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The Craft and Folk Art Museum's Holiday Global Bazaar was a success!   For the Danger Dogs and other vendors, too.  

You know how I love a wall of Dogs, and due to the rain, we all moved our booths inside.   I got this lovely stairwell to work with!

Everything went well, and the Museum raised a lot of funds.

Lots of new people saw the Dogs and learned about the Danger Dog Project.  

Some great Danger Dogs were snatched up by the Craft and Folk Art Museum patrons.   I will greatly miss two pieces by Ram Mohan Patel.   The one above is of Lulu, a pitbull with a great smile.

This is the lovely Sweet Pea on the day I picked them up.   Along with the charming Lion King cat, these oversized portraits are now in good hands.   I will definitely miss them.

This painting of Daddy the Catahoula Leopard Dog was from my first trip.   Painted by Poon, a journalist from Pokhara, I've always called this one the 'Italianate Daddy'.   I know my husband will miss this one especially.

This one - a Zen Kitty by Sufraj - didn't stay around long.   I only had it a couple of weeks but Lula the Zen Kitty went to a very good home.   Best yet, I know the couple who bought Lula and may have occasional visitation rights!   Sufraj was the only artist to make it clear that those were blue socks in the foreground.   Lula is a Tonkinese that lives in London.

Another one that I didn't have long is the lovely Nigel too by Sagar.   This beautiful piece went to the KTLA News Reporter Gail Anderson.   She is a savvy buyer who immediately got the Danger Dogs and also the humor in this green masterpiece.   She is also a nice lady.

Shiva of New Road in Pokhara painted Bobo the Cat in a ferocious mood.

 Georgie the King Charles Spaniel by Dilip
Georgie the King Charles Spaniel by Dilip was a wise purchase.

Madeline the 'Happy Poddle' by Sabala playing in the snow was bought yesterday.  

As you can see the buyers yesterday had very good taste.   I'm going to miss all 8 of these pieces.   Of the eight sold, seven different artists were represented.  

Soon, I'm going to update the website NepalDog.com to make it easier to navigate, I promise.   In the meantime, any comments or questions should be sent to me at ampage1@gmail.com.

Danger Dogs Available at GhettoGloss Gallery

It was sad to take down the Wall of Dogs at the Ghetto Gloss Gallery, but it had to be done - they have a new show opening on Saturday.   Here is what you can find still up on the walls, on their rental gallery, or on their on-line sales room...


This first painting is by Ramesh at Om Art.   The painting is from an editorial photo of Bruce Weber's dog with a lot of jewelry.   However, as Ramesh painted it, it looks a bit like the dog has hydrophobia to me.   The wild eyes and the primitive teeth have always been a favorite of mine, and I was happy that Fiora and the GhettoGloss team liked it as well. 

This portrait is painted from a newspaper clipping of rescue dogs and is by Yuba Raj Adhikari. 

The Nepali script reads:  'Beware of Dog'.  100_1127
Also by Yuba Raj, from the very same pitiful newspaper, this Danger Dog looks like he has been ironed.   I call him the Flatiron Dog.

Here is the lovely Boston Terrier Veera with a cynical look captured by Sabala.

G.G. the Black Standard Poodle by Sabala glows.

Also by Sabala is Floy the Pitbull looking serious.

Kayla the White Shepherd lives in Canada.  Here is her portrait by Sabala.

 Bichon Frisee
Louis is a Spiritual Poodle - my first - by Sabala.

This little chihuahua is by Sagar, in his signature style of round motif with vibrant colors and his Japanese chop.

By Hari Prasad is this portrait of Kitty the young Dachshund. 

This little Jack Russell with a tie is by Shahi of Pokhara.   Mollie Jack Russell by Amar
Amar Shrestha of Boudha painted Mollie the Jack Russell as an Enlightened Dog.

An adorable Pomeranian by Nara of Asha Arts.   Signed on the reverse.   This client asked not to have Nepali script included in their commission.   Beware of Dogs indeed!

Moose the Rottweiler by Nara of Asha Art.   The intense gaze and delicate paws make for a great painting.

 Scotty Dog
This little Scottie Dog wrapped in a blanket is signed Amar = mini painter.  

These 15 Danger Dogs are available at the GhettoGloss Gallery on 6109 Melrose (at Seward) 90038.  

It is always interesting to see which Dogs someone will pick to display in their shop.   Fiora has quirky taste.   She got the Dogs from the very first time she saw them.   Thanks to her brother Jeff for recognizing that she would enjoy the Fair Trade Art project.  

It is hard to believe that this exhibit is the fifth exhibit this year.   From Hollywood to Tehachapi to Venice to San Luis Obispo and back to Hollywood, this has been the 'Year of the Dog' as far as I'm concerned.   Thanks to everyone who has supported the Danger Dogs from their inception 2 and a half years ago.

I will be in Kathmandu next week at this time.   If you enjoy following this blog on occasion, it will get more interesting next week.   For those of you who hang on during the lean (California) times, I appreciate it.    I'll be back with the new orders in early December in time to ship Christmas orders.

I do love comments and questions, so please contact me at ampage1@gmail.com.

Get those orders in if you have them.  

All pieces are approximately 1 foot square, synthetic enamel on metal.   Each commission receives a choice of at least 3 portraits of their pets by 3 different Nepali artists.   You choose what you'd like your sign to say, and pay only after you decide you like one.   Satisfaction guaranteed.

Here is a link to the GhettoGloss Gallery.   You are always welcome on my website NepalDog.com.

Odd Danger Dogs Out.

Sometimes a portrait comes out strangely.  To say the least...


One might think this dog has hydrophobia from all the froth that is coming out his chin.   But, in reality, this Danger Dog (from the 2nd trip in November, 2007) is wearing bling.   Taken from an editorial in a magazine photographed by Bruce Weber, this is Bruce's dog (a black lab/pit bull mix) wearing a necklace made from old tiaras.   Hard to tell from this painting!   By Ramesh of Om Art.


This is from the same photo from Nara Arts.   While the first portrait is still available, someone snatched up this lovely black dog at the Santa Monica Museum of Art right away.


Above, also by Ramesh, is a wall-eyed portrait of 'Daddy the Catahoula Leopard Dog.'   While it is true that Daddy has one blue and one brown eye, they are set more attractively in his face than in this painting.    I'm not sure what that is growing out of his back, either.    I like the collar treatment, though.  Daddy, by Ramesh is up for grabs. BeniStudio 

While Ramesh's work was uniformly odd, the work above, by an artist named N.K. in Beni, is only odd in one case.   Working from left to right in this photo of his studio, only the portrait of Jack (a French Bulldog - more like a French pig-dog in this case) is odd.  The other 3 are great!  Detailed and proportionate.   Both things that Jack on the far left is not.   The two on the left are still available.


This painting of Harriet by New Krishna Art and Ad might strike you as odd the first time you see it.   But I can prove that this is she looked in this photo:


Here again is Harriet going to blazes!   By Sagar through Birju Studios.


Kitty by Hari Timsina is enthusiastically chewing her toy.   I'm not sure if I can include Hari's work in an 'odd column' as that is his forte and that forte is well loved by his collectors.   Kitty is up for grabs.


At first glance, this is a good painting, but it does not look like the lovely Bodhi, a pitbull that belongs to that wonderful restaurant Flake in Venice California (at Rose and Rennie).    A surprising odd painting from Sabala - whose work is often photographic in it's accuracy.   (Bodhi's muzzle is fore-shortened in the painting above.)   More about Flake at www.VeniceFlake.com.

Louis Poodle by Sufraj 

Louis, a spiritual Bichon Frisee, is by Sufraj.


In another oddity, Sufraj paints G.G. the black standard poodle like a Padang woman from Burma - or maybe it is a Giocometti.  
Quite a long neck!   Some lucky person snapped up that portrait of G.G. right away!

The Danger Dogs are a Fair Trade Art project promoting the endangered signboard art of Nepal.  These paintings are synthetic enamel painted on metal, and are usually about a foot square.   

I'm going back to commission more portraits soon, so if you'd like to get on the list to have your pet painted by these artists, send me a file of your pet.   I will give that photo to at least 3 Nepali artists and when you choose you pay.  Simple as that.  Satisfaction guaranteed.   I promise that if an 'odd one' like the ones above doesn't tickle your fancy, I'll simply give it to a 4th artist.   

But get in your order soon - time's a wasting!

I love comments and questions.   You can inspire a blog with your inquiry!   Contact me at ampage1@gmail.com to find out more.

Hasta manana.   I love these 'odd dogs' and will feature 'odd dogs on Nepali gates!

Danger Dogs & their Toys

 Many Enlightened Dogs are photographed happily playing with their toys.   Sometimes they are included, sometimes not.   B&WBorderCollie.Lucy.Shantosh

Lucy the Border Collie by Shantosh is from my 5th Danger Dog trip.  Lucy's favorite toy is a Kong.  Available.


Chloe the Enlightened White Standard Poodle was photographed walking down a hallway with a hardwood floor and books lining the walls.   Shree gave it his own spin but left her the toy.


The fabulous FloJo - an Italian Greyhound and her leopard toy by Amar Shrestha.    Available at ampage1@gmail.com.


Flo Jo again.   This time by Sabala.  This is still available.   Italian Greyhounds are such elegant dogs, and that elegance really shows in this painting.


Cooper the Black Lab and his frog toy by Sabala.   This has a hold on it, but check if you are interested.


This white Samoyed, Williwa, is by Amar.   Willi likes his school bus.


Niki is a Pomeranian with her yellow ball.   Painted by Shashi.  The script is Tibetan.  Available at ampage1@gmail.com.

More tomorrow.  

If you'd like to order a Danger Dog portrait of your own pet, please send me a file and I will give it to 3 different Nepali artists.   If you like one of them, only then do you send me a check for $250.   The others are sold at Folk Art museums.   You can also buy all of them if you cannot decide.   But satisfaction is guaranteed.   

This is a Fair Trade Art Project dedicated to giving endangered Nepalese signboard artists more work.   I have commissioned over 1250 pieces to date, and the artists have been paid for all of them.

Danger Dog Fashions

As you might expect, few Nepali dogs wear clothing.   On Kukor Puja, Nepal's Day of the Dog, they may get a nice garland or a pretty tika on their forehead, but that's about the extent of it. 


Baldwin the Puli, here painted by Sabala, is resigned to wearing his red checked t-shirt.


Queen Veera in her 'other' fur coat.   One is not enough for this Boston Terrier.   Again by Sabala.

Jack Nelson Jack Russell Terrier Shahi 

This Jack Russell Terrier by Shahi looks especially dapper in his scarf.  This Danger Dog is available.

GG BeachSagar 

Hari Timsina paints G.G. the black Standard Poodle as she is in her sunglasses and lei enjoying a day at the beach.    G.G. has a hold, but please inquire if you are interested.


Laz is a pit bull mix from New York.   Looks like he's getting ready for the ring with his towel.   By Megh Raj.   This one is still available at ampage1@gmail.com

I can only wonder what the Nepali artists and their families think about dogs in clothing.

Thanks again for being here.  Doggedly,   Michelle