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Three-of-a-Kind -- Done Dogs!


The final three of Gabby on a Hike by Sanjib, Sabala and Megh Raj (clockwise from top left).   There are some hard choices here.   Which would you choose?

Compass by Ram Krishna Chaudhury, Sabala and Amar Shrestha.

Little Ruthie by Amar Shrestha, Nara and Nabin Art.

Jojo and Maggie, the Super Dogs, by Amar Shrestha, Dilip and Nara.  

Grover by Sabala, Nara and Nabin.

Shelby looking amazingly consistent by Amar Shrestha, Dilip and Raaz.

Jasper by Ram Krishna, Megh Raj and Sabala!

Rudy!   By Nara, Ram Krishna and Sabala.

Sport is a Good Boy!   By Ram Krishna, Sabala and Nara.

Still some stragglers coming in.   Above is Valki the Doberman Pinscher, Cooper the horse and a lovely Cock.   All by Sanjib - who seemed to be in a colorful mood this trip.

Again by Sanjib Rana -- Polly, Jack the Black Lab and Lucky and Odi. 

Ram Krishna asked if I wanted to buy this White Lab and what could I say but yes?   A lovely 'Beware of Cock' by Snjib Rana, Lucy the 'Danger Aggressively Affectionate Cat' by Amar Shrestha and Ziggy Stardust by Ram Krishna.

Frank Zappa, Gracie and Belle by Amar Shrestha.

Also by Amar Shrestha is Sophie and Stargell, Emma the Catahoula in the snow, and Fugg.

More finals tomorrow.   Expecting 31 pieces this afternoon at 4pm.   Delivered since they are so late.   All of you will be receiving individual portraits of each signboard when I get back (next Tuesday) to the US.    Hopefully these will give you some idea of the signboards.  

Comments and questions are always welcome at [email protected].   You can see more about the Danger Dog Project at



Ram Krishna comes through

Last week, I was a bit worried since Ram Krishna hadn't even started his 7 pieces.    But yesterday....

Here he has captured perfectly Red, a wolfhound, Ziggy and Jasper.   More hard choices to come.

Nanuq, Compass and Rudy look pretty good, too.   All of these are by Ram Krishna.

Lastly we have the anonymous Nepali calendar boy Labrador Retriever (from the Everest Kennel Club Calendar here in Kathmandu) and that is Sport peaking out from under a cloth.   All of the above three pictures are still awaiting Nepali writing and then they will be ready.   I'm glad that Ram Krishna is getting work from local foreigners here, and if she doesn't buy that White Lab, I will!

The current decoration in my Kathmandu Kitchen.

While walking to lunch at a friend's on the other side of town, I passed this studio, which says ART in Nepali in big letters.   I thought I might just check it out.   I already have two artists named Hari, but maybe he has an existing dog sign that I can look at or buy.

Much to my surprise there were -- my own Danger Dogs Emma and Coco!   Both as works in progress.

Stargell and Sophie were also on the wall.   Looks like there's a new artist in the family, as Hari Prasad introduced me to his son, Jay (pronounced Jai), who he said painted the portrait of Coco on the right.   Looks like he painted both, or is copying his dad's style.

Jay Prasad, the budding signboard painter.   I am happy to have him aboard.

Jack, the Black Lab, as a work in progress.  

Above is Hari Prasad, who I consider my 'urban painter', and I can't attach an example here while in Kathmandu to explain why.   But his work gives off an urban feel, the dogs seem to be on the sidewalk and not in a field, like some.

A self-portrait of Hari P and his wife.    He is proud enough of this one to take it off the shelf and show it to me.  

Saw lots of Danger Dogs on my 12 Kilometer walk, but that is for a later blog.  

I did find out where Gwyneth Paltrow gets her hair done while in Kathmandu.   It is nice of her to patronize a beauty training center.

Stopped in at the top of the morning only to find Amar with a smoky fire ablaze to warm his hands.   Only paper, no plastic, thank goodness.   That's Gracie on the easel.

Through the smoke, you can see Stargell, Emma the Catahoula Leopard Dog, Rudy, and Lucy the Calico on the top row, Shelby, a glowing Compass with a green aura and Fugg below.   All by Amar Shrestha and waiting for their lettering.

Through the smoke, you can see Frank Zappa, Sophie and Stargell and Emma from the top left.  

Bottom row is Belle, Jojo and Maggie, Shelby and Compass.

More tomorrow.   Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.   Tune in this week, as I will be getting in all the final Danger Dogs.   Heading into my last week here in Kathmandu.   Lots of work to do, glad I had my flu or cold or whatever last week.   This one will be intense.   In a good way.

Any questions or comments please contact me at [email protected].   Thanks for supporting the Nepali artists.

Final Danger Dogs from Raaz! Works in Progress from Megh Raj.

It turns out that Raj spells his name Raaz on his paintings.   That's a good thing as I have a lot of potential Raj's.   Didn't get to see Raaz this trip, only his intermediary Karma.  


Above is the final portraits of Shelby, Arrow and Peaches by Raaz.   That is Karma holding the painting of Peaches.

Megh Raj was not finished.   Here he is hard at work on Cooper, the Enlightened Horse.  That dog is always outside sleeping in front of Megh Raj's studio.  

Here are PoPo, Miles, Gabby and Polly (clockwise from top left) by Megh Raj.   Megh Raj is running late, but these are well worth waiting for.

Jasper by Megh Raj as a work in progress.

Here is Gus with his soccer ball as a work in progress by Megh Raj.

Here is a closer version of Popo and Miles the black Chow.   Looks like Miles is in Malibu.

A close up of Cooper as a work in progress.

This just seemed a good example of the old and the new beauty shop signboards.   The old ones are so much more interesting.   And durable.

My 12 kilometer walk the other day resulted in my finding some fine native beware of dog signboards.  

 This is a rare example of a photo decoupaged onto metal.   Wonder how long it will last in the elements.

I noticed many different Danger Dogs painted by the same artist.   This one is on the traditional metal.

This looks like it is by the same artist, though this one is painted on plastic.   I've had artists try to talk me into using the plastic, but I just don't think it will last as long.   Horn dog!

I was happy to find this charming Danger Dog, then just around the corner...

This artist obviously made a couple.

A temporary Beware of Dog sign - to say the least.   This street is in the process of being widened (hence the new wall), and hopefully this will be replaced by a metal sign soon.

Here is an artist who didn't use his imagination.   Some of my earliest Danger Dogs that I ordered for myself in 2004 are modeled after this dog.

Danger Beagle!!!!

Danger Dalmation!

Danger cartoon Dog!

Two more days to order!   Then you will have to wait until next year.   Write me at [email protected] with any questions, or go to my website at

Kathmandu! Work in progress at Megh Raj's studio.

A street dog rests in the sun as people pass by.

Work in progress at Megh Raj's studio. 

Megh Raj's son Onup with the Enlightened Horse Cooper.

Within 2 minutes of taking this photo, this lovely Nepali cat jumped into my lap.   A talker, this one.   This photo was taken in the garden of the Kathmandu Guest House.

This pair of Nepali dog friends are Oscar and Coco.   Coco being the small Spaniel and Oscar his Shepherd friend. 

My normal, quick, easy, comfortable cyber cafe is closed today, more tomorrow on the Danger Dog Blog.  

Busy day in Kathmandu

My official morning started with a meeting with the artist Sanjib Rana in the Dragon Guest House gardens.


Sanjib Rana in Dragon Guest house garden
Sanjib Rana in Dragon Guest house garden

I was glad to find Sanjib, as his mobile kept saying 'not accepting incoming calls'.   Sanjib paints his signboards on a larger format than my other artists, approximately 12" x 15" instead of the standard 1 square foot.   He will be working on his painting while taking his mother to the hospital 3 times a week for dialysis.  His daughter is 12 and studying hard.   He mentioned that he had never left Nepal, and I asked where he got his fluent English, since I have always assumed that he learned in India, since he is so proficient.   He replied that he picked up most of it from foreign friends.  I gave him a poster of Australian parrots to add to his collection of pictures of birds and horses - his specialtes.


Monks in front of Big Bell on Boudha Stupa
Monks in front of Big Bell on Boudha Stupa

After a quick pass of the Stupa, I noticed that Buddha Boy would be at the Boudhanath Stupa today.   Posters and fliers announcing his visit (in Nepali and Tibetan script) were everywhere.


Nepalese signboard artist
Maharjan, signboard artist in Kathmandu

Next, after a long ride (packed like a sardine) on  local microbus into Kathmandu proper (Jyatha, to be precise), I ordered the last of my signs with Nara, formerly known as Asha.   Mr. NB Maharjan (above) took my order.  


Hindu procession in Kathmandu
Hindu procession in Kathmandu

Right around the corner, on my way into Thamel - the tourist district - I came across this Hindu procession, consisting of 4 palanquins each held by 4 men.   Passersby would bow and touch the colorful shrine as they passed much like a Catholic might give the sign of the cross while passing something holy. 


Hindu procession in Kathmandu
Hindu procession in Kathmandu

My favorite part of the display is the radishes placed decoratively about the altar. 

Streets of Kathmandu
Streets of Kathmandu

The chaos that is Kathmandu.


Lotus Gallery, Kathmandu
Lotus Gallery, Kathmandu

Next I stopped off at the Lotus Gallery to see my old friend Santosh.   Lotus is alone in  promoting contemporary Tibetan Art here in Kathmandu.    

Tenzing Norbu art, Kathmandu
Tenzing Norbu art, Kathmandu

Many famous artists such as Tenzing Norbu Lama - featured in the Oscar-nominated film 'Himalaya' (aka 'Caravan') are represented by the Lotus Gallery.   I was happy to have met Tenzing at my last stop at Lotus in August.


Lotus Gallery, Kathmandu
Lotus Gallery, Kathmandu

But Jim Aplington, who has run the gallery for 12 years, has a wide variety of artists on the walls.


Tibetan Art, Lotus Gallery, Kathmandu
Tibetan Art, Lotus Gallery, Kathmandu

Besides these modern works, Jim's also a good source of traditional Thankas. 


Tibetan Art, Lotus Gallery, Kathmandu
Tibetan Art, Lotus Gallery, Kathmandu

You can find out more about the Lotus Gallery and it's artists at


Tenzing Norbu Lama art, Kathmandu
Tenzing Norbu Lama art, Kathmandu

Or you can stop by.   It is near the heart of Thamel across from the Delices de France restaurant, on the main road down from the Kathmandu Guest House.


Susan's Collection, Thamel, Kathmandu,
Susan's Collection, Thamel, Kathmandu,

Then it was off to the Kathmandu Guest House to check on my friend Susan Sakya and her fabulous shop Susan's Collection.   Susan is blessed with a depth of knowledge and the good taste to go with it.


Susan's Collection, Thamel, Kathmandu,
Susan's Collection, Thamel, Kathmandu,

Look at those chandeliers!!!   Susan's Collection is housed in the old Rana Palace section of the Kathmandu Guest House with the lovely high ceilings and detail of a hundred years ago.


Morris Minor in Kathmandu, Thamel
Morris Minor in Kathmandu, Thamel

I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to see my friend Meredith and her Morris Minor drive by.   She stopped and we had a quick chat....


Morris Minor in Kathmandu, Thamel
Morris Minor in Kathmandu, Thamel

...then off into the traffic sunset.


Backstreets of Kathmandu
Backstreets of Kathmandu

Kathmandu is full of marvelous old wood carving, but somehow this window caught my eye.   I don't believe I've even seen the Nepali flag carved in just this way.   Nepal has the world's only 5 sided flag.

Backstreets of Kathmandu
Dan and I have often bought seeds from the Annapurna Seed Company in that charming building in the center of the frame.

Dark days are coming to Kathmandu.   Load-shedding - the local euphemism for planned power outages - is coming in 4 or 5 days.   17-hours-per-day with no electricity.   Supposed to last for only a week, but we shall see.  

If you have any orders for the Danger Dogs, better hurry, as the light on the Valley is fading fast.   Hard to paint in the dark. 

More tomorrow.  Write me with any questions or comments.  I love to hear from you.   [email protected]