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The Danger Dogs just keep coming!


Here are the finals of King and Princess, an adorable pair of Pomeranians.   By Sabala, Dilip, and Nara (clockwise from upper left).   Nara obviously didn't understand that they were to be on the same signboard.  


Dilip, Sabala and Nara (clockwise from top left) and their portraits of Agatha the Great Dane.


The Wise Georgie and his final portraits by Dilip, Sabala and Nara.  I find it interesting that all of the artists painted him against a blue background.  


Merlin the Magic Dog by Dilip, Sabala and Nara.


Simon, his lettering drying at Nara's, takes a ride on a motorcycle in Kathmandu!


Amar hard at work on Paws and Mollie.


The cute Corton by Sabala, Nara, Amar and Santosh.   I need to have the lettering changed once again on the one by Amar.   They keep wanting to make one 'Be Aware of Dog' with this painting.   Yikes!


Pinky and Lulu the Jack Russell Terriers and their double portraits.   By Sagar, Megh Raj and Sabala (clockwise from upper left).


Fritzi's final three are by Manoj, Amar and Raj (clockwise from top left).


Finally, Megh Raj with his portrait of Gustavo, complete with it's Nepali lettering.

This trip is winding down, but please come by this site and read about the Danger Dogs.   They are always up to something!   I will also be trying to get the Dogs in museum shops around the country, so that more people can see them in person.   These paintings are on metal, approximately one square foot, and the artists are paid a fair trade price for their work.  

Danger Dogs just keep coming!

Yesterday, I picked up from Dilip.   Here are the results, filling in a number of outstanding Danger Dogs.


Here are four from Dilip.   Otterpop and Ruby, Paws, Cooper and Gustavo (clockwise from top left).

He's getting a little creative with the spelling in that first one.   Or maybe he was just agog!


Four more from Dilip:  King and Princess (a couple of Pomeranians), Merlin, Georgie the King Charles Spaniel and the lovely Agatha, a Great Dane.


Sanjib Rana with his portrait of Simon.   This was taken in the foyer of the Dragon Guest House.  


Kitty and Maddy, both Labrador Retrievers, Chocolate Chip the cat, and Smiling Simon the Zen Dog.   All by Sanjib Rana (clockwise from top left).


The finals of King Luke the Danger Dog are in!   By Santosh (red), Sabala (green) and Dilip (blue).   Which would you choose?


Pinky the Jack Russell Terrier by Sufraj, Dilip and Jit Gurung (clockwise from top left).


Lulu the Jack Russell Terrier by Santosh, Jit Gurung and Sabala (clockwise from top left).   More hard choices.


Ferdinand the Bulldog puppy by Shahi, Amar and Sabala.


I don't know if anyone else likes dragonflies as much as I do, but this one was nice enough to sit still for his portrait.

More tomorrow.  

Doggedly,   Michelle

More Danger Dogs (and Cats)


Danger Sphinx by Sabala, Sagar and Jit Gurung.   (Clockwise from top left.)


Kate Moss, Eloisa, Pinky and Otterpop and Ruby's double portrait.   All by Sufraj.


Tippy, Mollie and Desi by Sagar.   Sagar signs his portraits with a Japanese chop meaning 'Ocean', the translation of Sagar's name in Nepali.   Sagar is a common name, even though Nepal is landlocked and has no ocean.


A double portrait of Pinky and Lulu, a hairless sphinx cat, and Lucy the Cattle Dog -- all by Sagar.


I was very excited to see the new work by Hari Prasad.   His portraits of Jake, the pit-greyhound mix, Cooper, the Black Lab, and our lovely chickens, Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly (Ginger) and Vivien Leigh thrilled me.  


More from Sabala.   Here is Georgie, the King Charles spaniel, Brocco, the English Bulldog, Paws the Terrier, and Corton.  (Clockwise from top left).


Pinky and Lulu and Gustavo by Sabala, Jasper the Dachshund, and Fritzi by Manoj.   

I'm going to start a new post.   Stay tuned!   It will feature the final three of a number of signboards.

The first Danger Dog in miniature: Art by Megh Raj and Dilip.

People keep coming up with new riffs on the Danger Dog theme.   I had no idea that a 6 inch square Danger Dog painting would have such a commanding presence, but Little Laz is a great piece.   Leave it to Julia Szabo to come up with such a simple and effective idea.

This is Megh Raj and his son, Onup, with the little beauty.   Laz is a pitt bull.
Sonny the White Labrador, Brocco the English Bulldog, Little Laz and Desi, the Havanese Danger Dog (clockwise from top left).   All by Megh Raj.
Desi's backside comes with a bonus of Megh's early sketch of the dog.
Dilip was ready with some great work, but forgot to paint the backsides.   Here are his portraits of Cooper the Black Lab, and Merlin the Magic Dog.
King and Princess, Pomeranian royalty by Dilip.
Agatha, the Great Dane makes a soulful Danger Dog.
Dilip's version on "Wise Dog" Georgie the King Charles Spaniel.   I find it interesting that all three artists assigned Georgie, put the dog against a blue background. 
Here is the third and final King Danger Duke, his royal highness Luke by Dilip.
Pinky the Jack Russell by Dilip.

Time is running out if you'd like to order your own Danger Dog.   Please contact me with your photo at   I give the picture to three different Nepali artists who will paint their version.   Then you pick the one you like best and the rest are sold at museum shops.   You get a personal portrait of your pet, three artists get much-needed work, and museum get folk art.

Contact me with any questions.  

(Kind of saw the (96%) solar eclipse today!   Never a dull moment.

Pick up at Sabala's

It's always great at pick up day at Sabala's.   Of course, all signs need their Nepali lettering, and to be painted on the backside, but wait till you see them! 
Above is Merlin (the 'Magl dog'?) and King Luke the Cattle dog/Australian shepherd.
Here are Lulu, the Jack Russell, Cooper, a black Labrador Retiever, and Agatha, a Great Dane.
Georgie the wise King Charles Spaniel, Jake, a pit-greyhound mix, and Brocco the bulldog.
Pinky and Lucy, a pair of Jack Russell terriers.
Darby, the long-haired dachshund and Ferdinand the bulldog puppy.  
Another lovely Jack Russell puppy, Macguffin, a sphinx hairless cat.
My chickens, Vivien Leigh, Grace Kelly (aka Ginger) and Ava Gardner, along with Sonny the white lab.
Ava and Vivien are Silver-laced Wyandottes, Ginger is a Buff Orpington.
Sonny, Corton and Cody, a Portuguese water dog.
Here's a double of Pinky and Lulu, Lulu the Danger Siamese, and Georgie.
Ginger, the Buff Orpington, and Sirius Black, a Barred Rock hen.
This is Roger, a truly Enlightened Dog, in the arms of Ganesh.   Roger saved his mistress' life when a burgler came in the house.  

In other news, Sabala's rented house was recently flooded in the Monsoon rains.   He and his son, Sonu, are fine.   In fact, I even saw video of Sonu gamboling in the ankle deep water.