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Live from Nepal: Beautiful Pokhara

Pokhara is a lakeside resort town in Central Nepal.   This week the views of the Machhupuchhare (Fishtail Mountain) and the Annapurna Range have been off the charts!

Machhupuchhare as seen from Pokhara Lakeside
Machhupuchhare in the evening glow

The tourist area of Lakeside abuts Lake Fewa, and when the Himalayas are out, they are magnificent from almost any location.

Machhupuchhare (also known as Fishtail Mountain - much easier to promounce and spell) is a sacred mountain and is forbidden to climb.   It's profile is stunning.

Himalayan view from Hotel Green Tara
View from the Hotel Green Tara

After the long 8-hour bus ride from Kathmandu, we arrive at the Hotel Green Tara and enjoy a cool drink on the terrace.   This was the view with which we were rewarded.

The string of lights in the foreground are for the Nepali holiday of Deepawalli, aka Tihar and Laxmi Puja.

Boats along the shore of Lake Fewa
Lakeside at Lake Fewa

The lovely lakeside footpath along Lake Fewa provides a chance to see the colorful boats (you can rent one!) as well as young lovers and families strolling along enjoying the views.   

Nepali boxer dog
A very friendly Boxer at The Castle Resort

A quick hike up the foothill to The Castle Resort (31 story climb according to my friend's Apple phone pedometer) and we have more magnificent views, a very cold beer and a spot by the pool.   There are 3 live Boxers at The Castle Resort and...

Taxadermied Boxer Dog
The taxidermied Boxer Brannigan

One stuffed one!

The stuffed Boxer Brannigan holds sway over The Castle Resort's Brannigan's Pub.   This Boxer was too beloved to bury and he keeps an eye on the goings on.   Notice that Brannigan was not forgotten when it comes to blessings on Nepal's Day of the Dog.

Boxer Dog in Nepal
Brannigan's daughter alive and sniffing

This is Brannigan's daughter.  I have to wonder what she first thought when she saw her stuffed Daddy.   

Folk art portrait of a Persian Cat hand painted on metal by a sign board artist in Nepal
Folk art portrait of a Persian Cat

I am here in Nepal to commission more portraits of pets from around the world.    This is Leon, a Persian Cat hand painted on metal by Megh Raj Thapa, Sagar Bitsa and Sufraj Khadka (clockwise from top left).  This is similar to what you can expect if you send me a photo of your pet.   I will give the same photo to 3 different Nepali artist and then you can choose which you like best.   Or you can buy all 3, as did Leon's human...

Stay tuned.   More adventures in Nepal are sure to follow.


I am in Nepal right now and accepting orders.

Now is the time to order:   Be ahead of the Pack!   Orders now being accepted for the October 2016 trip.  I will be back in early December 2016 in plenty of time to mail holiday orders.

1. Please send me a photo of your pet.  I will give it to three different artists, giving you a choice of 3 paintings and three people will get work.   Each painting is about one square foot and is on metal with synthetic enamel paint.   These can be hung indoors or out.

2. Let me know what you would like it to say.

3. Let me know what style of portrait you would prefer:   naive, realistic, colorful, etc.

4. Tell me your pet's name and breed.   

5. Send your photo to me at:   [email protected]  
That's it !

Satisfaction is guaranteed as I accept no money up front.   If you do not like one of the three, you pay nothing, and the 3 artists are paid in full in any case.   Let me know what you want it to say and that's it!

The cost is $250 plus shipping.   Shipping is around $18 per sign (to and from the US).   And 9.75% California sales tax for California residents.  
Pay after choosing your portrait. 
Multiple pets on one sign cost more ($325 for Double, $400 for Triple).

Let's keep these artists painting.

This hand-painted art form is fast disappearing in Kathmandu, as it already has in most parts of the world.   I pay fair trade wages, the artists get to paint again, pet lovers get a choice of three paintings for each commission, and I get to help Nepali artists make a living.   Everybody is happy.   Rescue dogs from America get to rescue artists from Nepal!

Live from Kathmandu:

I got an opportunity to pass by Megh Raj's studio yesterday and he has started his work.   This is Giggles the black and white cat as a work in progress.

Here are early sketches of Karma the Shitzu and Sam and Wilbur, a pair of golden labradors.   It's a start !!

I dropped by to see Dilip, his wife, and Dipendra - Dilip's assistant (in background).   Their daughter was at school, so missed her.

Dilip told me that he has a Pug, a German Shepherd and a Doberman.   I'm going to encourage him to paint one of his dogs for a Beware of Dog sign.

There's a new Animal Clinic around the corner from Dilip's with a lovely sign.   Wonder who painted this sweet dog image?  


Hari Timesina is happy to be given his Danger Dog orders.   One of my most fanciful painters, I can't wait to see what he will come up with this trip.

Meanwhile, around the Boudha Stupa this morning,  I was delighted to see the aged Tibetan lady again giving bread and food to the street dogs of Boudha.   Every morning and evening this dimunative lady doles out treats to the dogs.  

It has turned cold in the last few days, and everyone is bundled up for the early morning chill.

My old friends Tyson and Bison frolic on the high road.   I am always happy to see my old dog friends here in Kathmandu.

Just so you don't think I'm starving over here, here is a beautiful and delicious example of a home-cooked meal from a friend.   The Thai flavored papaya salad with lime, dried shrimp and curry paste was a knockout.

After the dust and many, many micro buses endured yesterday going from artist to artist, I treated myself to my favorite Tandoori dish - Paneer Tika.   With marinated paneer (fresh cheese) skewered with tomatoes, green peppers and Nepal's especially tasty red onions, it was a definite delight.

If you are lucky enough to be in Los Angeles before the end of December, you can see 60 Nepal Art Dogs at The Loft at Liz's Gallery at 435 S. La Brea LA  90036.   Part of an exhibit titled "Fair Trade", a total of 28 artists are represented in the exhibit so you can get an idea of their varying styles.


Your pet can be immortalized on metal by struggling Nepali signboard artists whose hand-painted work is being replaced by digital graphics.   Find out how below.

Please check out the Nepal Dog YouTube Channel:

You will be happy you did!


Now is the time to order:   Be ahead of the Pack!   Orders now being accepted for October/November 2011 trip.   All signs will be ready with plenty of time to mail for the holidays.



1.   Please send me a medium to high resolution photo of your pet.   I will give it to three different artists, giving you a choice of 3 paintings and three people will get work.   Each painting is about one square foot and is on metal with synthetic enamel paint.   These can be hung indoors or out, be framed or unframed.

2.   Let me know what you would like it to say.

That's it !

Satisfaction is guaranteed as I accept no money up front.   If you do not like one of the three, you pay nothing, and the 3 artists are paid in full in any case.   Let me know what you want it to say and that's it!

Send your photo to [email protected] or find out more at

Let's keep these artists painting.

American Dogs = Nepali Jobs.

Hello from Dogmandu!





Why I Love Nepal: Hardware in Mustang

Nepal is justifiably famous for the fabulous woodcarvers of yore, but today I will focus on their locks, hasps and latches on the doors and gates along the Kali Gandaki River in lower Mustang.

The Chhairo Gompa is near the Tibetan Refugee Camp just outside of Marpha village in lower Mustang.  It is slowly being restored to its former glory.    Chhairo is a Nyingma Gompa and is dedicated to Sakyamuni Buddha and Guru Rinpoche.
The Tibetan camp, which was built on land donated by Chhairo residents, has it's own Gelukpa Gompa, and the Dalai Lama is the main focus there.

I'm not sure how old the hardware is on this door, but it is in the style of the Kingdom of Lo Manthang.


This gompa was built sometime in the 1600s.   Once the religious center of the Thakali people, the salt traders of the area relocated after the Chinese closed the border to Tibet and the Chhairo Gompa fell into disrepair.  The last of the monks left Chairro in the 1970s.

John Sanday was the architect chosen by Lama Sashi Dojto help with Chhairo Gompa's restoration.

We have been watching the progress every year and things are progressing albeit slowly.

A lovely old hasp at the Gompa.


Just down the road a bit, in Tukche, where I have been photographing this lovely old abandoned house for many, many years, there are quite a few old hasps and latches.

From the same house in Tukche.

A more primitive latching system.

Even more primitive hinges, again made with what's on hand.  

I would have like to have seen this old house in its heyday, when Tukche merchants cornered the  lucrative salt trade from Tibet. 

Starting in the early 1960s, these magnificent old houses were abandoned when the road from India to Pokhara was built -- making the traditional salt from Tibet more expensive than the Indian salt.   By the early 1970s many houses were abandoned.   My husband met a lady who grew up in Tukche at an African/Nepal film festival in Kathmandu.   In her mid-60s, her aunt lived in this house and she often visited.  She is now a doctor and her children have emigrated to New Zealand.

There are clues that this house is not completely abandoned however... Laundry on the lines and prayer flags adorn the inner courtyard. 

Just to compare, this is the courtyard of the lovely Tukche Distillery.   The house was 207 years old when this photo was taken.   Their brandies are delicious!   But that story is for another post.

This hasp is from the town of Philing, just across the bridge from EklaiBhatti in Mustang.

A hasp of an entirely different sort.   Also from Philing.   Yak hide hardware.

Using what is at hand is an art in Mustang.

Looking through photos really makes me miss Nepal.

Stay tuned.  




Dogs of Pokhara

Since I have been stranded here due to the monsoon for a few extra days, I have time to walk the streets of Pokhara and interact with some not-so-Danger-Dogs.


This dog has a bounce to his walk and is a big dog in every respect but his short legs.   He came right up and got the petting that he deserved.   I think the Nepali dogs like tourists very much.

This is a male dog named 'Maggie'.   He is gentle and friendly and has a lovely notched ear.   His owners were foreigners here who have since moved on to Indonesia.   The owners of the Lama Restaurant took him under their wing and he now live the life of riley and is well fed and loved.

This little puppy is Maggie's friend and they play together on a large construction sandpile.

I ran into this little boy with this adorable puppy.   Dogs here jump up on you if you are not careful.   And this is the rainy (muddy paws) season.

I haven't seen many 'Beware of Dog' here in Pokhara.   This one is on its last legs.

This woman rests parkside with her happy dog.

I may be off trekking, but you can still order your Danger Dog signboard.   Of course, your pet may be Enlightened, Happy, Smiling or even a cat!   I will be back on the grid soon and ready to give your photo of your pet to 3 endangered Nepali signboard artists.   You pay nothing if you are not satisfied with the results.  

All signboards are approximately one square foot and are painted with synthetic enamel and are good indoors or out.  

Contact me at [email protected] for more information and to order.   Also, you can go to to see more about the project.

The first Danger Dogs work-in-progress

This is always an exciting time for me in Kathmandu.   I should be picking up the first signs in a couple of days and meantime I get to see the work in progress.

These two beauties by Amar Shrestha are Happy Dogs.   You can tell by that irrepressible tail on the left hand dog!   These are a work in progress and I can't wait to see the final.

I stopped by Megh Raj's studio a few days early and was rewarded by these portraits of Dexter and the 4 Labradors in the hatch back.  

Logan and Buddy are two more Shepherd Danger Dogs by Megh Raj.

I saw this handsome 'Beware of Dog' sign on my walk home.

If you would like your pet's portrait painted on metal by these struggling Nepali signboard artists, please send me a photo of your pet to [email protected].   I will give that photo to 3 artists, giving you a choice of 3 and 3 artists work at the same time.   You pay nothing if you do not like any of your portraits of your pet.   The artists are paid fair trade wages for all work whether you buy their art or not.   

They make the perfect gift.   Order by August 1, 2010 for this trip.

The Nepal Art Dog Fair Trade project promotes the disappearing art of the Nepali signboard.   Micro-finance through art patronage.

I have commissioned more than 1500 pieces -- making a difference in the artists' lives.

Stay tuned, as I will be picking up more signboards tomorrow, hopefully.   Dogmandu!

For more information about the project contact me at [email protected] or go to