Live from Kathmandu: Finals from Sanjib Rana
Live from Kathmandu: New Finals from Megh Raj Thapa

New Works in Progress from Sagar Bitsa


Sagar sent these early works in progress.  It is always nice to see the way he works.  Let me know what you think!

Black Jack Russell Terrier folk art hand painted on metal in Nepal
Blackie by Sagar

Blackie, a Jack Russell Terrier, as an early work in progress by Sagar.

Black and white Jack Russell portrait
Itchy the Lab and Whippet mix by Sagar

Itchy, in the loop.


Black Persian Cat folk art portrait
Manny the Persian Cat by Sagar

Manny's tail was too fluffy to be contained in the circle.

Ravene, a Black Lab, in her first work in progress by Sagar.

English Staffordshire Terrier folk art portrait
Gigi the English Staffordshire Terrier by Sagar

Gigi looks like she is flying!

Bacchus the Bull Dog by Sagar
Folk art portrait of dogs on the beach
Penelope and Avalon by Sagar



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