Live from Nepal: Dogs of Mustang
Live from Nepal: Cats and a Duck from Jit Gurung!

Live from Nepal: Dogs of Mustang: Tiri

Tiri was off-limits to tourists without a special pass until about 5 years ago.   Technically in Upper Mustang, and subject to a pricey permit of $50 US per day per person, not including anything else, it was overlooked.   There is a wonderful chef at the Norling Guest House in town named Lokpa and it is well worth a visit.


This dog, who we have named Double Dorji for his remarkable similarity to another dog on the Annapurna Circuit who IS named Dorje, is often found sleeping near the center of town.   When he does wake up, however, he is as sweet a dog as you could imagine.

Mountaintop view looking from Tiri to Keg Beni and Nilgiri
View from the mani wall looking towards Keg Beni

We hiked high above the village to get a good look at the surrounding mountains...

Tibetan prayer flags fly high in the Annapurna Range.
Prayer flags atop a high ridge.

...and for a glimpse into forbidden Upper Mustang.  Festooned with prayer flags, the Annapurna Range was magnificent.

Nepali dog on a stone fence in Upper Mustang
Double Dorji on a Nepali fence outside Tiri

Later we again met up with Double Dorji and he accompanied us part of our way back home from Tiri to Keg Beni, approximately a half hour walk across the Kali Gandaki riverbed.

Winter bridge from Keg Beni to Tiri across the Kali Gandaki
Winter bridge from Keg Beni to Tiri across the Kali Gandaki

We crossed the river scrambling over rocks and this convenient winter bridge.


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