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Welcoming the Chinese Year of the Horse!

January 31, 2014, marks the beginning of the Year of the Wood Horse in the Chinese Zodiac.   This will be a long year, as the lunar Year of the Horse ends  February 18, 2015.

To celebrate, we are off to the races with some hand painted horse art from Nepal.

Folk art horse hand painted on metal
Brown horse with white blaze by Sanjib Rana

This handsome brown horse was packed in newspaper while newly painted and has a reverse newsprint in the central blue area, which I quite like.   The 'Xing' is meant to be read Crossing.  This portrait on metal is 12"x15" and hand painted by Sanjib Rana.


Folk art horse hand painted on metal

French Quarter by Sagar Bitsa

French Quarter was a much beloved horse who made a handsome Zen Horse portrait.   No newsprint here!

Folk art horse hand painted on metal
Horse by Sanjib Rana

Also by Sanjib Rana, this dark horse with a long grey mane is well set off against a firey background of reds, oranges and yellows.   

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of the Horse is a good one for travel - as far and wide as possible.   You know I will be going back to Nepal twice more this year, so that is great news.

Folk art horse hand painted on metal
Gallivanting horse by Sanjib Rana

Again, Sanjib captures a horse having fun turning in a meadow.

This is your year if you were born in 2014, 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942, 1930, 1918, 1906.   It is said to be a year in which you should move fast!  

These portraits would make great gifts for anyone born in these years, but especially for anyone born in the year of the Water Horse (February 15, 1942 to February 4, 1943 and February 12, 2002 to January 31, 2003) as I have many horses playing in the surf.


Folk art white horse hand painted on metal
Zen white horse by Shahi

Shahi did a good job hand painting this white horse.   He was originally the image on a joker for a deck of cards.  

They say that the Year of the Horse will be a good one for entrepreneurs.   I wish you all the best!


Folk art Horse hand painted on metal
White Horse in the surf by Sanjib Rana

Again Sanjib does not disappoint with this handsome horse cavorting in the surf.   

We have come to the end!

 All of the horses featured on today's blog are currently available, but you can go to the website to check on pricing and what is new in store.   

Horse Evacuation Fundraiser this Saturday in Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara Equine Evacuation Assistance and Evacuation Team, which works with the Santa Barbara  Fire Department evacuating horses and other animals in the event of fires or other disasters is hosting a fundraiser on October 16th.   

This event will include a silent auction, and the Danger Dogs has contributed this white horse grazing in the field by Sanjib Rana.   Please consider heading up to Santa Barbara this Saturday and attending this fundraiser.   There have been too many devastating fires in Central California in recent years, and we cannot forget our 4-legged friends who panic during these disasters.  

Come to the Santa Barbara Carriage and Western Art Museum and bid on this sign and other things in their silent auction.


Above is another lovely horse painted by Sanjib Rana.  Available        

Sanjib has his own collection of photos from which he painted these horses.   Available.

This dramatic white horse is also by Sanjib.   Available.

Here is a portrait of French Quarter by Amar Shrestha.   This is also available.

To buy one of these hand-painted horses from Nepal, please contact me at [email protected].   Go to for more information on this Fair Trade art project that aims to save the endangered signboard artists of Nepal.

For more information and complete details on this weekend's event:

Host: Santa Barbara Equine Evac
Location:        Santa Barbara Carriage and Western Art Museum
129 Castillo St.
Santa Barbara, CA
When: Saturday, October 16, 11:00am - 4:00PM    

Amy Moore at 805.570-9966 or check our Facebook page

Palm Springs Desert Dogs!

If you are in Palm Springs for the month of June, please stop by and see the Danger Dogs in person at the Terry Martin Gallery.   Run by the fabulous Terry Martin, this gallery is also known at the Terrence Rogers Fine Arts Gallery.

Starting clockwise from top left, Zia the Black Danger Cat is by Shree Shrestha.   Beware of Cock by Sanjib Rana, followed by Chester the Basset Hound by Nara of Asha Arts.   The horse frolicking in the surf is also by Sanjib Rana.

Above is Sport (a Good Boy) by Ram Krishna of Kathmandu.   Also featured for the month of June is the artwork of Maria Dudley and Jason Kowalski.   The title of their show is "Palm Springs and Other Exotic Places".   The painting above is of the iconic Zuma Beach Food concession by Maria Dudley.  Shree.Weimaraner_0904
Shree Shrestha of Pokhara painted this 'Dangers Dog' of Jasper the Weimaraner on his magic carpet.

From the same photo of Jasper as above, we have Arjun Karki's fine version of the Weimaraner.   Looks like Arjun put Jasper on the waves for his portrait.

Duke the Weimaraner by Hari Timsina was painted in November 2009.

A white Westie by Hari Prasad is at top left, while Chewy the Zen Yorkie is by Nara.   Please go to Terry's website for more information on Maria and Jason's art.

From left to right: a rescue dog by Yuba Raj Adhikari, Pinky the Enlightened Jack Russell Terrier by Jit Gurung of Munal Arts in Pokhara, Mick Jagger the English Bulldog by Sabala with his big grin.

Willow the Enlightened Golden Retreiver by Sagar of Surya Studios.   Sagar's signature is in Japanese.   

Also by Sagar, this portrait of Layla the white shepherd shows his marvelous sense of humor.   If you look closely, you will see what I mean.

  French Bulldog
Yoko the French Bulldog with her lovely jewelry and compelling eyes is also by Sagar.

Arrow is a Zen Black Lab who wears rhinestone necklaces.   This portrait is by Nara of Kathmandu.

This saintly White Labrador DangerDog is by Ram Krishna.   This was not a commissioned piece, but something Ram painted from the Everest Kennel Club calendar.   I could not help but buy it!

  Brocco English Bulldog by Megh Raj
Out enjoying the open air is Brocco the Bulldog by Megh Raj.  

Hari Timsina painted this portrait of Grace the Pit Bull in November, 2009.   Hari is the first of my artists to date his pieces.

Jasper the Dashshund as painted by Manoj.   Manoj is my only Christian artist.  

This pug was painted by Jit Gurung of Munal Arts.   Jit's art reminds me of R. Crumb's style of art.

This little Boston Terrier is by Amar Shrestha.

All pieces are approximately 12" by 12" and are synthetic enamel on (sometimes recycled) metal.  They can be hung indoors or out. 

All art featured on today's blog is available through June, 2010,  at the Terry Martin Gallery at 664 N. Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs.   His phone is (760) 332-8732.   Call for hours or to make an appointment.  

I am heading off to Nepal for the 7th Danger Dog trip very soon, so custom orders should be placed soon.   Each commission generates 3 portraits of your pet by 3 struggling Nepali signboard artists.   You get 3 choices, 3 people get work.  Please remember that I take no deposit up front.   You pay only after choosing which portrait of your pet you prefer.  

For additional information, please contact me at [email protected], go to the website, or see the Nepal Dog Channel on YouTube to buy an existing artwork.

Taking the Reins with Nepal Horse Art


One of my favorite artists, Sanjib Rana, likes horses as much as I do!   When I first met him, he already had an extensive collection of photos of horses in order to paint them for his ex-patriot clients in Kathmandu.

I gave him free rein to paint 8 horses on one of my Fair Trade art forays into Nepal, and he did not disappoint.

Here Sanjib extends the bottom of the painting by placing this horse behind a brick wall.

Here Sanjib gives this lovely horse a golden glow.

These works are a bit larger than the standard signboard offered on this blog.   Sanjib's portraits of horses are 12" by 15" and painted on metal with synthetic enamel.

Nepal has no ocean, but this horse enjoys running through the surf.

Another horse given an idyllic setting by Sanjib.

White horse in a paddock by Sanjib Rana.

From an earlier series, Sanjib wrapped this in newspaper before it was totally dry, but I rather like the effect of the newsprint and think it added to the piece.

This white horse is from the same early series, painted in 2007, and has a dramatic red border.

The artist Sanjib Rana with his work in the garden of the Dragon Guest House in Boudha, my home away from home while in the Kathmandu Valley.

I couldn't resist putting this at the end of this blog!  

These paintings on recycled metal and can be hung indoors or out.   Each of these paintings are currently available for $160 each.   Or you can send me a photo of your own horse and I will give that photo to 3 different artists, giving 3 artists work and you a wider choice.   The extras will be sold in museum shops, retail stores, art galleries or here on line.  

Please contact me at [email protected] for more information, to place an order or with any comments or questions.    My website is at, and there are more horses and other pets there.

Three-of-a-kind -- Even More Danger Dogs!


Jack, a handsome Black Lab and his Danger Dog tryptych.  Starting from top left is by Sanjib Rana, next is by Hari Prasad and at bottom, we have Jack by Sufraj.  

The final Sophie and Stargell's also arrived yesterday.   By Amar Shrestha, Hari Prasad and Sabala (clockwise from top left).

Fugg!   The final three by Amar Shrestha, Hari Prasad and Sufraj.

Lucky and Odi:   by Hari Prasad, Sufraj and Sanjib Rana.   These artist had two photos to work with.   They were asked to paint the dogs as in the black and white photo, but using the other photo as a color reference.   Some did better than others.  

Peaches!   The final three by Sabala, Raaz and Nara.   It is interesting to me that sometimes these dogs will get the same background by the artists and sometimes something totally different as in this case.

Lucy the Calico Cat in her myriad moods:   By Sabala, Amar Shrestha and Hari Timsina.

Cooper the Enlightened Horse by Sabala, Sanjib Rana and Megh Raj.

Marble by Sabala, Sufraj and Nara.  

Red the Wolfhound with his many shades of red in the background:   by Ram Krishna, Sagar and Sabala.  This is the first time that Sagar has signed his name in cursive script.   Usually he uses a Japanese chop that means Ocean - Sagar means 'ocean' in the Nepali language.

Stella by Sabala, Sagar and Nara.   Stella's dogtag is signed with Sagar's Japanese chop - the only one this trip.   I miss it.

This rooster is a favorite.   By Sagar, Sabala and Sanjib Rana.  

Teddy Bear Wallechinski by Sabala, Sagar and Nabin.

These two are Nepali Dogs that I had made especially for a man who has done much for this country.  He thought that 'Respect this Dog' was an important theme.   So I photographed his two lovely dogs Coco and Oscar and this is the result.   Both paintings by Hari Prasad and his son Jay Prasad.

Went dancing last night at the Lazimpat Gallery Cafe.   Just around the corner was this charmer.  

Lots went wrong with pick ups yesterday, I still have 18 more to show you tomorrow.   Then the packing starts.   


It was full moon in Boudha with all the attendant hoopla - puja parties, blessings of ground-breakings for new houses, lines of beggars waiting for their pelft...  Always an interesting time.   Full moon and also 'black moon' - the Nepali phrase for New Moon.  

Tune in tomorrow if you don't see your finished trilogy.   It will be here...promise!

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