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Karelian Bear Dog Folk Art

Folk art Beware of Karelian Bear Dog hand painted on metal
Karelian Bear Dog by Baba

Karelian Bear Dog by Baba 2008 SOLD

Karelian Bear Dogs are a fascinating breed originally from Finland where they are considered a national treasure.   Black with white markings they are beautiful as well as strong and fierce.   The Karelian Bear Dog in this photo is rare in having some brown markings as well.   Karelian Bear Dogs like to run 10 miles per day.

Folk art Beware of Karelian Bear Dog hand painted on metal
Karelian Bear Dog by Punam

Karelian Bear Dog by Punam 2008 Available

This portrait by Punam from Pokhara features Tibetan lettering above the dog and Nepali script below.   Both say Beware of Dog.

folk art Karelian Bear Dog hand painted on metal in Nepal
Karelian Bear Dog by Amar Shrestha

Karelian Bear Dog by Amar Shrestha 2008  Available

This Danger Dog portrait again features Tibetan script.  All three artists did a good job with her magnificent tail.

These paintings are part of the Nepal Art Dog fair trade art project.   These talented signboard artists are losing work to digital graphic designers and rarely hand-paint signs now.  

These dogs are not suitable for living in apartments or small yards.   They like to run up to 10 miles per day and would not be happy in an enclosed area for long.

Learn more about Karelian Bear Dogs here.


To order your own pet as a Nepal Art Dog, please send me a photo of your pet.   I will give it to three different artists, giving you a choice of paintings and three people will get work.   Each painting is about one square foot and is on metal with synthetic enamel paint.   These can be hung indoors or out, be framed or unframed.

Satisfaction is guaranteed as I accept no money up front.   If you do not like one of the three, you pay nothing, and the 3 artists are paid in full in any case.   Let me know what you want it to say and that's it!

Send your photo to [email protected] or find out more at www.NepalDog.com.

Let's keep these artists painting.

ORDERS OPEN FOR NEXT TRIP IN OCTOBER, 2011.   I'll be back in early December with your order.

American Dogs = Nepali Jobs.   Micro-finance through art patronage!


Goodbye from Dogmandu!