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More Folk Art from the Himalayas at the Craft and Folk Art Museum

The Danger Dogs, and Cats, have been popular at the Craft and Folk Art Museum.   

Folk art Beware of English Staffordshire Terrier hand painted on metal in Nepal
GG the English Staffordshire Terrier by Nara

This little beauty is GG Girl, the English Staffordshire Terrier, by the Nepali sign painter Nara.

Beware of Black Dog folk art sign hand painted on metal in Nepal
Rae the Black Dog by Dilip Niroj

Rae the Black Danger Dog above is hand painted on metal by Dilip Niroj, a sign painter in Kathmandu, Nepal.   Who says it is hard to paint a black dog?

Folk art Grey Cat hand painted on metal in Nepal
Ashmont the Grey Cat by Dilip Niroj

Ashmont is an incredibly beautiful grey cat, captured here by Dilip Niroj.

Folk art Beware of Cat sign hand painted on metal in Nepal
Ziggy Stardust by Baba

This cat, named Ziggy Stardust for obvious reasons, has the most wonderful eyes in his portrait by Baba.

Folk art Peacocks hand painted on metal in Nepal
Folk art Peacocks hand painted by Hari Timesina

These folk art Peacocks are a fine example of the naive style of Hari Timesina.

Folk art Buff Orpington chicken hand painted on metal in Nepal
Ginger the Buff Orpington Hen by Sufraj Khadka

Ginger, our Buff Orpington hen, is hand painted on metal by Sufraj Khadka.   This one is very colorful and a classic style.

Folk art Cavoodle hand painted on metal in Nepal
Peachy the Cavoodle by Nara

Peachy the Cavoodle (Cavalier King Spaniel and Poodle mix) is hand painted on metal by the Nepali artist Nara.

Folk art Beware of Rottweiler hand painted on metal in Kathmandu
Moose the Rottweiler by Sufraj

Moose is charming in this classic profile hand painted on metal by Sufraj Khadka, an artist in Nepal.

Folk art Basenji sign hand painted on metal
Nayru the Basenji by Sagar Bitsa

Nayru the Basenji is very colorful in this hand painted portrait on metal by Sagar Bitsa, an artist in Nepal.

Folk art Grey Poodle hand painted on metal by an artist in Nepal
Spartacus the Grey Poodle by Megh Raj Thapa

Spartacus the Grey Poodle by Megh Raj Thapa surely does not mind the odd spelling on his portrait.

Folk art portrait of a Staffordshire Terrier hand painted on metal in Nepal
Evie the Staffordshire Terrier by Megh Raj

Evie the Staffie from Down Under is a beauty in her portrait by Megh Raj Thapa, one of my favorite artists in Kathmandu.

Folk art beware of French Bull Dog hand painted on metal in Nepal
French Bull Dog by Sagar Bitsa

Last but not least, we have this studly French Bulldog by Sagar, done in a traditional Beware of Dog style.

For more of what is currently for sale at the Craft and Folk Art Museum, click here.

That is what is in store!   Go to for directions, current exhibits and hours.

Also, you can go to the Nepal Dog Channel at YouTube to see other available paintings of dogs on metal.   The Nepali signboard industry with its charming hand-painted signboards is fast disappearing in favor of mass-produced computer-generated signage.   

The huge earthquakes of April and May, 2015, have made their future even more precarious.  I will do my best to keep these artists working, but I can't do it alone.   

How to commission YOUR pet's portrait on metal:

Now is the time to order:   Be ahead of the Pack!   Orders now being accepted for the October 2015 trip.   

1. Please send me a photo of your pet.  I will give it to three different artists, giving you a choice of 3 paintings and three people will get work.   Each painting is about one square foot and is on metal with synthetic enamel paint.   These can be hung indoors or out.

2. Let me know what you would like it to say.

3. Let me know what style of portrait you would prefer:   naive, realistic, colorful, etc.

4. Tell me your pet's name and breed.   

5. Send your photo to me at:   [email protected]  
That's it !

Satisfaction is guaranteed as I accept no money up front.   If you do not like one of the three, you pay nothing, and the 3 artists are paid in full in any case.   Let me know what you want it to say and that's it!

The cost is $250 plus shipping.   Shipping and insurance is around $20 per sign (to and from the US).   And 9.75% California sales tax for California residents.  

Pay after choosing your portrait.  
Multiple pets on one sign cost more ($325 for Double, $400 for Triple).

Let's keep these artists painting.

This hand-painted art form is fast disappearing in Kathmandu, as it already has in most parts of the world.   I pay fair trade wages, the artists get to paint again, pet lovers get a choice of three paintings for each commission, and I get to help Nepali artists make a living.   Everybody is happy.   Rescue dogs from America get to rescue artists from Nepal!

Not-so-Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Georgie the King Charles by Sabala
Georgie is a Wise King Charles Spaniel indeed.   This portrait is by Sabala.

Georgie the King Charles Spaniel by Dilip
Above is Dilip Niroj's portrait of Georgie.

This wonderful portrait of a pair of King Charles Spaniels is available at New Stone Age in Los Angeles.   Fran, the owner of the shop on West Third, is a big fan of the Danger Dog project and has many great Danger Dogs in her store.

Cosmo was an early Enlightened Dog.   His portrait is by Amar Shrestha.

Santosh Shrestha (no relation to Amar) painted this profile of a King Charles Spaniel.

All of the above are available.

If you would like a portrait of your own pet, now is the time to order.  Contact me at [email protected] with any questions or comments.

Nepal Art Dogs is a Fair Trade Art project that promotes the endangered signboard artists of Nepal.   With over 1500 pieces commissioned in 3 years, the Danger Dogs have made a difference in the lives of many artists.   I decided to concentrate on pets as there was a  tradition Nepal already of 'Beware of Dog' signs and I knew that people would like them.   These are truly fine artists whose livelihood is disappearing at an alarming rate.

On my most recent trips to Nepal, the Danger Dog commissions were the only art these artists were still hand painting -- all their other work was done from a mass-produced image, often printed on plastic flex.  

You can help by ordering a custom portrait of your pet.   Each signboard is approximately one  square foot, synthetic enamel on metal.   Each commissione will be given to at least 3 signboard artists -- giving 3 people work, you a choice of 3 signs and museum shops Nepali folk art.  

No money accepted up front.   If you don't like any of your paintings, you pay nothing.   All artists are paid fair trade wages.

For pet lovers who collect art and would like to make a difference.

Micro-finance through art patronage.   

For cats, horses, ferrets, birds, hamsters, etc, please go to for more examples.

If you would like to see a particular breed, please contact me at [email protected].  



See the Dogs in Person!

The Ghetto Gloss Gallery on Melrose at June has added the Nepal Art Dogs to their store.

 Ghetto Gloss Dogs3
Above is a white shepherd by Sabala of Surya Arts, and to the right is Bruce Weber's dog looking decidedly like a rabid pup (by Ramesh of Om Arts).

 Ghetto Gloss Dogs2
The two dogs on the top left are rescue dogs painted by Yuba Raj Adhikari.   That cute little Boston Terrier is Veera by Sabala and Louis the poodle is a Spiritual Dog, also by Sabala.

 New Stone Age Dogs
New Stone Age LA has a number of Danger Dogs, including the little Shitzu above (by Vinosh), a double portrait of King and Princess by Dilip Niroj, and Ollie and Lily the King Charles Spaniels painted by Vinosh. 

 Cafam Dogs
The Craft and Folk Art Museum has a good selection of Nepal Art Dogs in their store.   They are right across from LACMA on Wilshire.

The Santa Monica Museum of Art also has the Nepal Art Dogs on display in their store.

Please support these vendors who support the Nepali artists.   

Micro-finance through art patronage is my motto.   Please help these endangered artists to keep their professions and dignity by supporting this Fair Trade Art project.

These signs are hand-painted on recycled metal and are available at these fine stores and on line through

You can see more of what is available on the Nepal Dog Channel on YouTube.

Contact me at [email protected] with any questions or comments.   I'd love to hear from you.

Spaniels from Nepal Art Dogs - Which would you choose?


Chip the Spaniel with his colorful background by Sanjib Rana of Kathmandu.   Danger Dog indeed!!!

Chip the Spaniel, this time painted by ShaShi from the same photo as the first portrait.


A final Chip as painted by Nabin.   The 3 portraits of the Spaniel Chip are all still available at $150 each.

This was the painting of Chip that Chip's owner chose.    By Hari Prasad.   I think she made the right choice.   I love the graphic lines in the background.  

The interesting part of this Fair Trade Art project is that you get to see the wide diversity of talent in the various signboard artists throughout Nepal.   Most of the time, I give 3 artists the same photo of the pet.   When working with a new artist, they will often ask about how much of the pet to include in the portrait, or what color background to use.   I always reply: "You are the artist, you decide."

The art of signboards is disappearing in Nepal, being replaced by mass-produced signage.   

Nepal Art Dogs commissions portraits of pets.   Each commission generates 3 paintings on recycled metal by 3 different artists, giving 3 artists paid work and the patron who commissions the work will get a minimum of 3 portraits from which to choose.   I do not accept any money up front.   If you do not like any of the 3, you pay nothing.   The artists get paid in any case.

Micro-finance through art patronage.

Please help support the Nepali artists.     Contact me at [email protected] for more details and to answer any questions.   These artists' work is disappearing at an alarming rate.   When was the last time you saw a hand-painted sign where you live?   Don't let that happen in Nepal.  

You can also go to my website at for more examples of the Danger Dog Art Project.  

Discount Danger Dogs!

For the next couple of weeks, some Danger Dogs are discounted at the Santa Monica Museum of Art.  

Please stop in and see what bargains are in store!   The Museum is reopening this Friday night with a gala opening.    Members are welcome for the preview from 6-7 pm and from 7-9, the doors are open to everyone.   The show should be a good one.  

Khanchan from Pokhara painted this Golden Retriever in 2007.    This is a dramatic piece done in the traditional Nepali Danger Dog style.   Ask for Discount Dog #1.   All Dogs are available for a 40% discount at the store.  ($120 from the usual $198.)

This charming pair is a Pomeranian and a Klee Kai by ShaShi.   Don't be fooled by this pair!    By the way, a Klee Kai is a miniature breed of Husky from Alaska.  Ask for Discount Dog #2.

This is Onslow the Dashshund.   Only the top left by Hari Timsina is on sale this month at the Santa Monica Museum.   Couldn't find a single photo.  Check back tomorrow if you are interested -- I'll replace this photo.  Ask for Discount Dog #3.

Here is Peanut.   The portrait top right by Sufraj is the one on offer above.   This goes to show the vast differences between three artists' versions of the same photo.   Ask for Discount Dog #4.

A Shibu Inu by Manoj of Pokhara.  Ask for Discount Dog #5.

I love this Double Dog of Maggie and Jojo.   Maggie's collar and the Super Dogs logo really crack me up.   This one is really beautiful in person.   This should go to a good home.   Ask for Discount Dog #6.

Chip the Spaniel by Nabin has a soulful look in his eyes.   This unassuming dog makes a great Danger Dog.  Ask for Discount Dog #7.

This Bichon Frisee by Sabala is a bit of an odalisque.     Certainly he is Enlightened.   Ask for Discount Dog #8.

Another Double Dog portrait.  This one is 'pented by Amar' Shrestha.  Ask for Discount Dog #9.

 Pinky Jack Russell Dilip
Pinky the Jack Russell terrier has settled into a favorite pose, painted by Dilip.  Ask for Discount Dog #10.

Maggie and Flip are two Retrievers by Amar Shrestha.   Ask for Two-headed Discount Dog #11.

This smiling black dog is by Amar Shrestha.   The Nepali script reads 'Dharma Dog'.   Ask for Discount Dog #12.

This is by Khardar Gurung, from the village of Jomson, high in the Himalayas, and part of the Annapurna circuit.   The script is in Tibetan, and I hand-carried this signboard (and it's brothers) from an altitude of 13,000 feet down to 3,000 feet!  (It took about ten days.)   I did not have any photos of dogs with me, so I just asked Khardar to paint a dog and this was his response.   Ask for Discount Dog #13.

This black dog with a rainbow background is painted by Prem, an artist from Pokhara.  Ask for Discount Dog #14.
Foxy, painted by Manoj of Pokhara, is painted against a pale seafoam green background.   Ask for Discount Dog #15.

Oscar by 'Penter Amar' Shrestha with his little red toy at his feet.   Ask for Discount Dog #16.

Lastly, this puja puppy I met on the streets of Nepal -- all decked out in his garland of flowers and with a red 'tika' on his forehead -- is a lucky dog.   This little puppy was celebrating his first 'Day of the Dog' and was much adored by his young Nepali owner.   This painting is also by Amar Shrestha.   Ask for Discount Dog #17.

Though these Dogs are discounted, they are among my favorites, and are all good examples of the Danger Dog oeuvre.   This is the best price ever offered on a Danger Dog.  These temporarily discounted prices are to support the Museum's gift shop Gracie during it's 40% off sale.

Please come and support this wonderful gem of a Museum in Santa Monica by buying one of these Danger Dogs, get a good deal in the meantime, and support the Nepali artists to boot.   I haven't seen the latest exhibit, but this museum always puts on a great show.   For directions and more information on this new exhibit, please go to