Which would you Choose? Danger Dogs from Nepal
Live from Nepal: Dogs of Mustang: Tiri

Live from Nepal: Dogs of Mustang

The dogs of Mustang in Nepal have a great life.   They are free to roam where they want and sleep in some outrageous places.

Nepali dog in Marpha,Mustang District, Nepal
Thondrup, a Nepali Dog in Marpha

This is Thondrup, a big dog from Marpha.    These photos do not really show the massive size of Thondrup's paws and body.

A Thakali Losar procession in Marpha, Mustang District, Nepal
Thakali Losar parade led by Thondrup.

He is omnipresent and leads the Thakali Losar parade,   Losar (aka Tibetan New Year) is celebrated a couple of weeks later here in Marpha than in Kathmandu.   

Nepali dog watches archery during Thakali Losar celebration
Thondrup and his prime seat at the archery tournament

Part of the Losar celebrations include an archery tournament, and, of course, Thondrup is front and center.

Nepali dog stretches in the sun.
Thondrup gets his moment in the sun.

Thondrup gets a well deserved rest in a sunny spot.   More dogs from Mustang coming soon.   Internet is very spotty here, but I hope to introduce you to many great dogs.   They have a great life here.


Just as I finished writing this, I walked out of my Guest House and there was Thondrop.   Wagging his tail and accepting neck scratches and belly rubs.



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