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Why I Love Nepal: Mannequins

This guy cracked me up!   These photos were taken on Nepal's Day of the Dog. 

Children don't dress like this as much as I'd like in Kathmandu.

These Mannequins were just hanging around.   This is how many, many women dress in Kathmandu, one of the many reasons I like it here so much.

These photos give a bit of the sense of chaos on the streets of Kathmandu.  

For more Mannequins from Nepal, please click here.

Hope you all have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Danger Dog Art Project.  

Here are some cool cats from this year's second trip.   Coco the White Cat by Sufraj Khadka, Lula the Zen Kitty (again by Sufraj), Rocky the 3-legged black cat by Amar Shrestha and Coco by Megh Raj Thapa (clockwise from top left).    All except the last one are still available. 

The signs above are approximately one square foot, painted on (often) recycled metal using synthetic enamel.   They can be hung indoors or out.  

The Danger Dog project is a Fair Trade project dedicated to promoting the fast-disappearing art of hand-painted signboards.  

You can commission a custom portrait of your pet, and I will give three signboard artists your pet's photo and you will give 3 people work, get a choice of 3 artworks and will be supporting a dying art form in Nepal.

Please contact me at with any questions or comments.   I also have many of these beautiful folk art paintings in stock.   Let me know what you are looking for.   Maybe I have it!


Why I love Nepal -- Mustang!

Mustang in the off-season is simply wonderful.

While some feel the mountains are obscured by the clouds, I just enjoy the clouds!

This is the windy village of Keg Beni.   It is always a pleasure to see it again.  The Annapurna Circuit in the off season is lovely.

This year has been a good one for animal husbandry in Keg Beni.   This young cow greeted us at the Safe Water Drinking stand.


Sometimes a mountain peeks out from the clouds.101_1001
These curious goats were at about 4200 meters (a 1500 meter or 4500 foot climb) for us.   The goats were better at it than we were.  

This was our reward for that hike -- a magnificent view of upper Mustang.  

Niligiri as seen from Keg Beni.   Now this was worth waiting for.

Now I am off to pick up some Danger Dogs.   Be sure to tune in tomorrow to see the works of Shree, Jit and Santosh.

There is still time to commission a portrait of your pet.   Each submision will get a choice of 3 portraits by 3 different struggling signboard artists.   The signboards are approximately one square foot, synthetic enamel on metal, and can be hung indoors or out.   You get a choice of 3 portraits, 3 people get work and museum shops and art galleries get folk art from Nepal.

A quick letter to me at will answer all questions.   Satisfaction is guaranteed as I take no money up front, and all artists are paid fair trade wages whether you choose their piece or not.

These portraits make the perfect gift.   More tommorow.


Dogs of Pokhara

Since I have been stranded here due to the monsoon for a few extra days, I have time to walk the streets of Pokhara and interact with some not-so-Danger-Dogs.


This dog has a bounce to his walk and is a big dog in every respect but his short legs.   He came right up and got the petting that he deserved.   I think the Nepali dogs like tourists very much.

This is a male dog named 'Maggie'.   He is gentle and friendly and has a lovely notched ear.   His owners were foreigners here who have since moved on to Indonesia.   The owners of the Lama Restaurant took him under their wing and he now live the life of riley and is well fed and loved.

This little puppy is Maggie's friend and they play together on a large construction sandpile.

I ran into this little boy with this adorable puppy.   Dogs here jump up on you if you are not careful.   And this is the rainy (muddy paws) season.

I haven't seen many 'Beware of Dog' here in Pokhara.   This one is on its last legs.

This woman rests parkside with her happy dog.

I may be off trekking, but you can still order your Danger Dog signboard.   Of course, your pet may be Enlightened, Happy, Smiling or even a cat!   I will be back on the grid soon and ready to give your photo of your pet to 3 endangered Nepali signboard artists.   You pay nothing if you are not satisfied with the results.  

All signboards are approximately one square foot and are painted with synthetic enamel and are good indoors or out.  

Contact me at for more information and to order.   Also, you can go to to see more about the project.

Farmer's Market in Kathmandu

The 1905 Restaurant in Kathmandu is host to a Farmer's Market every Saturday from 9am to noon.

These gentlemen are selling delicious local goat's cheese in two styles -- aged and fresh.   They were creamy and flavorful.

This is a laid back market with lots of booths selling everything from homemade pastries and cookies to Seabuckthorn juice concentrate.    (Seabuckthorn is a nutritious fruit that grows in the Mustang district of Nepal.   It is loaded with vitamin C and tastes delicious.   I bring home the concentrate and make seabuckthorn sorbet.)

This farmer's market is set in the beautiful gardens of the 1905 Restaurant.   Built in 1905 as a Rana Palace, there are lots of areas to sit and enjoy the fruits of the market and see old friends.

This booth features Feta cheese made in Pokhara from cow's milk.   It was great.   I hope to get the product into a few shops in Boudha so I can have my feta fix while here.   A new company, western run, they have been in business only 3 or 4 weeks.   Best of luck to them.   They are already supplying many local restaurants here in Kathmandu.


This is low season here in Kathmandu, so the lovely ponds filled with swans are drained for cleaning at the moment.  

Rainy Days at the Boudha Stupa

The monsoon rains are late this year.   Nepal has received only half of its normal rainfall this June.

The umbrellas come out around the Stupa.  

This evening they were setting up a large screen to show the World Cup semi-finals when a huge squall came up.   By the time the game started, the rain had mostly stopped.