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Dog Friends

Lucky and Odie are obviously best friends here in this double portrait.   Odie is looking a bit like Herman Munster there on the right.   Art by Sufraj Khadka.

Jojo and Maggie are another pair of old friends.   That's Maggie on the right with the "Cone of Shame" - see the movie UP to get that reference.   Above is their portrait by Dilip.

Sophie and Stargel are another dynamic duo, this time painted by Hari Prasad.

This playful pair is by Ram Krishna.

Maggie and Flip are not really joined at the hip as it appears in this painting by Amar Shrestha.

Max and Ernie are a true pair of Danger Dogs in this painting by Shree Laimecchaine of Pokhara.  Looks like they have both been eating from the sugar bowl!

All of the above portraits are available.

You can have your pair immortalized by 3 struggling signboard artists from Nepal.    Signboard art is fast disappearing and being replaced by digitalized works on plastic.    The Danger Dog signboards are on recycled metal and are approximately one square foot.   The artists use synthetic enamel and the signs are made to be hung indoors or out.

I will be returning to Nepal for the 8th Danger Dog trip in November, returning in early December in time for holiday delivery.

Give someone you love a portrait of someone they love!    Micro-finance through art patronage.

Fair Trade Art from Nepal.


Which would you choose?

Ozzie by Santosh Shrestha, Sagar and Megh Raj (clockwise from top left).   Ozzie has such a sweet face, and the artists captured his distinctive coloring.   Ozzie's owner has a hard choice ahead of her.

Posey and Scooter by Sagar, MeghRaj and Sabala (clockwise from top left).   I love to see how 3 'naive' artists handle the design problem of an arm amidst the 2 dogs.   I think all three were sophisticated in their diverse solutions.   I prefer to give as little input as possible as to style or background color.   I decide which artist is best for which dog - or try to.

Here the artists feature the many hairstyles of Zach.   From top left, the artists are Jit Gurung, Sabala and Megh Raj.

Another inspiration for this project.   This sweet little beagle looks a bit like Posey in the double portrait above.   This signboard has had a long hard life, with little respect from the  wall painter in any case!

I have been watching this signboard for 6 years now and it is still beautiful.   This artist with his distinctive 'horn dogs' must work in this area.   I've seen more than one in this style around the Baluwatar area of Kathmandu.

More tomorrow.

If you would like your own pet immortalized on metal by a struggling Nepali signboard artist, I will be returning to Nepal in a couple of months for the 8th Danger Dog trip.

This is a Fair Trade Art project that aims to promote the fast disappearing signboard art trade.   It has already mostly disappeared completely in India.

Each commission generates work for 3 Nepali artists.   The signs are approximately one square foot, synthetic enamel on metal and can be hung indoors or out.   They make wonderful gifts for pet lovers who collect art.

Satisfaction is guaranteed as I accept no money up front and you pay only if you choose a piece.   All artists are paid whether you choose their work or not.

Contact me at ampage1(at) for more information.   Also you can go to to learn more.

Pick up at Sabala's

Above is Stella, the black and white Basset Hound, with Johnnie Walker Red (aka ChowBoy) as painted by Sabala.

Next is Sabala's version of the 4 labrador retreivers in the hatchback of a BMW.   This is a little larger than the normal one square foot and features the car less then the other two artists renditions.

Bat Boy the Mastiff certainly has an Enlightened look in this portrait by Sabala.   Look at those jowls!

Here we have a cornocopia of dogs by Sabala.

And Sabala's final version of Hanuman.   That is Shiva and Ram inside his chest.

I did take a new order today, but we are cutting it close!

Sorry for the poor quality of today's photos.  My camera is not taking good daylight photos.   Trying to fix it here is difficult as Kodak does not sell cameras in Nepal and parts are hard to come by.   Also, 4 different repair shops gave 4 different suppositions as to the problem.  And you would not believe the prices for a new one here!   The duty must be enormous.

More tomorrow.

Nepal Art Dogs from Sanjib Rana

Sanjib Rana is a hard-working artist.   He told me this trip that he enjoys painting at midnight!   Well, he did not waste the midnight oil in this latest series.

I was a little concerned that a 4-figure portrait would not work, that one or the other of the dogs would not be right.   Well, this one blew me out of the water.   Look at the loving detail given not only to the dogs, but to the BMW.

Next we have Layla by Sanjib.   The glow of the light on her fur, the twinkle in her eye....

The lovely Molly looks dapper with her scarf.    Dignified, too.

Chow Boy is in the pink on his checkerboard floor.   Turns out that Chow Boy is only a nickname.   His real name is Johnnie Walker Red.

Stella the Basset Hound (and companion to Johnnie Walker Red above) is also in the pink as painted by Sanjib.

I am proud to say that I have found steady work for Sanjib with a prominent hotel owner here in Kathmandu.  Nice hotels need artwork on the walls and Sanjib is providing that.   His speciality is birds and there are many bird watchers here in Nepal.

Please write to me at ampage1(at) if you have any questions about the Nepal Art Dogs.    You can also visit my website at to see more and learn about this fair trade art project from Nepal.

Stay tuned.   More artwork from Nepal's signboard artists tomorrow!

Dilip's Danger Dogs

Bat Boy the mastiff with the painter Dilip Niroj.   Dilip still needs to put the Nepali script on this, but he captured the intense stare of this giant dog.

Here is Logan, part of the Tailwagger trilogy.   I am glad that Dilip was able to spell Tailwaggers!

Buddy by Dilip.   When we first met, Dilip would only paint German Shepherds and Dobermans.   Dilip is always my first choice when I get an order for these 'Dog's Dogs'!

Dexter by Dilip.   The last of the Tailwaggers trio, Dexter is going to be a hard choice for the owner.   All three captured his look.

Max and Ernie by Dilip!   Looks like Ernie's been in the sugar bowl.

Chow Boy!   Here is the first of three of Chow Boy, the companion to Stella the black and white Bassett Hound.

There is still time (barely) to get in your orders for this trip!  Please send me a file at and I will give your pet's portrait to 3 struggling Nepali signboard artists.   Your satisfactoin is guaranteed as I only accept money after you choose which portrait you would like.   The artists are paid in any case.   Or go to to find more information.

More pick ups today.   Stay tuned!

Micro-finance through art patronage!   Turn your pet into folk art and help save an endangered art form at the same time.