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Artists' Studios in Nepal


Above is Amar Shrestha's studio in Kathmandu, Nepal.   These are works in progress of Flick the Golden Retreiver, Moose the Rottweiller, Dexter the Coton de Tulear, Chester the Basset Hound, and Veera the Boston Terrier.

Flick and Dexter have been sold, but the others are available.   Amar's studio is on the second floor, he works in natural light, sitting on the floor.  That's a silk screening apparatus on the right bottom, where they make business cards the old fashioned way, on hand made Lokti paper.   Lokti paper, a specialty of Nepal, is also made the old fashioned way.

This studio is NK's and is located in Beni, a small but thriving town in the Myagdi province in Nepal.   The town supports at least 3 signboard painters.    Above is Jack the French Bulldog (looking like a pig dog), Gigi the puppy, Yoko the French Bulldog, and the last is another of Jack the French Bulldog.   The first two are still available.   NK finished the pieces with a dark blue background in the finished pieces.

Dilip Niroj at work on his Folk Art Obama commission in November of 2008.   The finished portrait was spectacular and sold immediately.

Here is Hari Prasad's work drying in the sun.    Many of these have been sold, the four portraits of the Great Dane's are in my personal collection, but the Collie and the Westie are available.

Hari's studio is in Kathmandu.

This is Lal Karki's Studio in Pokhara, a lakeside resort town in Nepal.   I liked this photo so much that it is the cover of my book 'Danger Dogs from Nepal Volume 2'.   I really like Lal's work, but his pieces have never sold, so the Dalmation, Fox-like Dog and the Spitz are all still available.

You can see how close Megh Raj works to the street in this one!   Megh Raj works in Kathmandu, and recently he redid his studio completely, so it was very spiffy the last time I saw it this past November.

Prem's studio in Pokhara no longer exists.   This studio was torn down and is now a bank.   The portrait of the Rhodesian Ridgeback, the Bearnese Mountain Dog and the Dalmation were all snapped up, but the Nepali dog, the Boxer and the Saint Bernard are still available.   I love the cow's hoof just outside the door.

Ram Mohan Patel's studio is a room off his house where he lives with his wife, two beautiful daughters and a son.

Sufraj Khadka cleans his brushes by painting anti-smoking graffiti on his walls.

This is the studio of Yuba Raj Adhikari of Pokhara.   These paintings are all portraits of rescue dogs.   I think all of the yellow dogs are still available, if they haven't sold yet at the Ghetto Gloss Gallery in Hollywood.   This group is a little larger than the standard size for these signboards at 12" by 15".   

Shree in his studio/home with a portrait of FloJo the Italian Greyhound on a couch.   Shree lives and works in this one room with his wife and 2 children.   The art on his walls always includes at least one Danger Dog.   The first time I met him, he had a painting of a 'beware of dog' sign on his wall.

The Nepal Art Dog project promotes the endangered art of Nepali signboards.   Signboards are painted on recycled metal, using synthetic enamel and are meant to hang outdoors.   Over 1400 portraits have been commissioned to date, giving these artists real work.   I have worked with over 58 artists.

On my last trip to Nepal, the Danger Dog commissions were the only art these artists were still hand painting -- all their other work was digital or printed on flex.   These artists can and will paint anything.  I decided to concentrate on pets as there was a tradition in Nepal already of 'beware of dog' placards and I knew that people would like them.

Each commission will be given to at least 3 signboard artists - giving 3 people work, the pet owner a choice and museum shops Nepali folk art.   No money is accepted up front.   If you don't like any of the 3 choices, you pay nothing.  

Please contact me at ampage1@gmail.com with any questions.

This project is for pet lovers who collect art and would like to make a difference in these artists' lives.

More information is available at NepalDog.com.

An American Hippie in Israel

Tonight is the world premiere re-release of the long-lost classic "An American Hippie in Israel".

The poster for the re-release was painted by Santosh Shrestha of Pokhara.   He made a poster-sized painting on canvas from 11 stills of the movie.   You can find out more about the screening and the film at the Flavorpill website.     The screening is at the Steve Allen Theater in Los Feliz and will include live music from the Nashville band 'The Ettes'.

 Jack Nelson Jack Russell Terrier Santosh
Jack Nelson by Santosh Shrestha.   A Jack Russell Terrier dressed for the winter.

Frankie by Santosh Shrestha.

Remember these guys can paint anything.   Please contact me at ampage1@gmail.com with any questions or comments.    

Hope you can make it tonight.   It is not supposed to rain much until tomorrow.   Stay dry.

Saintly Danger Dogs

Some dogs just deserve a halo!

This Nepalese White Labrador was given a halo by Ram Krishna Chaudhury.   The image is taken from the Everest Kennel Club calendar and Ram Krishna had told me that it was for a foreign client when I first saw it.

I had come in to check on Ram's progress and found that he had not started on my 7 Danger Dog commissions, but was working on this one - ostensibly for a local foreigner.   I told him it was great that he was getting work, but that he needed to start on mine too!   I don't know what happened with that other buyer, but when Ram Krishna offered to let me buy it, I did not hesitate for a second.   I really like the finished product, and love that halo!      It is available at this time.

Bella is a black Labrador from the 2nd Danger Dog trip in 2007.   I gave ShaShi from Om Sai Art a black and white photo of Bella, and this was the result.   It turned out that Bella had died and her owner loved the fact that she turned up with a halo.    Needless to say, this one was snapped up by Bella's owner.

 MacGuffin by Sabala_1
Sabala chose to give MacGuffin the Zen Terrier a turquoise aura!   MacGuffin is currently available.

Colette the Black Standard Poodle has a fiery glow.   This painting is signed by Birju (who did the letterinng) but painted by Vinosh.    Collette is also sold.

This little Nepali puppy was celebrating her first Day of the Dog in Pokhara.   ShaShi of Om Sai Art gave her a silver aura and golden banners to boot!    Available.    This one is on extra heavy metal and includes ShaShi's full name:  ShaShi Bhushan Mukhiya.

Rufus the Labradoodle by Sagar has a purple aura.   He is sold!

The Danger Dog Project is an ongoing effort to promote Nepali signboard art and to keep art as a viable profession in this digital age.

Each of the above signboards are hand painted on metal by signboard artists in Nepal.   The artists use synthetic metal and the signs can be used indoors or out.   I have commissioned 1400 signs to date and will return to Nepal twice in 2010 to order more.   These commissions are making a difference to these artists, giving them interesting and lucrative work at Fair Trade prices.    Each commission generates work for at least 3 artists in Nepal.  

I collect no money up front for the commissions, the client pays only if they like one of the portraits of their pet.   The artists get paid regardless.   The pieces not chosen end up being sold in museum shops, retail stores and exhibitions.   Price for a commission of one pet is $250 for the choice of three paintings.

It is Micro-finance through art patronage.

Please contact me at ampage1@gmail.com with any questions or to order.   You can also go to my website at NepalDog.com to see more about the Danger Dog Fair Trade Art project.