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Dog of the Day - Stella!

Stella is an unusual beauty.   She is part Basset Hound and part Springer Spaniel and a lovelier combination would be hard to find.

Named after the beer Stella Artois, she is as soft and friendly as can be.   I had the good fortune to meet Stella and her owner at the Terrence Rogers Gallery who were having an opening of the fine young artist Jason Kowalski.   More information on the show can be found here at the Terrence Rogers website.

This is Chester, a full-blooded Basset Hound, as painted by Nara of Asha Arts.   Available.

Chester in profile by Sufraj.    Available.

This Springer Spaniel by JK Arts is extra large at 18 square inches.   Available.

All of the above artwork is on metal, and hand-painted by Nepali signboard artists.   I have commissioned over 1400 pieces to date, giving considerable work to these endangered artists.   

You can support the project by buying an existing piece - I have many breeds available, including cats, birds and rodents - or by commissioning a piece of your own pet.   Each commission will get a choice of three pieces by three different Nepali signboard artists.     Prices vary on existing signs but most range from $130-$200.

Send me a photo of your pet, and the next time I go to Nepal (twice a year), I will give that photo to three artists.  The cost is $250 for a single image on the metal signboard, and you pay only after I return and you decide which of the three you like.    You pay nothing if you do not like any of the three.  The extra signs are sold at museum shops around the country.  

You get a choice of three paintings, three artists get work and museum shops get folk art!   Micro-finance through art patronage!

Please contact me at for more information or with any questions.   Go to to see my website.


The Craft and Folk Art Museum's Holiday Global Bazaar was a success!   For the Danger Dogs and other vendors, too.  

You know how I love a wall of Dogs, and due to the rain, we all moved our booths inside.   I got this lovely stairwell to work with!

Everything went well, and the Museum raised a lot of funds.

Lots of new people saw the Dogs and learned about the Danger Dog Project.  

Some great Danger Dogs were snatched up by the Craft and Folk Art Museum patrons.   I will greatly miss two pieces by Ram Mohan Patel.   The one above is of Lulu, a pitbull with a great smile.

This is the lovely Sweet Pea on the day I picked them up.   Along with the charming Lion King cat, these oversized portraits are now in good hands.   I will definitely miss them.

This painting of Daddy the Catahoula Leopard Dog was from my first trip.   Painted by Poon, a journalist from Pokhara, I've always called this one the 'Italianate Daddy'.   I know my husband will miss this one especially.

This one - a Zen Kitty by Sufraj - didn't stay around long.   I only had it a couple of weeks but Lula the Zen Kitty went to a very good home.   Best yet, I know the couple who bought Lula and may have occasional visitation rights!   Sufraj was the only artist to make it clear that those were blue socks in the foreground.   Lula is a Tonkinese that lives in London.

Another one that I didn't have long is the lovely Nigel too by Sagar.   This beautiful piece went to the KTLA News Reporter Gail Anderson.   She is a savvy buyer who immediately got the Danger Dogs and also the humor in this green masterpiece.   She is also a nice lady.
Shiva of New Road in Pokhara painted Bobo the Cat in a ferocious mood.

 Georgie the King Charles Spaniel by Dilip
Georgie the King Charles Spaniel by Dilip was a wise purchase.

Madeline the 'Happy Poddle' by Sabala playing in the snow was bought yesterday.  

As you can see the buyers yesterday had very good taste.   I'm going to miss all 8 of these pieces.   Of the eight sold, seven different artists were represented.  

Soon, I'm going to update the website to make it easier to navigate, I promise.   In the meantime, any comments or questions should be sent to me at

Ram Krishna comes through

Last week, I was a bit worried since Ram Krishna hadn't even started his 7 pieces.    But yesterday....

Here he has captured perfectly Red, a wolfhound, Ziggy and Jasper.   More hard choices to come.

Nanuq, Compass and Rudy look pretty good, too.   All of these are by Ram Krishna.

Lastly we have the anonymous Nepali calendar boy Labrador Retriever (from the Everest Kennel Club Calendar here in Kathmandu) and that is Sport peaking out from under a cloth.   All of the above three pictures are still awaiting Nepali writing and then they will be ready.   I'm glad that Ram Krishna is getting work from local foreigners here, and if she doesn't buy that White Lab, I will!

The current decoration in my Kathmandu Kitchen.

While walking to lunch at a friend's on the other side of town, I passed this studio, which says ART in Nepali in big letters.   I thought I might just check it out.   I already have two artists named Hari, but maybe he has an existing dog sign that I can look at or buy.

Much to my surprise there were -- my own Danger Dogs Emma and Coco!   Both as works in progress.

Stargell and Sophie were also on the wall.   Looks like there's a new artist in the family, as Hari Prasad introduced me to his son, Jay (pronounced Jai), who he said painted the portrait of Coco on the right.   Looks like he painted both, or is copying his dad's style.

Jay Prasad, the budding signboard painter.   I am happy to have him aboard.

Jack, the Black Lab, as a work in progress.  

Above is Hari Prasad, who I consider my 'urban painter', and I can't attach an example here while in Kathmandu to explain why.   But his work gives off an urban feel, the dogs seem to be on the sidewalk and not in a field, like some.

A self-portrait of Hari P and his wife.    He is proud enough of this one to take it off the shelf and show it to me.  

Saw lots of Danger Dogs on my 12 Kilometer walk, but that is for a later blog.  

I did find out where Gwyneth Paltrow gets her hair done while in Kathmandu.   It is nice of her to patronize a beauty training center.

Stopped in at the top of the morning only to find Amar with a smoky fire ablaze to warm his hands.   Only paper, no plastic, thank goodness.   That's Gracie on the easel.

Through the smoke, you can see Stargell, Emma the Catahoula Leopard Dog, Rudy, and Lucy the Calico on the top row, Shelby, a glowing Compass with a green aura and Fugg below.   All by Amar Shrestha and waiting for their lettering.

Through the smoke, you can see Frank Zappa, Sophie and Stargell and Emma from the top left.  

Bottom row is Belle, Jojo and Maggie, Shelby and Compass.

More tomorrow.   Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.   Tune in this week, as I will be getting in all the final Danger Dogs.   Heading into my last week here in Kathmandu.   Lots of work to do, glad I had my flu or cold or whatever last week.   This one will be intense.   In a good way.

Any questions or comments please contact me at   Thanks for supporting the Nepali artists.

New Stone Age Dogs!

New Stone Age on West Third here in Los Angeles has new Danger Dogs in stock.

Kahuna the Zen Pug by Shree.    Kahuna rests his head on a pink and blue couch that is reminiscent of Matisse.    The blue dogbone dogtag is a nice touch.

This dramatic Sheepdog by Khanchan of Pokhara is on extra durable metal.

This brutish Chocolate Labrador is by Sagar.   This is from when Sagar painted his Danger Dogs as thugs.

Amar Shrestha made Laverne the Bulldog into a sweet dog (and gave her a slimmed physique, too) with a charming underbite.

Dilip painted this double portrait of the Pomeranians King and Princess.   It is 12" x 15".  Sold!

Another good double dog painting is this pair of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels signed Birju.   Painted by Vinosh, who now is off in Saudi Arabia doing remittance work.   Therefore portraits by Vinosh are no longer available.   Birju does the lettering and signs the artwork.

This little Westie was walking by my house one day and I took this photo.   Painted by Hari Prasad.

Davey the Black Labrador Retriever by Nara of Asha Arts.   Sold.

This black and red dachshund is by Govinda Kalikote.

This pitbull is by Sagar and part of his Thug Series.

A very studly Italian Mastiff painted by Pulkit of Nepal Arts.

This profile of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a hunter green background is by Santosh Shrestha of Pokhara.

This Lhasa Apso by Birju Studios was one of four Fran couldn't let go.   Again by Vinosh, you will not be able to get this artist for at least another 3 years.   Sold to a true Lhasa Apso fan!
This little white dog is also by Vinosh.

Another painting by Vinosh.   This is his version of a Scottie dog. Boxer.RamK_74
Lastly, we have Bubba the Boxer by Ram Krishna.  Sold!

Stop by and see these lovely new additions to New Stone Age.   New Stone Age is located at 8407 West Third Street (cross street Orlando) 90048.  You can call for directions at:  323-658-5969.   Or check out Fran's website at:

It is hard to believe that in 2 weeks I will be back in my beloved Nepal.

There is no better time than the present to order your very own Danger Dog (or Cat)!   Each commission will give work to 3 Nepali signboard artists.   Satisfaction guaranteed as you pay only after you choose which of the 3 portraits you prefer.   I will return from Nepal in early December in time for the holidays.   What better present than to have your pet immortalized on metal by these talented artists?   You can have these signboards say whatever you like and can choose the artists and type of art you'd like.

Please contact me at with any questions or comments.   You can also go to my website at to see more.



Some final final Danger Dogs - Last day in Kathmandu!

This will be my last post from Kathmandu until October, when I return for my holiday Danger Dog orders.


Amar's finals of Mollie, the Desert Turtle and Paws dry on the roof.


Amar puts the final touches on Scottie's ears.


Hari Prasad's last two paintings await lettering. 


Sabala's son Sonu with Louis the first 'Spiritual Dog' by Sabala.   That is Hari, a young whiz on Photoshop in the background.


The final chaos includes last-minute lettering by Surya, and last-minute delivery by Sonu.


Final Dogs dry on the staircase on a (luckily) hot and dry Kathmandu day.101_1948 

Paws the Terrier by Dilip, Amar and Sabala (clockwise from top left).


Danger Turtles by Sufraj, Sabala and Amar (clockwise from top left).


Louie the Spiritual Dog by Sabala, Sufraj and Amar (clockwise from top left).


Maddy the White Labrador Retriever by Sabala, Nara and Sanjib (clockwise from top left).


Ruby and Otterpop by Sabala, Dilip and Sufraj (clockwise from top left).


Lucy by Hari Timsina, Amar and Hari Prasad (clockwise from top left).


Lucy the Cattle Dog by Sabala, Sagar and Hari P. (clockwise from top left).


Simon the Magnificent by Nara, Sabala and Sanjib (clockwise from top left).


Tracker the Greyhound by Shahi, Santosh and Sabala (clockwise from top left).


Kitty the White Lab by Munal, Sanjib and Sabala (clockwise from top left).


Jack Nelson by Shahi, Amar and Santosh (clockwise from top left).


Scottie by Shahi, Amar and Jit Gurung (clockwise from top left).


Cooper by Shahi, Sabala and Hari Prasad (clockwise from top left).

More later.   I have to get to the airport.   Thank goodness there's no transit strike today!

Thanks for following this blog.   I'll be writing more about Nepal from America.   I have 1000's of photos just waiting to of the Kali Gandaki, wildflowers of the Himalayas.   Just you wait!