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Palm Springs Desert Dogs!

If you are in Palm Springs for the month of June, please stop by and see the Danger Dogs in person at the Terry Martin Gallery.   Run by the fabulous Terry Martin, this gallery is also known at the Terrence Rogers Fine Arts Gallery.

Starting clockwise from top left, Zia the Black Danger Cat is by Shree Shrestha.   Beware of Cock by Sanjib Rana, followed by Chester the Basset Hound by Nara of Asha Arts.   The horse frolicking in the surf is also by Sanjib Rana.

Above is Sport (a Good Boy) by Ram Krishna of Kathmandu.   Also featured for the month of June is the artwork of Maria Dudley and Jason Kowalski.   The title of their show is "Palm Springs and Other Exotic Places".   The painting above is of the iconic Zuma Beach Food concession by Maria Dudley.  Shree.Weimaraner_0904
Shree Shrestha of Pokhara painted this 'Dangers Dog' of Jasper the Weimaraner on his magic carpet.

From the same photo of Jasper as above, we have Arjun Karki's fine version of the Weimaraner.   Looks like Arjun put Jasper on the waves for his portrait.

Duke the Weimaraner by Hari Timsina was painted in November 2009.

A white Westie by Hari Prasad is at top left, while Chewy the Zen Yorkie is by Nara.   Please go to Terry's website for more information on Maria and Jason's art.

From left to right: a rescue dog by Yuba Raj Adhikari, Pinky the Enlightened Jack Russell Terrier by Jit Gurung of Munal Arts in Pokhara, Mick Jagger the English Bulldog by Sabala with his big grin.

Willow the Enlightened Golden Retreiver by Sagar of Surya Studios.   Sagar's signature is in Japanese.   

Also by Sagar, this portrait of Layla the white shepherd shows his marvelous sense of humor.   If you look closely, you will see what I mean.

  French Bulldog
Yoko the French Bulldog with her lovely jewelry and compelling eyes is also by Sagar.

Arrow is a Zen Black Lab who wears rhinestone necklaces.   This portrait is by Nara of Kathmandu.

This saintly White Labrador DangerDog is by Ram Krishna.   This was not a commissioned piece, but something Ram painted from the Everest Kennel Club calendar.   I could not help but buy it!

  Brocco English Bulldog by Megh Raj
Out enjoying the open air is Brocco the Bulldog by Megh Raj.  

Hari Timsina painted this portrait of Grace the Pit Bull in November, 2009.   Hari is the first of my artists to date his pieces.

Jasper the Dashshund as painted by Manoj.   Manoj is my only Christian artist.  

This pug was painted by Jit Gurung of Munal Arts.   Jit's art reminds me of R. Crumb's style of art.

This little Boston Terrier is by Amar Shrestha.

All pieces are approximately 12" by 12" and are synthetic enamel on (sometimes recycled) metal.  They can be hung indoors or out. 

All art featured on today's blog is available through June, 2010,  at the Terry Martin Gallery at 664 N. Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs.   His phone is (760) 332-8732.   Call for hours or to make an appointment.  

I am heading off to Nepal for the 7th Danger Dog trip very soon, so custom orders should be placed soon.   Each commission generates 3 portraits of your pet by 3 struggling Nepali signboard artists.   You get 3 choices, 3 people get work.  Please remember that I take no deposit up front.   You pay only after choosing which portrait of your pet you prefer.  

For additional information, please contact me at ampage1@gmail.com, go to the NepalDog.com website, or see the Nepal Dog Channel on YouTube to buy an existing artwork.

Dyptych Danger Dogs for the 2010 Venice Art Walk

I guess I am a lucky dog as the prestigious Venice Art Walk has asked the Danger Dogs back for a second year.    Last year was their 30th Anniversary and 30 Danger Dogs from 30 different struggling Nepali signboard artists were put up for silent auction -- 14 were scooped up.   Quite a coup for this Fair Trade art project!

The Venice Art Walk is a major fundraiser for the Venice Free Clinic which has been helping people with free, quality health care since 1970.

Now I'd like some help choosing which of these diptychs are the best to show the diverse work of these endangered Nepali signboard artists.

  Desi Havanese by Punam_1  Desi Havanese by Sagar_1

These are both of the Havanese puppy Desi.   By Punam and Sagar left to right.

This is Jasper the Weimaraner.   Jasper lived next door for a while in the early '90's.   He was a handsome Weimaraner.   Here Shree Shrestha places Jasper on a magic carpet ride.    Shree paints in Pokhara and lives with his wife and 2 kids.   Each year he moves to a smaller space.   Shree tried to emigrate to South Korea for a 3-year contract -- going so far as to learn the Korean language, travel back and forth from Kathmandu several times, and be willing to leave his beautiful and beloved family in order to give them a better life.  But the deal fell through - leaving him all the worse off for trying.  I'm happy to have him stay with his family and keep painting for this Nepal Art Dog project.  

Here Jasper floats on a sea (or a blanket) of blue, as painted by Arjun Karki - also from Pokhara.   A pastel masterpiece.   Arjun used to paint for Thapa Arts but has since moved on.   These artists are itinerant.

Here is little Gigi -- innocent as a puppy could be.

Sagar caught another side of Gigi!   Sagar paints his dogs to be thugs, but who knew?   A malevolent Gigi?   This was from my second Danger Dog trip in November 2007 and Surya was still trying to tell me that all the fabulous work coming out of his studio was done by him.   I told him I was amazed at his range of styles!   But this is the cynical hand of Sagar for certain.    I'm sure his sense of humor ran off with him on this one.  

NK Art of Beni gave Gigi a frightened 'deer in the headlights' expression.   One rule of thumb is that owners will always buy the portrait that looks most like their dog.    When asked by the Nepali artists how I'd like the portrait framed or what background to use, I tell them that they are the artists and that they can choose.  The owner chose a portrait that looked like her dog.   Another reason to have 3 painted!

  Cooper Black Lab Hari Prasad
Cooper is a Zen Black Lab that lives the good life in Northern San Diego County.   As painted by Hari Prasad, Cooper enjoys his favorite toy frog while looking rather maniacally at you.  

  Cooper Shahi Black Lab
Here's a blurry Cooper by Shahi.   I must have been jet lagged when I took this photo!   I'll replace it soon, I promise.   Anyway, Shahi - who goes only by his last name - was in his long time studio when I ordered this painting and when I came to pick up, he had moved to MUCH smaller and inconvenient digs in the Lakeside district of Pokhara.   He is a talented artist and I hope he is thriving in his new studio.  A bicycle repair shop had moved into his space.   They had previously been next door.

Shahi in his old studio in happier times.

Danger Dog Gabby by Sabala.   Next, her doppelganger...

Sanjib Rana put the mountains of Malibu behind Gabby.   This painting is 15 inches high by 12 inches.   Sanjib Rana is my only 'fine' artist.   Sanjib had never painted on metal before I commissioned his first Danger Dog.   He is a muralist for various discerning households in the Kathmandu area.  

More tomorrow!   Please let me know either by comments or on Facebook or Twitter what you think.   Any favorite pairs of Danger Dogs?   You can also check out my website or go to the Nepal Dog YouTube Channel to see more about this Fair Trade art project.  

The time to order your very own Danger Dog is right now.    I will be leaving for Nepal in early June, coming back in early August with the commissioned portraits.   Each order will get a choice of three different paintings by 3 different Nepali artists.   You tell me what you'd like it to say, what style or artists you prefer, then send me a jpeg of your pet.   You pay nothing until you choose which Nepal Art Dog you would like.  

Please contact me at ampage1@gmail.com for more information, or go to NepalDog.com for more info.

Danger Dogs and Furniture

American Dogs live the good life, and that includes being able to rest on couches and furniture!

It's no surprise that this Italian Greyhound lounging on a turquoise chair is a Star!   Star as painted by Sabala.

 Italian Greyhound-2
Here's another lucky Italian Greyhound - Flojo - by Shree.   As in yesterday's post, Shree used his artistic license to give Flojo's home a Nepali Extreme Home Makeover.   Below is the original photo:

Here's Flojo in real life.   As you can see by the before and after, you never know what you will get with a Danger Dog portrait!

Rosie the Labradoodle and her three portraits include one where it looks like she is on a ping pong table (top left by Hari Timsina), one with no furniture (by Sabala, top right - this is the one the owner chose) and lastly (bottom by Hari Prasad) Rosie appears to be on a magic carpet ride. 

Murphy the Basenji relaxes in his bed, as painted by Shree.

Arjun Karki paints Jasper the Weimaraner with his blue blanket looking much like an ocean.

It  is hard to believe that this painting is from the same photo of Jasper the Weimaraner as the portrait above by Arjun, but there you have it...Danger Dogs can take all shapes and forms and you NEVER know what you will get.   But that is the charm of this project.


You can see by this painting of Kahuna the Pug that Shree does like his couches bright!

But in this case, he did not exaggerate overmuch!

 K&P Pomeranians by Sabala
King and Princess, a pair of well-heeled Pomeranians, perch on a stylized table.   Painted by Sabala.

In contrast, here King and Princess are on a giant Oreo cookie.   Painted by Dilip.

To get an idea of what Dilip and Sabala had to work with, here is the original photo of the beautiful pair.

This blog was inspired by Julia Szabo, pet blogger for the New York Post, who has a new blog at www.LifeOnCrypton.com -- a place to find eco-friendly and durable furniture covers for your furry friends.  Julia is a big fan of the Danger Dogs and of practical and beautiful ways to co-exist.   She's even written a book called "Pretty Pet Friendly" with tons of practical advice on how to conquer the chaos of living with pets.

Questions or comments are always welcome.   Contact me at ampage1@gmail.com for more info or to request photos of specific types of Danger Dogs to feature on this blog.   With 1400 pieces commissioned to date, it is hard to find a breed that I have not had painted in Nepal.    Many of the above featured signboards are still available.

The Danger Dog project is a Fair Trade Art Project supporting endangered Nepali Signboard artists in this digital world.   All of the above signboards are hand-painted on metal using synthetic enamel.   They are suitable to be hung indoors or out, framed or not.   Often they are painted on recycled metal.

The Danger Dog official website is at NepalDog.com.

Tune in tomorrow for Danger Cats on furniture!

Final Danger Dogs are coming!


Above is the lovely pittbull Sierra.   Zen dog in English, beware of vicious dog in Nepali, this painting by Dilip Niroj just makes me want to rub her breast freckles!  Going clockwise, bottom left is Gus, a White Labrador puppy with her football in the grass by Megh Raj.   Bottom left is Gus by Dilip.   When someone sends me 3 equally good but different options as did Gus' owner, I sometimes choose to make one of each.   In Gus' case above, I gave Dilip a challenge of perspective and he rose to the occasion.   Again that Nepali tongue!   Megh Raj caught Gus' puppy retriever happiness obsession with a ball.   Stay tuned to see what Sabala does with Gus.

These above are all from Megh Raj.   Starting top left and going clockwise:   If this isn't 'Gabby on a Hike' - the title of the photo provided, I don't know what is.   The pure look of happiness on her face, the hills of the Santa Monica Mountains as a backdrop, he captured the twinkle in her eye, and being a man of the mountains himself, I think he empathized with her love of a hike. 

To the immediate right,  we have the lovely Jasper smiling by a brick wall.   Another twinkle in the eye.

Megh Raj next paints the hills of Malibu with it's rolling hills of green and turquoise as a backdrop to the handsome Miles, a prize black Chow.   Megh Raj chose not to include a railing from the original photo to give more of a sense of space.   Here Miles looks happy and Megh Raj included his black tongue.   Every true Danger Dog has a tongue.

Megh Raj seemed most happy to present me with his finished portrait of Cooper the Enlightened Horse.   

Hari Timsina of Old Baneshwor did not disappoint.   Ziggy (named after you know who) really stands out with her lovely eyes.   Duke the Weimaraner is the one I'll keep for myself this trip.   Then we have Grace the Happy pit bull that I fell in love with.   Last but not least is Lucy, a dangerously affectionate Calico cat.  

Hari T was the only one ready (out of 6 who should have been) last Monday when I went round to pick up.   He had only forgot his signature.   Hari not only signed but dated these pieces.

Hari's work just amazes and delights me.   People who commission pets don't always appreciate his work, but he has some big collectors.   Wish I could paint like Hari T.

Again a mix of artists, Top left shows Super Dogs JoJo and Maggie in some Danger Dog firsts.   Not only are they the first Super Dogs, but Maggie wins the crown for being the first cone-head!   In the original photo the two friends are sitting on a lovely teak or oak bench, and you can bet the artists (and their wives) noticed and appreciated the craftsmanship of said bench.

As to Polly, what can I say?   Megh Raj obviously loved this dog's face and it is like a photo in person.

Dilip's Valki, with her direct, intelligent gaze and alert eyes, is the most intimidating of this bunch.   Though she is an Enlightened Dog in English, the Nepali reads 'Dog here is vicious'.

More than any other artist, it appears that Dilip uses a very wet brush.   There are many drip mistakes which he painted over with a deft hand.   You can see his deliberation (aka do-overs) in scale near the ears and especially the rear feet of Nanuk the quite amazingly built Samoyed.   Nanuk has a polar bear body with the smile of a best friend.   A very pretty dog, Dilip chose to put her 'on the rocks'.   In the original photo, a large rock partially obscures her hind legs.   Surely that accounts for the reworking in that area.

Shelby by Raaz and Shelby by Dilip on top.   Someone's going to have a difficult choice here, and there's one more to come.  

I hope Popo isn't a stickler for spelling.   Denger Gog, indeed!   Below right is Popo by Megh Raj and Dilip misspelled the signboard on the far bottom left.  

Hope every one had a good Thanksgiving.   I'm off to one of the best parties of the year here in Kathmandu!   More tomorrow.   Stay tuned!

Danger Dogs in Kathmandu - Works in Progress

It was a long day yesterday, starting with my hotel telling me that there was a message.   'Someone has called and said that their work is ready.'   When asked the name of that someone, I got a shrug.   Then I went down the list...'Amar, Raj, Megh Raj, Surya, Ram Krishna, Sufraj...'   'Yes, that's it.'   Of course, it wasn't.  
I ended up going to see most of my artists yesterday, clocking almost 20,000 steps on my pedometer in the process.  Course, I had a great time.

First stop was Amar, where I found him in the fresh air of the rooftop, painting the last of his orders and getting 3 new ones. 

Next stop was at Hari Timsina's shop in Old Baneshwor.   He was finished but had forgotten to sign them, so I'll see him again on Friday.   Here is Duke the Weimaraner, Ziggy the multi-color eyed cat, Grace the Pitbull with a giant smile.

Lucy Wilson by Hari T. is a Dangerously affectionate cat!  

Dilip, just down the street, is not quite ready, but his paintings of Shelby and Nanuk look pretty good.

As do Gus and Sierra.   Love the tongue on Gus and Sierra's breast freckles.   Yes, that's really what they are called.  

Here is the dramatic and beautiful Valki.   Doberman Pinschers are Dilip's favorite type of dog.   Here he captured her intensity.  

Popo as a work in progress by Dilip.   Great smile, Popo.

Jojo and Maggie ready for their close up.   Dilip says it will be another 2 days to finish up with the eyes and lettering.    100_6547
A slow trip across town to Maharajgung and Sufraj's studio.   I had printed a copy of his Obama series up at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, and he put it in his window.  

I was early for pick up, but I had gotten that mysterious message.   'Someone is ready.'   I still don't know who it is!   Here is Arrow the Black Lab as a work in progress.

Here is Marbles the calico cat as a work in progress.

At Ram Krishna's studio, I found him hard at work on a piece for a local from the Everest Kennel Club calendar.   That's a cute White Lab. 

That's it for today.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog -- Live from Kathmandu1