by sign painters in Nepal
Poodles and Beagles and Wolfhounds!

The Nepal Art Dog's fair trade art project is a good match with the Coffee Connection, which serves only the best certified organic, fair trade, shade grown, carbon free coffee, espresso, tea and specialty drinks in a coffee house rich in Old World charm, ideal for connecting with others, engaging in creative expression or enjoying time alone.


Folk art beware of dog signs hand painted by artists in Kathmandu, Nepal
Enjoy your hot or cold drink amid some cool Nepal Dog art

 The Coffee Connection is a 501(c)3 non-profit cafĂ©.  This allows them to keep prices low without compromising quality. They contribute to both local and global causes.

Folk art from the Himalayas hand painted on metal by sign painters in Kathmandu, Nepal
85 paintings are displayed throughout the cafe

During CicLAvia, on Sunday August 9, from 9-4, the Coffee Connection will be open to celebrate this community event and to support SAR Dogs Nepal - an organization that trains search and rescue dogs in Nepal - something that was sorely needed during the devastating earthquakes in April and May 2015.   Not to mention the continuing aftershocks during this especially heavy monsoon season.   This event is free, but anything that you might spare SAR Dogs Nepal would be greatly appreciated and would go a long way.

Cecil the Boston Terrier by Jit Gurung

Above is an example of what you could get when you order your pet's portrait hand painted on metal by the sign painters of Nepal.

I will give your photo to 3 separate artists in Nepal who will paint your pup.   

Go to for more info on how to order.   

The Nepal Art Dog Facebook page is here.   Like us!


The recent 7.9 earthquake has much of Nepal down but not out.   It will take a long time to recover from the devastating loss of life and homes.   Many of their most treasured, beautiful and religious buildings have also been destroyed.

Ask how you can help.   Please be careful who you donate to, as you want the money to go to aid, not into someone's pocket.   I am researching carefully to see how best to help.

Thank you again to all who have already reached out.  

I left Kathmandu early to raise funds for Nepal's people.   In 2 short weeks -- though it felt like a lifetime -- the 6 artists that were able had painted 48 portraits.  I believe that it helped them return to normality.

 If you would like to order a portrait of your own pet, I plan to return to Nepal in September to continue hiring these artists.   I know they need the money now more than ever.   Please go to see how to order.   

I pay fair trade wages and every artist got a raise this trip - without them asking.  

Let's keep these artists working.




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