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The Craft and Folk Art Museum's Holiday Global Bazaar was a success!   For the Danger Dogs and other vendors, too.  

You know how I love a wall of Dogs, and due to the rain, we all moved our booths inside.   I got this lovely stairwell to work with!

Everything went well, and the Museum raised a lot of funds.

Lots of new people saw the Dogs and learned about the Danger Dog Project.  

Some great Danger Dogs were snatched up by the Craft and Folk Art Museum patrons.   I will greatly miss two pieces by Ram Mohan Patel.   The one above is of Lulu, a pitbull with a great smile.

This is the lovely Sweet Pea on the day I picked them up.   Along with the charming Lion King cat, these oversized portraits are now in good hands.   I will definitely miss them.

This painting of Daddy the Catahoula Leopard Dog was from my first trip.   Painted by Poon, a journalist from Pokhara, I've always called this one the 'Italianate Daddy'.   I know my husband will miss this one especially.

This one - a Zen Kitty by Sufraj - didn't stay around long.   I only had it a couple of weeks but Lula the Zen Kitty went to a very good home.   Best yet, I know the couple who bought Lula and may have occasional visitation rights!   Sufraj was the only artist to make it clear that those were blue socks in the foreground.   Lula is a Tonkinese that lives in London.

Another one that I didn't have long is the lovely Nigel too by Sagar.   This beautiful piece went to the KTLA News Reporter Gail Anderson.   She is a savvy buyer who immediately got the Danger Dogs and also the humor in this green masterpiece.   She is also a nice lady.
Shiva of New Road in Pokhara painted Bobo the Cat in a ferocious mood.

 Georgie the King Charles Spaniel by Dilip
Georgie the King Charles Spaniel by Dilip was a wise purchase.

Madeline the 'Happy Poddle' by Sabala playing in the snow was bought yesterday.  

As you can see the buyers yesterday had very good taste.   I'm going to miss all 8 of these pieces.   Of the eight sold, seven different artists were represented.  

Soon, I'm going to update the website to make it easier to navigate, I promise.   In the meantime, any comments or questions should be sent to me at

See the Dogs in Person!

If you are in the Los Angeles area tomorrow (Saturday December 12) from 10am to 4pm, stop by the Craft and Folk Art Museum to see the newest Danger Dogs.

This is honestly my favorite way to display the Danger Dogs - on a huge wall!   Due to a forecast of rain, the Holiday Global Bazaar will be held indoors.   And the Danger Dogs get the stairwell!    

If you are in the market for other holiday items, there will be a great selection of jewelry, toys and clothing items from around the world.   There will be local artists to support there, too.   It's a show I'm looking forward to.

There will be many Danger Cats, Enlightened Dogs, Horses, Chickens, Loud Parrots and Ferrets, too.   Many new pieces from my latest trip will be included.

Hope to see you all there.   The address is 5814 Wilshire Blvd (at Curson Ave) and it is just across from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.   For more information, please go to   For you long time Anglenos, this museum was formerly known as 'The Egg and the Eye'.   Starting as a cafe in 1966, the founder Edith Wyle turned her restaurant into the Craft and Folk Art Museum in 1973.

Of course, if you miss tomorrow's exhibit, the Danger Dogs are always hanging in the Craft and Folk Art Museum store, so drop in anytime.

Any questions or comments, please write to me at or go to my website:

Three-of-a-kind -- Even More Danger Dogs!


Jack, a handsome Black Lab and his Danger Dog tryptych.  Starting from top left is by Sanjib Rana, next is by Hari Prasad and at bottom, we have Jack by Sufraj.  

The final Sophie and Stargell's also arrived yesterday.   By Amar Shrestha, Hari Prasad and Sabala (clockwise from top left).

Fugg!   The final three by Amar Shrestha, Hari Prasad and Sufraj.

Lucky and Odi:   by Hari Prasad, Sufraj and Sanjib Rana.   These artist had two photos to work with.   They were asked to paint the dogs as in the black and white photo, but using the other photo as a color reference.   Some did better than others.  

Peaches!   The final three by Sabala, Raaz and Nara.   It is interesting to me that sometimes these dogs will get the same background by the artists and sometimes something totally different as in this case.

Lucy the Calico Cat in her myriad moods:   By Sabala, Amar Shrestha and Hari Timsina.

Cooper the Enlightened Horse by Sabala, Sanjib Rana and Megh Raj.

Marble by Sabala, Sufraj and Nara.  

Red the Wolfhound with his many shades of red in the background:   by Ram Krishna, Sagar and Sabala.  This is the first time that Sagar has signed his name in cursive script.   Usually he uses a Japanese chop that means Ocean - Sagar means 'ocean' in the Nepali language.

Stella by Sabala, Sagar and Nara.   Stella's dogtag is signed with Sagar's Japanese chop - the only one this trip.   I miss it.

This rooster is a favorite.   By Sagar, Sabala and Sanjib Rana.  

Teddy Bear Wallechinski by Sabala, Sagar and Nabin.

These two are Nepali Dogs that I had made especially for a man who has done much for this country.  He thought that 'Respect this Dog' was an important theme.   So I photographed his two lovely dogs Coco and Oscar and this is the result.   Both paintings by Hari Prasad and his son Jay Prasad.

Went dancing last night at the Lazimpat Gallery Cafe.   Just around the corner was this charmer.  

Lots went wrong with pick ups yesterday, I still have 18 more to show you tomorrow.   Then the packing starts.   


It was full moon in Boudha with all the attendant hoopla - puja parties, blessings of ground-breakings for new houses, lines of beggars waiting for their pelft...  Always an interesting time.   Full moon and also 'black moon' - the Nepali phrase for New Moon.  

Tune in tomorrow if you don't see your finished trilogy.   It will be here...promise!

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Giving Thanks for Nepali Dogs and Chickens


This little Lhasa Apso is named Happy and she lives with her parents and sister in Kathmandu.   She was born in the bedroom, the third and smallest of the litter and has never ventured off the property. 

The signboard hangs outside Happy's house.   A remnant of a previous owner who had larger dogs.

This lovely and friendly Chinese pug lives just around the corner from Raaz' studio.    100_6581
Here he plays with his similarly clothed friend.   No question about who rules this roost.

Dogs get to be dogs in Kathmandu.   I followed this guy for blocks as he made his rounds.

Lucky takes a rest from his busy day of chasing birds and getting treats from monks at the Dungkar Gardens Restaurant. 

On to other species, this Japanese Bantam and his wife live at the Buzz Cafe, a restaurant behind an old house here in Kathmandu.   They are enjoying the spinach-like greens.

They found a roost, and I was enjoying watching them  when I noticed...

...a little green parrot on the other chair.   The parrot did not look like it had had it's wings clipped, so he must be happy there.

Soon, the tiny hen jumped up to see what I had on my table.

Short post today as I have a bit of the Kathmandu Krud - a slight runny nose, a sore neck and rundown.   Got to rest up for this weekends' Thanksgiving parties.

Ghetto Gloss opening is Thursday, the 22nd.

Whew.   Who said curating was easy.   193 pieces are hung for your viewing pleasure at the always fabulous Ghetto Gloss Gallery in Hollywood.  

I say these Dogs look great en masse.  The Danger Dogs are a Fair Trade Art project promoting Nepalese signboard art.   To date, 1250 signboards have been commissioned, giving work to endangered Nepali signboard artists.   Digital art is replacing hand-painted signs at a rapid rate.  Everyone loves modernism.   These unsung artists are varied in their styles.   I have worked with 56 artists from Nepal.  

Of course, every signboard you see on this blog today is available for $200.   There are some steals.   Some will sell for less.  Generous discounts -- especially if you have a dog that looks like an existing Danger Dog.   You have to agree that these 30 Nepali signboards look good together.  

(Good thing I'm tall.)   Wouldn't these look great in a restaurant?   Everyone loves dogs.   These pieces appeal to pet lovers who collect art and would like to make a difference to Nepali signboard artists.

The opening is on Thursday, October 22, from 8 to midnight.   It is okay to arrive as early as 7pm, though.
For all you fans out there that like this effect.   I offer a bulk discount on multiples.

If you get tired of looking for your pet, contact me and I'll send the file along that includes your pet.

There are 100 Dogs on this wall.

I'll try to get one in focus of this wall next time.


Cats and birds are represented, too, of course.

Hope to see you on Thursday.  Go to for more details.  

For more details on the Danger Dogs...go to  or contact me directly at

Every Danger Dog has a story.... And I know them all!