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Dog Jewelry! Collars, Dogtags and Leashes by Sagar.

Many artists use the dog's jewelry (collars, leashes, earrings - just kidding) in very interesting ways.   Danger Dog Jewelry is the subject of today's blog.


Sagar incorporated his signature chop onto Sophie's dogtag.   The loving attention paid to her collar and the color wheel behind her are typical of Sagar's humor and composition.


This painting is from the second Danger Dog trip in Oct/Nov 2007.   I can't believe I still have this one.  Look at the cynical wisdom in that dog's eyes.   The grey is baked on outside the circle.  The Nepali script here is 'Kukor dehi sabadan' meaning 'dog here be aware.'    The verb is at the end of the sentence in the Nepali language.


The beautiful Bella.   This black labrador painting was from a black and white photo.   All color in the lips, the collar and the background are pure Sagar.   This is a rare one that he did not sign.   Surya signs everything out of his studio but has 4 or 5 artists that I work with.   He is a good judge of artistic talent.   Sabala, Hari Prasad, Chandra, Shantos, and Sagar all come out of his shop.  Birju worked with him for 8 years before striking out on his own.  


Am I the only one who thinks this background looks apocalyptic?   Grace the Pitbull couldn't be in a more striking backdrop.  This one has it all - jewelry and signature chop, and is a less thuggish look than earlier dogs.  


This, like Grace above, is from the 4th Danger Dog trip in Oct/Nov 2008.   Fern the Jack Russell is serene on her plush red blanket.   The whiskers around her muzzle and the kind of eyes that follow you wherever you may be in the room are particularly fine.   The phrase 'Be Careful' is translated in the Nepali script as sabadan (be aware)!   The area behind Fern's head is a mix of reds, greens, yellows and makes a pleasing contract to her coat.   Sagar can paint!


This is on very heavy recycled metal with Nepali writing on the back.   Sagar is getting bold with the placement of his signature smack dab in the middle of Louie's blue blanket.    Notice the impressionistic rear paws.   The Nepali script reads:   'Dharma kukor' ('religious dog' in Nepali).   The artists have stopped rolling their eyes at that request.   This is one of the rare cases where 'Enlightened Dog' is spelled right.


This is Garby, a French Bulldog in Sagar's cynical series from the 2nd Danger Dog trip.  He looks like he should be playing poker in the back room with Jack Nicholson.


I took this photo of a very old chihuahua.   I like a snaggle tooth and this dog had one and Sagar painted it yellow.   I never got the dog's name, but if a strange (very tall) lady comes up to you and asks to photograph your dog, let me!   Someday your dog may be a star of the Danger Dog Blog.   Sagar's hand and jewelry here are up to his usual standard.   The eyes have it.


Sometimes I come back to Kathmandu and stop at Surya's and he will show me some signboards that the artists made - would I like to buy them?    This is one of those, by Sagar.   Mocha the Chocolate Labrador's owner had chosen months before her Danger Dog portrait.   But who could resist this painting?   The Nepali script simply says 'Kukor' (dog).


Again Sagar's chop prominently displayed on Louis the White Lab's dogtag.


All of these paintings today are by Sagar (above).   He's about 45 or 46, has a wide smile, and wide talent to go with it.   His was the blackest and oldest painting of Barack in my folk art Obama series.   The large photo to Sagar's right is a younger Surya when he was acting in movies.   He teaches art to the Japanese in Patan.   They are the ones that taught him how to sign in Japanese kanji.   Sagar means ocean in the Nepali language and his chop reads 'ocean' in Japanese.    You can find out more about the Obama series at the Santa Monica Museum of Art (smmoa.org).

I will be going back to Nepal in mid-October (in time for kukor puja) and need some orders to keep Sagar and other artists like him working on these hand painted signboards.   In case you are new, these are painted on metal, about a foot square, using synthetic enamel.   These will get a fine patina if left outside for years.  

Questions?   Contact me at ampage1@gmail.com, or see more at my website:   NepalDog.com


Sufraj was also ready today!
Above is Roger with Ganesh, Lucy the Jack Russell, and Sonny, now a golden Retriever.   Love those legs off to the side.  
Here is Sufraj with Pinky the Jack Russell and his prototype beauty shop signboard.
Please remember that these guys can paint anything you can dream up!  
And, while I was at it, I had him do a few more portraits of President Obama.   Luckily, he made him a person of color.   Last November, I had a slight problem when he gave Obama the 'Fair and Lovely' skin-whitening treatment.   When I took the photo of Sufraj above and showed him his image, he shook his head and said 'so black'.   I replied 'Kala ramro ho' ('Black is good.' in Nepali.)

Pick up in Pokhara!

What a day!   My Nepali artists continue to amaze me with thier prowess.   I was particularly struck by how much Shree and Jit enjoy their art.   And Punam, as always, knocked my socks off!   (Except now that I've left the mountains for sunnier, hotter climes,  the socks are  off in any case.)
First pick up is at Jit's.   He has a way with Jack Russell terriers and this trip seems to be the 'Year of the Jack Russell terrier'.   Here's Jit with the proof.
Jit has posted some of his recent works on the wall in the back room.  I'm not sure who this General is. He signs these works Jit Gurung, but signs the signboards Munal Art -- the name of his studio.   And, as at the first time I met him, his desk is full of sketches. 
Jit didn't use any Nepali on his signboards, but how can I complain when the results are so wonderful?  His dogs and cats are  little sly.   Above is an Egyptian Sphinx hairless cat, Cheeto and Scooter, and Kitty (clockwise from top).
Here's Pinky, Lulu, Scottie and Darby - a long-haired Dachshund!   All by Jit Gurung.
Next, just down the road, I had some time to spend with Shree and his family.  
No, this isn't child labor, it's Shree's son with Zia the Danger Cat!  
And here is Shree with his Extreme Nepali Home Makeover of the lovely Italian Greyhound Flo Jo.   All of the work that I'll show you today by Shree is up for grabs.   I thought he had moved to South Korea for remittance work, so I doled out all the Danger Dog work to other artists.   These are all extras of popular pets that I had on hand.
Shree's versions of Zia, Layla the black labrador retriever, and the lovely Ginger (aka Grace Kelly), a Buff Orpington close to my heart.  I'm not sure you can see, but in Shree's signature on Ginger, on the brush stroke under his name in very small letters it reads: 'artist brush'.
Above is Sophie the White Standard Poodle, Kahuna the Zen Pug, and Flo Jo the Greyhound.
Remember all of these are available.  
Shree's young daughter with Kahuna.   Sorry about the glare!
I again asked Shree about South Korea.   He spent a lot of time and money on South Korea -- language lessons, travel back and forth to Kathmandu, fees to Manpower, etc.   Pokhara is an expenseive city, and he said that the family may have to move out of their one-room rental yet again, but that I could get ahold of him by cell.  School for his 2 kids topped the list of expenses - a good school costs a lot and bad ones are worthless.   101_0652
The walls of Shree's home/studio are covered with his work.
Next it was on to Bimsen Tole and Punam's studio.   Punam -- young romantic that he is, added the phrase 'We are love' to this double cat commission of Cheeto and Scooter.
Punam also added a tail to Mollie the cute Jack Russell -- hope it's right.   Cody the Portuguese Water (Danger) Dog is on the right.  
Here are the glare free version by Punam.   His rendering of 'Pirate Dog' sure is cute and Cody, the Portuguese Danger Dog makes me think I should make one for President Obama.   Imagine Bo the Danger Dog on the White House gate.

In other breaking news from Nepal:
I know where Jennifer Aniston gets her beauty supplies whilst in Nepal!
While wandering in the heat, I came across a few new vernacular signboards.   Enjoy!
this one almost looks like Jit's work.   Something about the eyes.
This one is right across the street from the previous sign.  Nice teeth!
This little guy came with growling sound effects to go with his dripping black mouth.  
Anybody have a teenage boy at home?    This homemade signboard has 'No Fear!' superimposed over 'I love you!'   I've photographed this signboard before, but thought you might like to see the variety in signboards.

It's still not too late to order your very own Danger Dog or any variation you'd like!   Please contact me at ampage1@gmail.com to order, or check out www.NepalDog.com for more information.

See you tomorrow!   More pick ups in Pokhara!

Ram Mohan Patel and Painter Babu

Ram Mohan lives and works on the taxi route from Boudha and Kathmandu proper.   I had gone there on a previous trip and been rebuffed.   All he wanted to do was stencil a dog image, and he wouldn't budge.   But, I am nothing if not dogged.   I tried and tried again and was rewarded with the following:  LhasaApso.RamMohan_2

That is one scary Lhasa Apso!   Tornado Dog!   RamMohanPatelPittbull
Lulu the Pittbull was another good one (and she's still available).   The very next trip, again Ram Mohan was a little hesitant.   I don't really understand why, as I am enthusiastic, especially when I get something so different.   However, finally, he agreed and I gave him 4 commissions on the latest Danger Dog trip.   RamMohanGingerCat
Ram with his painting of  Pookie.   Pookie, aka 'Lion King' is oversized and very dramatic.    He is sold.RamMohanPatelStudio
Ram Mohan's studio is attached to his house, so I have met his family, including his two daughters -- who speak great English.   RamMohanPatelDaughters1  
When negotiating for Ram Mohan to paint a portrait of Obama, the girls would say 'You want him to paint a portrait of Barack Hussein Obama?'  The girls are holding portraits of a lovely Australian Shepherd and a young stylized Pittbull.   Both dogs the girls are holding are available.RamMohanPatel1
Sweet Pea (on right) is another homerun for Ram Mohan.   And he's available.
Painter Babu is another artist that I had to work hard to get to paint a portrait.   Like with all new artists, I got a price for a Beware of Dog signboard, then offered Babu a choice of about 20 dog photos to see what type of dog he wanted to paint.   Well.... He only liked one dog out of all the choices!   He refused to paint more than one, and would only consider Lenny, a shepherd mix.   200PainterBabu
Lenny by Painter Babu.  PainterBabu2
Above is a sample of the movie posters by Painter Babu and license plates which make up a lot of his present business.  PainterBabu4
Foreigners must be pretty rude to these guys for them to turn down money.   I suppose some people would complain about the spelling of 'Dangers Dog', or be mad when they were (inevitably) not ready on the due date.   Or that they charge me so much more than they would a compatriot.   Or maybe it's just because they are embarrassed by their lack of English.   I definitely need to learn more Nepali.   
By the way, Lenny is still available.
Any questions, as always, please contact me at ampage1@gmail.com.   Every Dog has a story!   And I love this Nepali Pup Art!   Next post will be the Dogs in my personal collection.   See you tomorrow. And check out the blogs on alphainventions.com.

Santa Monica Museum of Art and the wall of Dogs!

The Danger Dogs have moved into the Project Room at the Santa Monica Museum of Art!   They looked great up there on the wall!    Smmoa.dec16'08_4 The Museum had it's own special Joe the Santa, mulled wine and cider.   But, best of all, they sold 2 Danger Dogs and 4 Obamas!   Smmoa.dec16'08_5

That makes a Merry Christmas!   More photos posted later.   And thanks to all who attended --  Tracie (with Enzo), Linda & Ray, Martha & Mary Ellen, Alice & Alan (with GG), Ken, Renata, Joyce, Seira, Ranier, Anthony, Elizabeth and Terry Martin.   Smmoa.obamaWall
And thanks, as always, to the terrific staff who made the store doubly beautiful -- a very hard task.   And thanks to Amy for her great taste.