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Laxmi Puja or the Festival of Lights in Boudha

Welcome to Nepal's Day of the Dog 2017

Nepal is the only country in the world to celebrate a day dedicated to dogs.

 Kukor Tihar is a day of Dog blessings.   

A Spitz and a Boxer on Nepal's Day of the Dog
A Spitz and a Boxer on Nepal's Day of the Dog

This young (very well-trained) Spitz and his brindle Boxer puppy friend are awaiting their Kukor Puja treats.

A brindle Boxer puppy and her first Day of the Dog
A brindle Boxer puppy and her first Day of the Dog

The 5 and a half month old Boxer is about to enjoy her first Day of the Dog.

The ceremony is complicated and took about 3 minutes.  That Spitz has the patience of a saint and the young Boxer has that unique Boxer wiggle...   They are garlanded with marigolds, red tikas (blessings) are applied to their foreheads and paws.   Coins are placed on their heads and then, they are very well fed with meat and rice.  Flower petals and rice kernels are also part of the process.

Kukor puja ceremony of Nepal's Day of the Dog
The Kukor Puja ceremony begins

The ceremony has just begun and the Boxer pup is already digging in.

A Spitz dog poses in Namaste position while waiting for his Day of the Dog treats in Nepal
The Spitz does his Namaste while awaiting his treats

He must have held that Namaste pose for 4 minutes, before he got antsy.   He also shakes hands...

Nepal's Day of the Dog ceremony
Nepal's Day of the Dog ceremony deserves a selfie.

The Spitz' owner is understandably proud... 

A Nepali St. Bernard on Nepal's Day of the Dog
A big and handsome St. Bernard dog on Nepal's Day of the Dog

 This big St Bernard is very good at his job.   He did not stop barking at me!

A young Spitz dog on Nepal's Day of the Dog
A young Spitz just wants to have her ears rubbed.
Nepal's Day of the Dog
This dog was so pretty and friendly...


Street dogs enjoy Nepal's Day of the Dog
Two Nepali street dogs near my hotel in Boudha

 Even the street dogs near my hotel got the full Day of the Dog treatment and they are sleeping it off!

A Dachshund on the streets of Boudha on the Day of the Dog
Lucky the Dachshund roaming the streets of Boudha

Also known as Kukor Puja or Kukor Tihar, it is part of a 5 day festival which also has a special day for crows and cows.   Tihar is part of the festival of lights where the locals invite Laxmi into their homes with colorful powders and lights so that they can have wealth in the coming year.

India also celebrates a version of this holiday, but they do not honor dogs as part of their Diwali (Dipawali) festival.



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