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Live from Kathmandu: New Finals from Sagar Bitsa

Sagar has done it again.

Sagar Bitsa
Sagar in his studio
Black Labrador Retriever folk art portrait
Ravene the Black Lab by Sagar
Jack Russell Terrier folk art hand painted in Nepal
Blackie the Jack Russell by Sagar
Shepherd dogs folk at portrait by the sea
Penelope and Avalon at the beach by Sagar
Black Persian Cat folk art portrait
Manny the Persian Cat by Sagar
English Staffordshire Terrier folk art portrait
Gigi the English Staffordshire Terrier by Sagar
Boxer Pit Bull mixed dog folk art portrait
Delilah the Boxer Pit Bull mix by Sagar
Black Dog folk art from Nepal
LukYi the Black Dog by Sagar
Lab Whippet mixed dog folk art portrait
Itchy the Lab Whippet mix by Sagar
Bull Dog Folk Art portrait hand painted on metal in Nepal
Bacchus the BullDog by Sagar




Please stay tuned for more finals to come! If you would like to have your dog (cat, horse, chicken, bunny, bearded dragon, etc.) immortalized on metal here in Nepal, it is now too late.   

I will return in the autumn of 2022, leaving plenty of time to deliver holiday gifts.

You choose the style, the color, what you would like the sign to say... You can also check out NepalDog.com, as I have over 72 breeds of dog (and counting) and many cats.

I pay fair trade wages, the artists get to paint again, pet lovers get a choice of three paintings for each commission, and I get to help Nepali artists make a living.  

Everybody is happy.   Rescue dogs from America get to rescue artists from Nepal!

HOW TO ORDER:  To order, please send me a photo of your pet.   I will give it to three different artists, giving you a choice of 3 paintings and three artists will get work.   Each painting is about one square foot and is on metal with synthetic enamel paint.   These can be hung indoors or out, be framed or unframed.

While I am in Nepal, your pet will be featured on the Danger Dog Blog, as I stop into the artists' studios and document the works in progress.

Satisfaction is guaranteed as I accept no money up front.   If you do not like one of the three, you pay nothing, and the 3 artists are paid in full in any case.   Let me know what you want it to say and that's it!

Send your photo to ampage1@gmail.com or find out more at www.NepalDog.com.

Let's keep these artists painting. American Dogs = Nepali Jobs.

Please check out the Nepal Dog YouTube Channel:   https://www.youtube.com/user/NepalDog You will be happy you did!

Micro-finance through art patronage.    Trade not Aid.

Super Bull Dogs from Nepal

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, I hope your favorite team won, or at least didn't disappoint but these dogs are all winners.

Brocco English Bulldog by Megh Raj
Brocco is an English Bull Dog here painted by Megh Raj Thapa of Kathmandu.

Brocco in person surrounded by his portraits.   He chose the Danger Dog to his immediate left (our right) by Sabala.   The other two are available at this time.

Laverne is painted in the grass by Birju's studio.   Laverne's bulldog underbite is by Sagar.

Also by Sagar, this portrait of a bull dog certainly would keep me off the property!

This portrait of Mick Jagger the English Bulldog is by Sabala of Surya Studios in Kathmandu.   My New York readers can see him in person by stopping by the OK Harris Cigar Store in Soho.

NepalArt French bulldog
Cash is a French Bull Dog, here hiding in the grass, as painted by Nepal Arts in Kathmandu.


All paintings featured today are available at this time.  Check out the NepalDog.com website's BullDog page for current availability and pricing.

Stay tuned for more about Folk Art from the Himalayas.   In the meantime, you can always catch the NepalDog Channel on YouTube.    You might like the Nepali Folk Music too.

Danger Dogs from Nepal is a Fair Trade art project which promotes the dying art of signboards in Nepal.

Danger Dogs are handpainted signs painted on (often recycled) metal in Nepal.   Each piece is approximately one foot square (though some artists insist on different sizes) using synthetic enamel.   They can be hung indoors or out.

This hand-painted art form is fast disappearing in Kathmandu, as it already has in most parts of the world.   I pay fair trade wages, the artists get to paint again, pet lovers get a choice of three paintings for each commission, three people get work, and I get to help Nepali artists make a living.   Everybody is happy.   Rescue dogs from America get to rescue artists from Nepal!

I am now accepting custom orders for the next Danger Dog trip to Nepal sometime in spring 2011.     You tell me what you would like it to say!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed as I accept no money up front.   All artists get paid in any case.   You pay only if you like one  (or more) of the portraits of your pet.

Please contact me if you need a special present, as after making over 1700 of these art pieces I have just about every breed imaginable.   Please write me at ampage1@gmail.com with any requests or questions. 

Micro-finance through art patronage.  

Give someone you love a portrait of someone they love - and support art from the Himalayas -- Dogmandu.

 Visit the NepalDog.com website.



Bulldogs from Nepal Art Dogs

Bulldogs are always a favorite subject in the Danger Dog oeuvre.

 Brocco English Bulldog by Amar 

Who could resist Brocco's lovely English Bulldog mug?   by Amar Shrestha.

 Brocco English Bulldog by Megh Raj
Here's Brocco again, this time by Megh Raj.   Love that tongue and that Megh Raj placed Brocco in the yard.

Aasha of Aasha Art brings you a French Bulldog named Jack.   This one is lovely but on the primitive side.   

A new version of the handsome Mick Jagger, this time by Sabala from Surya Studios.   Mick Jagger is a perennial favorite.   The detail that Sabala give to his mouth and muzzle has to be seen to be fully appreciated.   This portrait of Mick is no longer available.

Nabin brings a stylized version of Mick Jagger.   It's hard to believe that these are painted from the same photo.

 NepalArt French bulldog
Again we have Jack, this time painted by Pulkit of Nepal Arts in Kathmandu.  The artists of Nepal are not shy about showing Jack's maleness.

Laverne is a Bulldog from Ojai, California.   As painted by Sagar in his thuggish mode.   

If you would like to visit the NepalDog.com Bull Dog page to see pricing, please click here.


The Nepal Art Dog project promotes the endangered art of Nepali signboards.   Signboards are painted on recycled metal, using synthetic enamel and are meant to hang outdoors, but look just as good framed.   Over 1400 portraits have been commissioned to date, giving these artists real work.   I have worked with over 58 artists and actively look for more each trip.


On my last trip to Nepal, the Danger Dog commissions were the only art these artists were still hand painting -- all their other work was digital or printed on flex.   These artists can and will paint anything.  I decided to concentrate on pets as there was a tradition in Nepal already of 'beware of dog' placards and I knew that people would like them.


Each commission will be given to at least 3 signboard artists - giving 3 people work, the pet owner a choice and museum shops Nepali folk art.   No money is accepted up front.   If you don't like any of the 3 choices, you pay nothing.   The artists are paid Fair Trade wages regardless.


Please contact me at ampage1@gmail.com with any questions.


This project is for pet lovers who collect art and would like to make a difference in these artists' lives.


More information is available at NepalDog.com.


Beautiful Bulldogs!


Brocco the English Bulldog by Megh Raj.  


Brocco the English Bulldog by Amar.


Brocco admires his portraits. 


I met this Bulldog at a garage sale and took his picture.   He was a sweetheart.


A Bulldog by Nabin.   I believe that Nabin painted this one while remembering Mick Jagger (the famous Bulldog - not the musician).


The delicate feet on this French Bulldog make this portrait by Mahesh stand out.


This thuggish Bulldog is signed by Birju, but I believe that Sagar painted it.


Aasha Art painted this delicate portrait of Cash the Bulldog.


Hari Timsina painted this French Bulldog.   It is sold!


This English Bulldog (Mick Jagger) is by Nabin.

NepalArt French bulldog 

Cash the Bulldog again.   This time he is painted in the grass by Nepal Arts.


Another Bulldog in the grass.   With a lovely underbite to boot!   From Surya Studios.


Mick Jagger again.   English Bulldog by Sabala.

Most of these lovely bulldogs are available.   Please visit the NepalDog.com website to see all Bulldog pricing and availability.

We are now getting ready for our 6th Danger Dog trip.   You can send me a photo of your pet, and I will give the photo to at least 3 Nepali artists and you get to choose which you prefer.   Only then do you pay.   No bad karma here!  

Help keep Nepali signboard art alive.   These paintings are being replaced by generic, stenciled 'beware of dog' signboards throughout Nepal.   These artists need the work. 

These hand-painted signboards are on (often recycled) metal and are painted with synthetic enamel.   They are meant to be hung outdoors to warn people of a pet on the premises.   But they look nice indoors framed, too.

Order yours today!   Or buy one of these fine Bulldogs!