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Danger Dogs of Devon part 2

Danger Dogs of Devon part 1

The Danger Dogs will be part of an exhibit at the Red Propeller Gallery in Devon, England!

Included will be 20 Danger Dogs hand picked by the Red Propeller proprietors, with works by 10 different Nepali artists.

Folk art portrait of an Apricot Poodle hand painted on metal by a sign painter in Nepal
Maddy the Apricot Poodle by Jit Gurung

Maddy the Apricot Poodle will get her wish and have a nice long road trip to Devon.   Maddy's human requested that Maddy's portrait be done in the style of Gaugin and the artists were happy to oblige.  At this point, they rarely get any orders to hand paint - everyone wants digital in Nepal - and they love a challenge.   I believe that the Nepali writing translates to Ramro Kukur or Good Dog in English.

Folk art portrait of an Italian Greyhound hand painted on metal in Nepal
Star the Italian Greyhound by Shashi

Star is young and handsome in his portrait by the artist Shashi.   There is a lot of nice detail in the collar and the halo that surrounds Star makes a dramatic painting.   The Nepali Devenagari script reads Kukur dehi sabadan or 'Dog here be careful' in English.

Folk art Boxer beware of dog sign hand painted on metal in Nepal
Siggy the Boxer by Nara

Siggy the Boxer by Nara is a classic beware of dog sign and very much in the style that first inspired my Danger Dogs from Nepal fair trade art project.   Nara tends to paint what I call 'Dog's Dogs' - very masculine and beautiful against a solid dark blue background.

folk art beware of dog sign hand painted on metal in Nepal
Chihuahua and Dogue de Bordeaux by Dilip Niroj

Daisy and Ellis make a good pair in their portraits by Dilip Niroj.  Their contrast in size against a dramatic sunset colored background make this one fun.   I really admire Dilip's very naive style of portraiture.

Folk art beware of Jack Russell sign hand painted on metal in Nepal
Coco Diablo Chanel by Sagar Bitsa

Coco the Queen Bean is a fabulous Jack Russell Terrier all decked out with her scarlet headdress and star studded collar atop a charmingly painted leopard skin carpet!   Sagar Bitsa is a master at shading and obviously took his time making Coco Chanel look at home in her pretty digs.

Folk art beware of long haired Dachshund hand painted on metal in Nepal
Danger Dog Darby by Baba

Darby the long-haired Dachshund is a riot of color hand painted on metal by the artist Baba.   Darby's direct gaze holds your attention along with Baba's unusual choice of background colors.  This is on recycled metal.

Folk art portrait of Dalmatians in a Porche Convertible hand painted on metal in Nepal
Dalmatians in a Porsche convertible by Megh Raj Thapa

These 3 beloved Dalmatians love a road trip - much like Maddy the Apricot Poodle.   Borris, Katia and Tasha fill up the Porsche in their portraits by Megh Raj Thapa.   The Nepali lettering translates as 'Katerna Kukurharu' or Danger Dogs!

Folk art Beware of Labradoodle hand painted on metal in Nepal
Lars the Labradoodle by Indra Lama

Lars the Labradoodle was hand painted on metal by Indra Lama.   Lars looks very quizzical in his portrait and Indra emphasized his coloring with a contrasting blue background.

Folk art Beware of Shitzu sign hand painted on metal in Nepal
Roxy the Shitzu by Hari Timesina

Roxy the Shitzu is pretty in pink in her very naive style portrait by Hari Timesina.   Hari always signed and dated his work.   His style is fresh and unique.   Hari lost his studio soon after painting this portrait and went abroad to Saudi Arabia where he is painting houses and making money to send home to his wife and young son, Utsab.   I miss him and hope to reconnect with Hari again after his 3 year contract is over.

Folk art Beware of Jack Russell Terrier sign hand painted on metal in Nepal
Jack Nelson the Jack Russell Terrier by Santosh Shrestha

Jack Russell Terriers are always cute, but Jack Nelson is spectacular with his striped tie, his pink underbelly and purple shading - all against a dramatic yellow background with red lettering.   Santosh has a great signature and uses it to great effect to compose a charming portrait of Jack.

This is the first blog of two parts featuring the Danger Dogs that will be part of the Red Propeller Gallery's exhibit in Devon, England.  Dates to be announced so stay tuned!


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