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Vintage bathing suits on a bathing beauty!

This is a departure from my usual subjects, but it is a subject near and dear to my heart.

The lovely Rose Rossi, a budding actor, absolutely glows in this pink bathing suit circa 1953.   I think you will agree that Rose is the perfect model for these vintage bathing suits.  

Here Rose channels Dorothy Lamour in this sarong style bathing suit from the late 1940's.   This is such a sweet bathing costume.   I even brought it to Kathmndu in 1986 and swam at the Everest Hotel.   It still fits me, by the way.

Rose looks cool as a cucumber in this bright kelly green knit bathing suit from the 1940's.   I know from experience that this flattering number keeps in the moisture and feels cold even in sweltering heat.   I photographed Rose in dozens of great old bathing costumes over the course of the day.   Believe it or not, these were taken in mid-January.   I was raised in Ohio and really appreciate Santa Monica's pleasant year-round weather.IMG_5066

Rose peruses the collection.  Which beautiful bathing suit will she try on next?   And what hat will go best with the outfit?   I liked this bathing suit so much on Rose that I gave it to her for her birthday present !!!   The plaid suited her to a tee!

This bathing suit is one of the oddest ever.   No woman wants to have her stomach emphasized.   This suit balloons out in the oddest place.     But the playful pattern makes the blouson belly an afterthought.   Needless to say, everything looks good on Rose.

Here is an exotic Rose in a 1960's two-piece suit with fishnet mesh joining the two leopard patterned pieces.  

I took over 350 shots of Rose in my garden last January.   Please stay tuned for more. These all still fit me, by the way!

These were all shot by me in my garden with the fabulous Rose Rossi.   Her imdb profile is here.  

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