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Bernese Mountain Dogs from Nepal

Bella is a Bernese Mountain Dog who recently had her portraits painted.


Bella the Bernese Mountain Dog by Baba, 12"x12" synthetic enamel on metal 2011 Available


Bella the Bernese Mountain Dog by Dilip Niroj, 12"x12" synthetic enamel on metal 2011 Available

Above are the two choices NOT picked by Bella's companion. 


Leila the Bernese Mountain Dog by Sanjib Rana, 15"x12" acryllic on metal 2009 Sold


Leila the Bernese Mountain Dog by Jit Gurung, 2009 Sold


Leila the Bernese Mountain Dog by Baba, 12"x12" synthetic enamel on metal Sold.

This trilogy of portraits of the lovely Leila are all sold.   I would not have been able to have picked one, as they are all wonderful.

If you would like to have your own Bernese Mountain Dog immortalized by these talented Nepali signboard artists...

It is not too early to order for the next trip in spring, 2012 !!!

Please send in photos for your order for the next trip.   I leave in early 2012.  However, I have many, many portraits already made of many breeds of pet.   Please ask!!!

This may be the perfect gift.   Give someone you love a portrait of someone they love, and in the meantime support this dying art form.

Each commission I receive will be given to 3 different Nepalese signboard artists, giving 3 struggling artists Fair Trade work and you a choice of 3 colorful paintings on metal!  

Your satisfaction is guaranteed as I accept no money up front, only if you like one of the portraits do you pay.   The artists are paid fair trade wages whether you buy or not.

How to Order: 

1. Send a photo of your pet to me at [email protected].

2.  Let me know what you would like the signboard to say.

3. Tell me which style of Danger Dog art you prefer, by giving me examples of signs you have liked on the website or just say whether you like realistic, naive, cartoonish or fanciful. 

4. Follow the Danger Dog Blog and see the works in progress, trips to the studios, the life and arts of Nepal.

5.  Decide which painting you prefer of the 3 and send me a check and I will mail you your very own personal Danger Dog (or Cat)!  

Pricing, more information and examples of the Nepal Art Dog project can be found at

If you are lucky enough to be in Los Angeles before the end of December, you can see 60 Nepal Art Dogs at The Loft at Liz's Gallery at 435 S. La Brea LA  90036.   Part of an exhibit titled "Fair Trade", a total of 28 artists are represented in the exhibit so you can get an idea of their varying styles.

The Craft and Folk Art Museum also features the Danger Dogs.

Also, at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, stop by the Santa Monica Museum of Art to see some art. 

New Stone Age on West Third in Los Angeles also has a good selection.  

Or you could order your own pet......