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Danger Dogs - Labradors!

In getting ready to show at the Craft and Folk Art Museum next Saturday the 12th of June, I have been going through inventory.    There are some great labradors available. 

This is the lovely Bijoux as painted by Ojna.  This is on a particularly heavy piece of metal and is a good example of a smiling lab.   Krishna Ojna is a professor of Economics when he is not painting Danger Dogs, and he is the brother of another of the Danger Dog artists - Hari Timsina.

This is Hari Timsina's portrait of Millie the Chocolate Lab.   I only found out that Krishna and Hari were brothers at the exhibit of signboard art that I curated in Kathmandu in November 2007.  

Jack Frost the lab has an eerie glow in his Dharma Dog portrait by Hari Prasad.  

To see other available Labrador Retreivers, please go to the NepalDog Channel on YouTube here:  

We are off on the 7th Danger Dog trip to Nepal soon and will be ordering more of these Beware of Dog signs from Kathmandu and Pokhara.  The time to order is now.

These make the perfect gift for dog lovers who collect art and would like to make a difference in someone's lives.

All commissions will receive 3 portraits of their pet by 3 different endangered Nepali signboard artists.   I take no payment up front, and you pay nothing if you do not like any of the portraits.   The artists are all paid fair trade wages in any case.

All signboards are approximately one foot square, painted on recycled metal with synthetic enamel and can be hung indoors or out.

Please contact me at for more information and check out the Nepal Art Dog website at to learn more.

Palm Springs Desert Dogs!

If you are in Palm Springs for the month of June, please stop by and see the Danger Dogs in person at the Terry Martin Gallery.   Run by the fabulous Terry Martin, this gallery is also known at the Terrence Rogers Fine Arts Gallery.

Starting clockwise from top left, Zia the Black Danger Cat is by Shree Shrestha.   Beware of Cock by Sanjib Rana, followed by Chester the Basset Hound by Nara of Asha Arts.   The horse frolicking in the surf is also by Sanjib Rana.

Above is Sport (a Good Boy) by Ram Krishna of Kathmandu.   Also featured for the month of June is the artwork of Maria Dudley and Jason Kowalski.   The title of their show is "Palm Springs and Other Exotic Places".   The painting above is of the iconic Zuma Beach Food concession by Maria Dudley.  Shree.Weimaraner_0904
Shree Shrestha of Pokhara painted this 'Dangers Dog' of Jasper the Weimaraner on his magic carpet.

From the same photo of Jasper as above, we have Arjun Karki's fine version of the Weimaraner.   Looks like Arjun put Jasper on the waves for his portrait.

Duke the Weimaraner by Hari Timsina was painted in November 2009.

A white Westie by Hari Prasad is at top left, while Chewy the Zen Yorkie is by Nara.   Please go to Terry's website for more information on Maria and Jason's art.

From left to right: a rescue dog by Yuba Raj Adhikari, Pinky the Enlightened Jack Russell Terrier by Jit Gurung of Munal Arts in Pokhara, Mick Jagger the English Bulldog by Sabala with his big grin.

Willow the Enlightened Golden Retreiver by Sagar of Surya Studios.   Sagar's signature is in Japanese.   

Also by Sagar, this portrait of Layla the white shepherd shows his marvelous sense of humor.   If you look closely, you will see what I mean.

  French Bulldog
Yoko the French Bulldog with her lovely jewelry and compelling eyes is also by Sagar.

Arrow is a Zen Black Lab who wears rhinestone necklaces.   This portrait is by Nara of Kathmandu.

This saintly White Labrador DangerDog is by Ram Krishna.   This was not a commissioned piece, but something Ram painted from the Everest Kennel Club calendar.   I could not help but buy it!

  Brocco English Bulldog by Megh Raj
Out enjoying the open air is Brocco the Bulldog by Megh Raj.  

Hari Timsina painted this portrait of Grace the Pit Bull in November, 2009.   Hari is the first of my artists to date his pieces.

Jasper the Dashshund as painted by Manoj.   Manoj is my only Christian artist.  

This pug was painted by Jit Gurung of Munal Arts.   Jit's art reminds me of R. Crumb's style of art.

This little Boston Terrier is by Amar Shrestha.

All pieces are approximately 12" by 12" and are synthetic enamel on (sometimes recycled) metal.  They can be hung indoors or out. 

All art featured on today's blog is available through June, 2010,  at the Terry Martin Gallery at 664 N. Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs.   His phone is (760) 332-8732.   Call for hours or to make an appointment.  

I am heading off to Nepal for the 7th Danger Dog trip very soon, so custom orders should be placed soon.   Each commission generates 3 portraits of your pet by 3 struggling Nepali signboard artists.   You get 3 choices, 3 people get work.  Please remember that I take no deposit up front.   You pay only after choosing which portrait of your pet you prefer.  

For additional information, please contact me at, go to the website, or see the Nepal Dog Channel on YouTube to buy an existing artwork.

Danger Dogs as Odalisques.


I was inspired at the Renoir exhibit at LACMA the other day by the number of lovely nudes languishing on couches.   These are not Renoirs, but they are odalisques!   Here we have Fern, the Jack Russell Terrier, as she lounges on a red couch.

If you look closely in the background of this portrait of Layla, a white shepherd, you will see some images of ladies.   I'm not sure why Sagar chose to paint Layla with her background of lightly clad women, but there it is.   This one reminds me of a James Bond opening credit sequence.   

Shree of Pokhara paints FloJo the Italian Greyhound on her multi-colored couch.  

Star the Italian Greyhound lounges on his turquoise lawn chair.  By Sabala.

Millie Vartan, a Chocolate Lab, is painted by Amar Shrestha.   Millie looks so calm and tranquil on her blanket.

Annie and Pitzel make a pair of Odalisques in this portrait by Sabala.   They are a Pomeranian and a Papillion who know how to lay back and enjoy their life.    2008_293
Jean-Claude the Cat sleeps on his couch.   As painted by Amar Shrestha.   I often give sleeping pets to Amar to paint.   He seems to capture their total relaxation.  

Nepal Art Dogs is a Fair Trade Art project that is dedicated to preserving and promoting Nepali signboard art. 

You can help!

Micro-finance through art patronage!


Each commissioned piece receives a choice of 3 portraits of their pet, by 3 different artists.   That way -- one is sure to please, 3 artists get work, and the extras are sold in museums as Folk Art.    Satisfaction is guaranteed.   I don’t accept money until after the customer chooses a portrait.   No bad karma here!    The art is synthetic enamel on recycled metal, about a square foot in size.   The price for your choice of 3 portraits by these artists is $250 for a single pet.

Please contact me at for more information,  and check out the Nepal Dog website at

If you would like me to feature a particular breed, please write and let me know.


The Wag Awards benefit Four Legged Friends Foundation!

Last night I attended the 1st Annual Dogswell Wag Awards honoring top dogs who make a difference (therapy dogs, inspirational dogs, talented dogs) at the fabulous Hollywood hot spot Les Deux.  

The Danger Dogs were there to donate a lovely signboard of Hank as painted by Sabala.  100% of the proceeds from the Silent Auction will go to the Four Legged Friends Foundation (Flff) which funds medical care for ailing dogs from low income homes.   Of course, there was a small bidding war, but I think the best man won.  


Sandra Lollino and her Chihuahua Sassy were on the green carpet.   Sandra is the founder of the Flff Organization.   She was able to help 10 low income pet owners last year alone.   Let's hope that this event and the generosity of pet lovers will improve that record in 2010!

Les Deux was decorated lavishly with gift bags, roses, red curtains...

One of my favorite touches was the coral rose petals in the courtyard's fountain.   


Sparky, a Black Labrador/Chow Mix, gets the award for most patient dog of the night.   He wore that sparkly top hat all night long.   He knew his mom wanted him to be dressed in cocktail attire -- now, that's devotion.  
Sparky is a therapy dog.  

Dogswell spared no expense in making things beautiful and fun.

As the honored Dogs started to arrive, they had the option of spending time in the VIP Doggie Lounge.

Chrome Bones, who makes elegant, stylish accessories for your pets, furnished the VIP Doggie Lounge.   They have a store in Beverly Hills.


The affable Debra Skelton of MADtv handed out an award for bravery to Joseph St. Georges of the LAFD for his derring do in the recent helicopter rescue of Spiky the dog from the Los Angeles River.   Spiky the Dog that was saved by Fireman St. Georges also was at the Wag Awards!  



Les Deux is a hidden gem on Las Palmas in Hollywood.   Tucked away in an old bungalow, it has many hidden surprises.   I wandered out into a back patio and found a pair of concrete deer livening up the back walls.  

Hors d'oeurves  included tuna tartare on a deliciously salty potato chip, tiny endive stuffed with dates, walnuts and goat's cheese, macaroni and cheese with crabmeat, miniature burgers -- all served with a smile by beautiful servers in red corsets and fishnet stockings.  

DJ Chris Carter   played beautiful music that made me want to dance.  

To hear more about Dogswell and the Wag Awards, click here.   To help Sandra and her Four Legged Friends Foundation, go to her site.   You can find out more about Les Deux and Chromebones here.

All in all the Danger Dogs made some new friends and was able to help the non-profit Flff get needed funds.   It was a fun evening for me.   I got to dress up in a 60's dinner suit and a silly hat.   Can't argue with that.

If you'd like to hear more about my Fair Trade Art project that helps endangered Nepali signboard artists continue to hand paint art in a digital world, please contact me at   Browse through some old post on this blog, and go to the Nepal Dog Youtube channel to see what's currently available.

See the Dogs in Person!

The Santa Monica Museum of Art has a new stock of Nepal Art Dogs.

 Cooper Black Lab Dilip
Cooper, a gorgeous Black Labrador by Dilip Niroj is now available at the Museum.   You can't help but 'be aware' of this gorgeous pooch.

Sport, a terrier mix recently rescued into a great home, as painted by Sabala.   Sport is definitely a Good Boy.

Polly is an Enlightened Dog, by Sabala.   The Nepali lettering translates as 'Dharma Dog'.  

Gus the White Labrador Retreiver as a puppy by Megh Raj.   With his football. 


Gus all grown up and now 'Enlightened', still looking for that soccer ball!   By Sabala.

Sierra the Enlightened Pitt Bull!   By Sabala.

Sophie and Stargel by Amar Shrestha.   I don't know what breed Stargel is, but her stare is compelling.   She looks almost human in this portrait.   Amar also captured the friendship between the two dogs and had fun with their collar/jewelry.

Grover is a Bearded Collie, painted here by Nara.  

It's not all Danger Dogs at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, there are also a couple of Cats available.   Here we have Chocolate Chip hiding in the shrubbery as painted by Nara.

Not a hunter but a lover, Lucy the Calico Kitty is aggressively affectionate.  By Sabala.  

A couple of Enlightened Parrots by Sagar.   Note Sagar's signature in Japanese between the two perches.   Sagar means 'Ocean' in Nepalese, and Sagar's Japanese signature reflects that.

And a portrait of my very own chicken, the larger-than-life Grace Kelly (her nickname is Ginger), a Buff Orpington.    The leader of the pecking order, painted by Sabala from a photo by Peter Weibel.  

Arrow the Black Lab sports a rhinestone collar.   An Enlightened Dog as painted by Raaz, a new artist I found in 2009.

Jack the Black Lab with a favorite toy.   Jack has that playful look that Labs get when they get going.   By Megh Raj.

I'm not sure what type of dog Shelby is, but he is beautiful.   By Raaz.

Popo is a 'Denger Gog' by Dilip Niroj.   It's a funny thing, Dilip can often spell Enlightened with no trouble, but he has trouble with dog.   I don't mind.   You should see how I mangle Nepali.

These portraits are painted on recycled metal in Nepal by endangered signboard artists, whose traditional hand-painted artwork is being replaced by computer-generated and/or mass-produced signage.

The price through the museum is $198 each, and you will be supporting a fine museum as well as the struggling Nepali artists.

You can help this Fair Trade art project by buying an existing sign, or ordering a custom commission of your own pet.  Each commission generates 3 paintings, giving 3 different Nepali artists much needed work -- giving you a wide choice of portraits of your pet and museums such as the Santa Monica Museum of Art gift shop folk art.

You pay only after my return from Nepal and you have made your choice.  If you don't like the works, you are not obligated to pay.   No bad Karma here!

Micro-finance through Art Patronage.

If you have any questions or would like to see what I have in your breed, please email me at You can also check out my website at