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Tibetan Danger Dogs!

In honor of the Tibetan New Year of Lhosar, today I feature Tibetan Danger Dogs.   Losar, as it is sometimes spelled, is celebrated for 15 days in Tibet.   Lots of gambling, eating, partying and not much else gets done, especially in the first 3 days.


Kali is a Tibetan Mastiff, here painted by Santosh.   Kali is the goddess associated with eternal energy.   Available.

Kali's portrait by Sufraj Khadka seems to be pulsing with that same eternal energy. Available.

Gubby, as depicted here by Nara of Asha Arts, is not a Tibetan dog per se (I believe him to be a pitt bull) but Nara saw him as a Tibetan Danger Dog!   Of course, he was supposed to do the lettering in Tibetan script instead of Nepali, but I was charmed with this one.   This portrait of Gubby was sold at the Venice Art Walk last year benefiting the Venice Free Clinic.   

I'm proud to announce that the Nepal Art Project will be donating to the silent auction again this year to benefit the Venice Free Clinic.    The auction and Art Walk will take place on May 22 and 23, 2010.

The Nepal Art Dog project is dedicated to helping endangered signboard artists in Nepal by commissioning Fair Trade Art portraits of pets.  

Micro-finance through art patronage.   Give a rod not a fish.  

Contact me at [email protected] for more information or to answer any questions.   My website is and you can see available works on the Nepal Dog Channel of YouTube.  

Three-of-a-kind -- Even More Danger Dogs!


Jack, a handsome Black Lab and his Danger Dog tryptych.  Starting from top left is by Sanjib Rana, next is by Hari Prasad and at bottom, we have Jack by Sufraj.  

The final Sophie and Stargell's also arrived yesterday.   By Amar Shrestha, Hari Prasad and Sabala (clockwise from top left).

Fugg!   The final three by Amar Shrestha, Hari Prasad and Sufraj.

Lucky and Odi:   by Hari Prasad, Sufraj and Sanjib Rana.   These artist had two photos to work with.   They were asked to paint the dogs as in the black and white photo, but using the other photo as a color reference.   Some did better than others.  

Peaches!   The final three by Sabala, Raaz and Nara.   It is interesting to me that sometimes these dogs will get the same background by the artists and sometimes something totally different as in this case.

Lucy the Calico Cat in her myriad moods:   By Sabala, Amar Shrestha and Hari Timsina.

Cooper the Enlightened Horse by Sabala, Sanjib Rana and Megh Raj.

Marble by Sabala, Sufraj and Nara.  

Red the Wolfhound with his many shades of red in the background:   by Ram Krishna, Sagar and Sabala.  This is the first time that Sagar has signed his name in cursive script.   Usually he uses a Japanese chop that means Ocean - Sagar means 'ocean' in the Nepali language.

Stella by Sabala, Sagar and Nara.   Stella's dogtag is signed with Sagar's Japanese chop - the only one this trip.   I miss it.

This rooster is a favorite.   By Sagar, Sabala and Sanjib Rana.  

Teddy Bear Wallechinski by Sabala, Sagar and Nabin.

These two are Nepali Dogs that I had made especially for a man who has done much for this country.  He thought that 'Respect this Dog' was an important theme.   So I photographed his two lovely dogs Coco and Oscar and this is the result.   Both paintings by Hari Prasad and his son Jay Prasad.

Went dancing last night at the Lazimpat Gallery Cafe.   Just around the corner was this charmer.  

Lots went wrong with pick ups yesterday, I still have 18 more to show you tomorrow.   Then the packing starts.   


It was full moon in Boudha with all the attendant hoopla - puja parties, blessings of ground-breakings for new houses, lines of beggars waiting for their pelft...  Always an interesting time.   Full moon and also 'black moon' - the Nepali phrase for New Moon.  

Tune in tomorrow if you don't see your finished trilogy.   It will be here...promise!

More info on, or contact me at [email protected]

Kukor Puja and the Danger Dogs

Nepal celebrates the Day of the Dog, or Kukur Puja, as part of the Tihar festival.   I can't resist taking photos of these dogs festooned with their tikas and malas (red dots and garlands).   Though I should resist making paintings of them!   These paintings don't really translate and look a bit like there's something wrong with the dog!   Live and learn.


This pretty dog has certainly been honored.   I can only imagine the tasty treats that are also a part of their special day.  


The painting above, by Punam Mankajee, doesn't really convey that special spirit of the day without the garland.   It just looks like the dog got a sunburn!    Available.


Hari Timsina got the concept!   This dog looks blessed.   And he is sold.


This is Leika, a dog from Pokhara, with her special day tika.   By Lal at Himal Art and still available.


Leika from the same photo as the previous painting by Hari T.  


This little Puja Puppy got the full treatment from Amar. 


Birju and his Puja Puppy.  


This cute puppy lives in Boudha and is treated and feted every day.   Love the collar.  Maybe I should export them!   Any one want one like this?

All of the Danger Dog portraits in this post are available with the exception of the one marked sold.   They are all on sale for $100 plus $10 shipping.   If you are in California, add $9.75 sales tax.   Contact me for more information at [email protected]

You can also order your own pet's portrait from Nepal, thus helping the struggling artists to keep plying their trade in these digital times.   Your commission will generate work for 3 artists.   Part of the fun of ordering your own Danger Dog is to see what the artist makes of your pet's photo.   Satisfaction is guaranteed as I collect no money up front.   Only after you choose your favorite do you pay.   If you decide to buy all three, that is welcomed!  

Go to to find out more about this Fair Trade Art project.  

Stay tuned.   More tomorrow.

Why I love Boudha!

Boudha is a Buddhist enclave in Kathmandu Valley.   It is centered on a huge Stupa, which is circumnavigated several times a day by it's devotees.   101_1053

This lovely stupa changes daily.   There is always something interesting going on.  


This looked like something out of "Wicker Man."    They burnt it in effigy at sundown, plastic head and all.   All around the stupa there were fires that evening.   I was sorry not to have seen it, but happy not to have smelled it!   Burning plastic is an all too familiar smell here in Nepal.  


This male appendage was attached to a long string and the man would waggle it back and forth (no other word for it), drawing laughter from the passing throngs.   Doing a 'kora' (Tibetan for the circumnavigation of a stupa), is a social event as well as a religious one.   Early morning and later afternoon always finds a crowd circling, gossiping, playing, praying.


Young monks make a mandala of sand.   Temporary beauty meant to be enjoyed for a day.


This peaceful path is at the Shechen Monastery, and we pass by here everyday on the way from our guesthouse to the Stupa.

Venice Art Walk - Danger Dogs update

30 Danger Dogs will be featured in the Venice Art Walk, benefiting the Venice Free Clinic.   Please come on Sunday, May 17, from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm and check out the art, check out the Dogs and help a great cause.  
Venice art walk_25
This Mastiff by Pulkit of Nepal Arts will be exhibited for the first time at the Venice Art Walk.  
Venice art walk_2
It was hard to photograph, but this portrait of Chopper the Australian Shepherd was painted on a Bodhi leaf, a traditional art form in Nepal.   It is more usual for the paintings on the Bodhi leaf to be religious in nature.   Buddha first gained enlightenment under a Bodhi tree in Nepal.   By Govinda Kalikote. 
Venice art walk_5
Amar Shrestha painted Sophie with a buttercream background, capturing the native intelligence of a poodle.  
Venice art walk_6
Shree contributes this 'Dangers' Chihuahua.  
Venice art walk_8
Haggy the Boxer is painted by Sufraj.

Please donate to this wonderful charity.   Go to Venice Family Clinic for more information. 

There will be a total of 30 Danger Dogs featured in the Silent Auction.   More on the Venice Art Walk featured dogs in subsequent blogs.   Stay tuned.  

We are leaving even earlier for Nepal than planned.   (Something about the airfare jumping in price on June 1.)  

If you'd like to buy an existing dog, there is no better time.  

If you'd like to order a portrait of your pet, there's no better time!    Remember, for each special order you get at least three choices by three different artists.   Satisfaction guaranteed.  

It's easy.   Just email me a photo of your pet.  You pay only after you like at least one of the portraits.   What more could you ask?

Please contact me at [email protected] with orders, questions, suggestions or comments.   You can see over 1000 Danger Dogs on my website:

And....when in Nepal, I will be blogging as often as the wonky electricity will allow.   Nepal is a great country.   My enthusiasm can be catching.   Please tune in.

Doggedly,   Michelle